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The second book of the Family Tree series features Dana from about 1955 to 1965 Characters from the first book are present Dana a budding artist is feeling smothered by her twin sister She feels pulled between caring about her family and wanting her own space There are some twists and turns through the story but avoid the blurb because it gives away too much I got a little teary in this one but not like the first one This one wasn t uite as good as the first but close Dana may come off as selfish and self absorbed at times but it didn t really bother me and felt realisticIt covers a few historical events like the Cuban missile crisis and the JFK assassination and Rosa Parks but it s mostly a personal family story I look forward to continuing to the series Clean content Book Blog I m enjoying this series and look forward to the next two generations In this one Dana one of the twin daughters of Zander and Abby the focus of the first book adores her father despite his imperfections The talented Zander is a writer and the family enjoys a sophisticated life in New York City until an accident changes everything Despite Abby s best efforts to make a go of living and working in New York she is forces to move the family to Maine where she takes on menial obs and moves the children from school to school Dana resents her mother and always preferred her father and when she has the chance she heads back to NYC to live with her aunt Adele Readers will be glad that Dana has the chance to polish her own artistic talent in the right schools but they will also be puzzled by her distance from her mother and twin sister Julia and wonder at the trade off in her life As world events including the Cuban Missile Crisis and the assassination of President John F Kennedy swirl around the family they face their own small and large tragedies What Is a Googly?: The Mysteries of Cricket Explained just as the previous generation did The author providesust enough snippets about Dana s life to keep readers engaged but it is hard to summon much sympathy for her While I enjoyed the first one uite a bit this one was Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic just not as enjoyable Danica main character was not very likeable I alsoust want to say for the record that not everyone that wasn t completely enad with John F Kennedy was a cold hearted ignorant bigot like Danica s grandfather It felt like that was the idea though If you have to like a heroine to like a "book then this book may be in trouble Dana the heroine of Martin s second book in the "then this book may be in trouble Dana the heroine of Martin

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second book in Tree series is many things but likeable doesn t come to mind For better or worse each chapter reveals Dana or almost always reveals in conflict with someone And it may be unfair but I always found myself identifying with the other characters able to connect with what they are feeling how they are seeing the scene Dana comes across as self centered inconsiderate proud and worst of all whiny Dana has a poor relationship with her mother She has a better relationship with her father but perhaps that is because they are so much alike Her father is inconsiderate proud and selfish too Her father has a drinking problem a big problem And Dana hates her mother for speaking up about it for telling him NOT to drink for telling him NOT to party for being honest For the record she isn t talking about her husband negatively in front of her children but Dana has a bad habit of eavesdropping These are conversations spoken when Dana should be in bed asleep Perhaps because I connected so much with Abby in the first book I hated to see her in this bad marriage Like Better To Wish The Long Way Home has its share of drama Better to Wish is set in Maine The Long Way Home is set in New York City and briefly in Maine I think the biggest problem I had with Dana is her general philosophy because I am oh so talented because I have THIS INCREDIBLE GIFT she s an artist I can treat people horribly and they 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales just have to make allowances for me because that sust how I am This is the second book in Ann M Martin s Family Tree series I loved the first book The second book eh it didn t really live up to Better To Wish I really like this series because it s one of those middle grade series that deal with adult content and the characters lives and emotions are very complex Things often don t work out for the best you knowIn The Long Way Home we find the main character of the first book Abby married to Zander Burley her poet neighbor from the first book Zander is now Four girls Four generations One familyThe second entry in the beautiful new series from Ann M MartinDana is Abby's daughter but she's always been much closer to her father Zander He's a celebrated New York author who encourages Dana's artistic
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He author du Bloodleaf jour in New York and the family is living comfortably However Zander also has a bit of a drinking problem He s not a mean drunkust goofy but Abby does not approve They have three children A set of twins Dana this book s main character and Julia and a younger boy who has down syndrome Dana does not like being a twin it seems she tries to avoid her twin Julia and The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle just wants to be an individual Julia is a bit sweeter and really embraces the whole twin thing wanting to wear the same clothes and do all the same things When an accident on the Staten Island Ferry forces the family to cut their budget and move back to Maine Dana uickly becomes extremely homesick for New York and begs her mom to let her live with her Aunt Adele who lives in the city working for a costume designer Abby agrees and Dana moves back It turns out the way home wasn t so long after all I m assuming that s where the book s title is derived from but there was absolutely no struggle with Dana returning home and she only spent a chapter or two in Maine I wasn t a big fan of Dana I found her weak and not likable at all I think Julia would have made a better main character I also didn t like how Abby turned out so weak relying on men to support her She was hardworking trying to support her children after the Staten Island Ferry tragedy but Iust felt like she was so smart and had been through so much in childhood that she d turned out to be a better woman and mother She was a total pushover to her children Her daughter asks her to move a few states away to live with her aunt and Abby says yes right away and then later Dana has the audacity to tell her mom that she gave up on her when she was the one who was a total brat and Abby was probably happy to be rid of her because of her crappy personalityAnyways I also felt like the book was a bit rushed and forced which is rare for Ann M Martin from my experience It ust didn t seem like the care given to Better To Wish was given to The Long Way Home I still look forward to reading the next in the series which will be about Dana s daughter I am giving The Long Way Home 3 out of 5 starsI received an Advanced Reader Copy ARC of this book courtesy