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The Visual Display of uantitative Information

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When I started secondary school I was "mildly apprehensive about physics an unfamiliar word that elicited an actual shudder from my mother Fortunately my "apprehensive about physics an unfamiliar word that elicited an actual shudder from my mother Fortunately my teacher had an infectious affection for his subject I emember that he noticed me examining the monthly night sky chart pinned to the classroom door and thereafter would print off an extra copy specially and wordlessly hand it to me if he saw me in the corridor never in class not wishing to embarrass me Our first lessons tried to tell us what the SUBJECT WAS ALL ABOUT AND A was all about and a But Confusing Article Telling Me confusing article telling me it was about among other things not being able to push a blade of grass into the trunk of an oak tree demonstrated clearly that some things are better learned by seeing and doing than by The Prince readinghe needn t have worried evidence of my geekiness was not in short supplyOne of our early experiments was The One With The Pendulum turns out that in the UK this is an A level practical I guess in those days secondary school wasn t all OMG exam in 5 years PANIC and our homework was to write it up When I had finished it I must have shown my Dad as he asked why there was no graph We weren t told to d Edward Tufte is brilliant His books including this one are artwork disguised as a textbook The purpose of all three is to explain both good and bad ways of explaining information but they are so much than that There is aich history interwoven in the books pages The examples are so interesting that I found myself learning. The classic book on statistical graphics charts tables Theory and practice in the design of data graphics 250 illustrations of the best and a few of the worst statistical graphics with detailed analysis of how to display data for precise effective uick analysis Design of the high A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators resolution. Than just how to convey information For example one of the best graphics for conveying information ever made is a chartmap tracking Napoleon Bonaparte s army s march across Europe which is so impressive it s difficult to describe The graph includes information about army size location and timeline in a veryeadable straightforwd and yet still beautiful way
was fortunate enough to attend of his seminars after I was already a fan my work paid for it and I got to keep the books which delves into all of his texts I highly Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival recommend it because he synthesizes the information beautifully and su People have told me toead this book for years and I ve always been impressed by the strength of their Lifting recommendationsHowever oneading this book I was initially underwhelmed I felt like Tufte was just Mathruhridayam rehashing common sense about graphs Iead through it and found myself saying yeah yeah I get it On eflection a week after finishing I ealized this book is genius Tufte concisely and clearly articulates principles which should be common sense so well that they have appearance to be common sense This is a book about graphsHow you ask could anyone write "A Book About Graphs Let "book about graphs let ead one Surely you ve never found the sex appeal of a bar chart the seductiveness of you ve never found the sex appeal of a bar chart the seductiveness of scatterplot Well my friend you simply have never ealized the power of a well designed graph Tufte took on the challenge of making visual information interesting decades ago and it s still considered one of the top 100 book. Displays small multiples Editing and improving graphics The data ink atio Time series elational graphics data maps multivariate designs Detection of graphical deception design variation vs data variation Sources of deception Aesthetics and data graphical displays This is the second editi.
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S of the 20th century He shows examples of what the best displays and worst displays are in the first part of the book In the second he breaks down graphs piece by piece as the eader learns how to construct a useful and informative graph chart table or whathaveyou The best graphs etc aren t flashy You don t need any fancy computers to make them in fact Tufte particularly disdains computer programs for making everything busy and excessive As is true of most things in life the idea behind a graph is far important and interesting than how it looks A good display conveys that information almost instinctively and makes elationships clear A poor display hides non ideas behind graphics and labels A terrible display actually distorts information and to Tufte these are inexcusable lies Even though the likelihood of me making a chart in the near future is slim I was surprised by how much thought it takes to develop a good display I "Also Think It Made Me A Better Display Reader Something "think it made me a better display eader something comes in handy when Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) reading the paper or watching the Colbet Report Above all this bookeinforces the primary Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl rule of communication start with a good idea and edit it down until only what s necessaryemains Although originally published in 1983 when professional graphics artists prepared most of the charts and graphs used in presentations and official publications this book Défendre Jacob remains useful for anyone who wishes to convey information clearly and concisely I canemember a job early in my career when. On of The Visual Display of uantitative Information Recently published this new edition provides excellent color eproductions of the many graphics of William Playfair adds color to other images and includes all the changes and corrections accumulated during 17 printings of the first editio.