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Re being told respectively Each Novel The Trilogy Of of the trilogy of And I Narrates A Separated Story With Its "and I narrates a separated story with its own nding However these 3 stories integrate at the nd of the third book and reach to the final climax of the trilogy the protagonist in ach part of this trilogy is a lonely teenage boy separated from his family He travels from the present into the past in adventurous journey through Persian mythology pics and history After the long adventurous journey of Fighting against injustice and vil ventually at the nd of the third novel the 3 boys Ardeshir Siavash and Bardiya join other young people from different countries to create a world full of joy and beauty 2005 1383 288 9789645834188 1384 1385 1387 1390 1391 21 2 1 3 ?زرگ‌ترین پهلوان تاریخ را تنها نگذارد این‌گونه است که سیاوش نیز راهی تدارک خویش برای رستاخیزی می‌شود که دیگر چیزی تا فرا رسیدنش نمانده اس. ,

The Mystery of the Bird Mountain (The Persians and I, #2)

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View spoiler hide spoiler 34 37 The Secret of the Bird Mountain The Persians and I 2 Arman ArianThe trilogy of Persians and I Parsian va Man is the first modern Iranian mythical and pic fantasy series novels written by Arman Arian a Persian author novelist and researcher Since the successive release of 3 novels 2003 2005 the trilogy has gained immense popularity critical acclaim and commercial success in Iran as it "Became The Best Selling Novel "the best selling novel the 19th Tehran International Book Fair 2006 In addition to many national awards Persians and I won the International annual prize of The Book of The Year of Iran 2005 and received the honorary diploma in the 31st IBBY World Congress in Copenhagen Denmark 2008 by the International Boa. سیاوش، دومین نوجوان امروزی است که پای در سفر و حرکت در زمان می‌نهد او مسافر عرصه حماسه‌ها با همراهی مرغ دانای پارسیان است مقرر است که سیاو?. Rd on Books for Young People the highest recognition available to creators of children s booksThis series of three books is a modern adaptation of the Shahnameh a long In the Surgical Theatre epic poem written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi between c 977 and 1010 CE Inspired by Shahname which is divided into three successive parts the mythicalpic and historical ages Hinterlands and Commodities: Place, Space, Time and the Political Economic Development of Asia Over the Long Eighteenth Century each 3 volumes of the trilogy of Persians and I covers one of these 3 mythicalpic and historical ages respectively Therefore in the first novel Azh dahak Fortress mythical story of Azh dahak Zahhak in the second novel the Mystery of the Bird Mountain the pic story of Rostam and in the third novel Here #Comes The Resurrection Day The #the Resurrection Day the story of Cyrus #THE GREAT THE KING OF ACHAEMENID #Great the King of Achaemenid ? همراه با رستم دستان، هفت خوان را طی کند مقرر است "که در نبردهای پهلوانان و رنج‌ها و شادی‌هایشان "در نبردهای پهلوانان و رنج‌ها و شادی‌هایشان باشد و مقرر است که تا واپسین لحظه‌ها