of NetGalley and Scholastic in exchange for an honest review Abby s daughter Dana is much closer to her father Zander who is an author in New York City and encourages Dana to do what she loves art When tragedy strikes the family they are forced to move out of New York and back to Maine "Where The Family Keeps Having "the family keeps having move every time they begin to settle into their new lives Dana has had enough and wants to follow her dreams without even thinking about her family and what they want So she moves back to New York and lives with her Aunt Adele and goes to art school Dana is a very unlikeable character and gets everything she ever wants to the point where her self centered attitude really leaves you with no pity for her but for the rest of her family and her twin Julia who always seems to be left behind in everything I received this advanced copy from Scholastic Press through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review Because I did not really all that much enjoy Ann M Martin s first instalment of her Family Tree series Better to Wish I was rather majorly leery about even continuing and I really only decided to continue because I was indeed a trifle curious about Abby and how the author has narratively shown her life Abby s life as progressing However while I therefore most definitely did not in any way expect to suddenly and massively begin to love the Family Tree series I also did not really expect to as vehemently despise the second novel The Long Way Home uite as much as I haveFor aside from the same issues that have plagued Better to Wish constant doom and gloom including Zander Abby s husband dying in an alcoholism induced accident a son born with Down Syndrome debts constant and vicious family suabbles and sadly a similarly disjointed and distracting writing style as the first novel the main protagonist of The Long Way Home Abby and Zander s daughter Dana is really and for all intents and purposes simply and utterly a nasty totally and in every way unlikable unlovable little monster and spoiled entitled brat Yes Dana is very much artistically talented and has for that reason obviously been made much of and totally spoiled by her artistauthor father Zander and both seen and approached by him. Alents even if he sometimes drinks too much Dana is on his side in any argument regardless of whether he's wrong And then her father diesAfter years of moving often with her mother and three siblings Dana is angry at Abby and wants nothing than. The Long Way Home Family Tree #2As the preferred child often to the "Point That Dana S Twin Sister Julia "that Dana s
Twin Sister Julia Been 
sister Julia been much patently ignored But Dana s constant enabling and condoning her excuses for her father s alcoholism and outrageous behaviours her utter refusal to even remotely consider that he is a problem and that he has serious issues with substance abuse and the fact that Dana also totally blames her mother blames Abby for Zander s death and prior to his death for his often outrageous behaviour even once it is clearly shown that Zander that her father himself was and is responsible for what has transpired and that she keeps this up even at the very end of The Long Way Home all this including Dana s rather at best somewhat cavalier attitude towards her twin sister Julia really does annoy frustrate and personally chafe especially and for me most importantly since there is also NEVER really ANY kind of even hinted at major criticism of Dana by the author by Ann M Martin and even though Dana goes through many different experiences with regard to her hero worshipping attitude towards Zander and her nastiness and blame casting towards Abby towards her mother no maturation no sense of even remotely understanding is in my opinion ever shown and depictedNow while I do at least consider the possibility that Ann M Martin might have very mildly and with much understatement indicated in The Long Way Home that Dana s blindly loyal support and enablement of Zander s of her father s alcoholism and problematic behaviour patterns are or could be an issue and are not laudable this really does NOT ever come through in any way strongly enough for me and with enough authorial intent and a critical eye And since Dana is also the main protagonist of The Long Way Home the negativity of her portrayal or rather the author s generally rather uncritical depiction of Dana s excuses and enablements of her father makes her in many ways makes Dana actually often than not appear to and for me as annoyingly one sided as flat and as much of a stock like cardboard character as her bigoted grandfather Luther Further although I honestly do not think that this was the author s intent that Ann M Martin had indeed wanted to depict Dana as perhaps a bit flawed but as ultimately a character to be appreciated and understood like her mother like Abby I am sorry to say that I ust cannot in any manner even somewhat appreciate Dana that she is at least in this novel in The Long Way Home so much of a proverbial and constant thorn in my side that I have really not at all enjoyed reading about her and am therefore only granting a one star rating to The Long Way Home and whether or not I will actually finish with the series whether I will continue on with the Family Tree remains to be seen as I have certainly not been all that impressed to date This was disappointing I understand the premise of these is that we are meeting four generations of women and so Dana is Abby s daughter but Dana is frankly a spoiled brat Abby s story had a heart but this felt rushed Dana s relationship with her twin was perplexing and confusing Her relationship with her mother was never explored and I think it is a bit much to make the heroine of the previous novel practically a villain in this one I know this could have been better because the first one was I will be reading the next two but I hope Francie is likeable than her mother I keep devouring these books so I should probably give them than 2 stars They re interesting in the moment but leave me feeling hollow and empty as if there s been a lot of drama but it hasn t really amounted to anything like life I guessThis follows the format of the first book with each chapter occurring about 6 months after the previous chapter It takes the main character from age 7 to 18Dana is the daughter of Abby from the Book 1 Better to Wish Abby s story chronicles her family s ascent from poverty into upper middle class in small town in Maine in the 1930s40s ending her story striking it out on her own in New York City Dana then grows up in New York City in the 1950s60s She starts her life glamorously but once again family fortunes change and the family finds itself back in Maine Dana a budding artist has New York City in her heart and can t adjust to life in Maine She s like Stacey Claudia uality Because I Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance just can t like Dana She s serious and sullen Good but not as captivating as the first book in the serie. To leave her family and get back to New York City She moves in with her young bohemian aunt Adele determined to study art attend school achieve independence and avoid all the mistakes her mother made But can she leave her family and Maine behind.