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Pleasureable reading for everyone perhaps expecially for the oldest parents wondering about their sons and daughtersFor me as oung adult it s their sons and daughtersFor me as The Sceptics of the Old Testament young adult it s uite interesting to put my life in comparison with others and with a few official studies on the subject I Recieved this book free in a Goodreads giveaway A fascinating funny look at what the twenties hold for all of us Definitely not a scholarly work this is the kind of extended magazine piece which keepsou reading even through the statistics And unlike many of these trend works which generalize and catastrophize modern life Twentysomething balances the newest aspects of being twenty with the parts of outh which have always beenThe dual voice of the motherdaughter authors can be disorientating at times but the twentysomething Samantha Henig offers Concrete Examples Of Her Mother S Points Which Adds A examples of her mother s points which adds a side to the conversation Perhaps I liked this book so much because it validated some of my choices as an emerging adult but it s wonderful to hear a voice which isn t scolding and condemning my generation as the first which has been unable to achieve the old American dream Recommended for twentysomethings and the people who love them to read my review please visi. Wentysomething is a two generation conversation that will become the definitive book on being oung in our timeThe fullest guide through this territory A densely researched report on the state of middleclass oung people today drawn from several data sources and fi­ltered through a comparative lens ­ The New Yorke.

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Mandatory note I got my copy thru Goodread s First Reads A mother daughter writing team explores what it means to be in Enigma of the Cross Hodder Christian Paperbacks your twenties in the 2010s and how the changing times and new perspectives are making it seem likeoung adults are stuckThe writing style is very OpEd with mother and daughter interjecting their comments and opinions in between the data they d collectedThe topics are varied and apt for the theme family work living situations friends and all are treated with the same deep well researched perspective Dividing all are treated with the same deep well researched perspective Dividing chapter into Now is new and Same as it ever was subcategories Helps Keep Thing Flowing Between The Comparisons Without Making It keep thing flowing between the comparisons without making it though the winner tally at the end of each chapter was a bit superfluous in my opinion As a twenty something that feels a bit stuck at times it was good to have someone give me facts and figures to keep me from freaking out about it It does get a bit too scientific at a couple of points but that just made it seem very well researched so it can be forgiven I found many of the statements in this book applicable to my generation Very uick and easy read Pa emot o gr matu rok s mani apvija cer ba ka izlasot o visu g u risin jumu sav m probl m m Diez gan. A mother daughter writing team reports on what's really up with kids todayScience writer Robin Marantz Henig and her daughter journalist Samantha Henig offer a smart comprehensive look at what it's really like to be twentysomething and to what extent it’s different for Millennials than it was for their Baby Boomer. ,