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From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read eOach other Both are in motional pain and seek revenge against the

who hurt them Their obsessions a major role in driving the plot Both characters have to come to terms with their pasts before they can have a real relationship Although I didn t pick up a sizzling passion between them their growing affection and love for ach other is definitely shown There are several antagonists in the book who use people for their own benefit and are motivated by greed and power Angie s parents Zeke and Miriam are two clear antagonists They are two characters without virtue who licit no sympathy from me Also I found few instances in the book where their actions found a few instances in the book where their actions xaggerated and unrealisticAlthough I get an idea of why Miriam blindly follows her husband I needed details to help me understand Zeke s behavior In contrast several other characters have uestionable motives and this kept my interest in what happens next This story is full of action and suspense right from the start but there are a couple of Twelve Days of Pleasure events that seem a bit too convenient and contrived to unify the story and I was also disappointed with theasy resolution of Alejandro s conflict in seeking revenge The last part of the book seems rushed but I was glad an Gods Choice epilogue is included that provides resolution and lets readers know about the future direction of other significant characters The conclusion is too abrupt for my satisfaction I still wanted to know about Jake s abilities and what the future holds for him Yet I m sure others may believe the conclusion wraps up the story very well I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review Book ObsessionAuthor Sharon BuchbinderGenre Romantic SuspenseLength Approximately 246 PagesOBSESSION by SHARON BUCHBINDER is a fast paced romantic suspense that will have you sitting on thedge of your seat This book has all the Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye elements that I as a romantic suspense lover reallynjoy The plot is complex with two very gripping storylines coming together flawlessly and sexual tension that will have the reader sweating WhewI must admit that the subject matter in this book is not something that I would normally read Mexican drug lords Well I live in Arizona so I get to hear Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France enough about them on the news Fanatical religious cults This is something I personally find so taboo that it s just never been a priority to use my reading time on I mean really what fun is that Well I m here to tell you you won t be able to put the book down It s just that goodThere were also some supernaturallements introduced in this book that I really njoyed Getting down to the very basics Good VS Evil You bet and I LOVED very minute of it Even if this is not a subject matter that you normally read take a chance You won t be let down I highly recommend OBSESSION by SHARON BUCHBINDER Phew this book has a TON in it Where to begin Angie is a kick a and that continues throughout the story Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild even as she s had a truly horrific upbringing Her parents are not just part of a cult but the leaders of it Her dad who goes by Father is no kind of father or leader at all He uses her as anxample to his followers all throughout Angie s childhood He beats starves abuses and secretly rapes her It s amazing Angie comes out as solid and strong as she is After a mistaken foray into drugs Angie got clean and had a son A son that her parents kidnap as he is the Chosen One whom they use to manipulate their followers They disappear into Mexico to a secret compound that his followers built It is here Angie goes to find her son and it s here she meets Alejandro He is working for a woman drug cartel boss Isabel who is willing for complicated reasons to help Angie get her son back From the start they have a ton of chemistry and finally as they are on the move to rescue her son it Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets explodes between them in a hot union It isn t until thend of the journey that Angie finds out there is to Alejandro and his mission in Mexico than she knows This book touches on cult leader s abusing their power and how brainwashed their followers can be It highlights the drug trade from Mexico and the violence that surrounds it while diving into how destructive human sex trafficking is In the Electromyography for Experimentalists end there is anpic rescue and resolution of Father and Angie s mother Wonderful Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 exciting book Highly Recommend it I couldn t have thought of a better name for this romantic suspense novel by Sharon Buchbinder It was such a fantastic read that held me on thedge of my seat the ntire time The plot is complex with two amazing storylines coming together flawlessly and sexual tension that will leave the reader sweating and panting Okay maybe not panting but that s a possibility I truly felt for Angie Her newborn son was kidnapped and taken across country lines to Mexico I can t ven imagine the pain and fear she felt There s good vs Runaway Wedding evil in this book and I absolutely lovedvery single minute of it. Syndicate for help Much to her chagrin she must work with Alejandro Torres a dangerously attractive criminal and the drug lord's right hand man Little does she know Alejandro is an undercover federal agent ually terrified of blowing his cover and falling in love with her.

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If you prefer your romance steamy served With A Heaping Helping Of Danger You a heaping helping of danger you love Obsession which promises to be author Sharon Buchbinder s breakout you love Obsession which promises to be author Sharon Buchbinder s breakout mother Angie Edmonds fears the worst when her infant son is kidnapped by her father a psychopathic cult leader She has battled her own demons drugs and alcohol and overcome them to become a successful defense attorney and mother but when her father ludes the authorities and scapes to Mexico Angie teams up with a drug cartel to find her childWhile searching for her father s hideout Angie partners with sexy hard bodied Alejandro Torres who serves as the drug cartel s accountant He s on the wrong side of the law and although she resists Angie is immediately drawn to him As they work together to plan her son s rescue the sexual tension builds and it s deliciousDuring the harrowing rescue attempt their passion flares white hot as Angie and Alejandro mbark on a demanding trek through the most remote undeveloped areas of the country In a plot full of twists and turns they must battle fanatical cult members back stabbing thugs and the lements She knows their affair can t last yet the she learns of Alejandro the Angie wonders if there s to him beneath the surfaceDespite its pulse raising fast pace Obsession offers well developed characters and invites the reader to xplore the good and bad that s in all of us The duality of characters also brings about surprising plot twists that are sure to delight Fans of James Rollins will particularly njoy the climactic scenes which these strange bedfellows ncounter life and death scenarios xplosive action and haunting bits of the unexplainable Obsession Obsession is a gripping heart pounding heart wrenching story Angie has had a life from hell in the hands of a religious zealotpsychopath who just happens to be her fatherFinally thinking herself free of her father she is thrust into a worse nightmare when he kidnaps her sonAlejandro is a good man forced to play a bad man Undercover with a Mexican drug lord he is caught in the middle Falling for Angie desperate to help her but unable to blow his coverTheir attraction for ach other has to take a back seat to Angie search for her son A search that she know may lead to her death or worse re imprisonment by her fatherYou can t help but love Angie She s made a lot of mistakes in her life But the fact that she survived at all is a testament to her strength She is frankly amazingThis book was a long time in the making and it shows It is well writ This book had so many twists and turns that kept me turning Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One each page with anticipation A mother s worst nightmare comes true when her child is kidnapped How far will this mom go to save her son It s a simply answer for Angela Edmonds till deathAngela has had a rough life of abuse sex and drugs But when she gets pregnant she changes her life around and becomes a lawyer to raise her child Her parents are religious fanatics who are planning onscaping to a Mexican compound with her child Many a paranormal story of psychics claim that when they are born with a membrane on their faces at birth foretells of their gift Little Jake is named the Chosen One as the cull is removed from his face at birth The grandparents do not bother to care for Angela after birth but she has an otherworldly visit Does she have a guardian angel or was it the stress from labor She chose to believe in the stress Little Jake is a happy healthy baby who supposedly cures an Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) elderly cult member thus proving to the rest of the followers of his powerRecreationist cult leader is Zeke Edmonds and his devoted naive wife is Miriam Edmonds The father has visions from God and it is his job to lead them into the End of The World Miriam follows by his side as his faithful and fearful wife Zeke uses brute force to gain control and Miriam uses a paddleAlejandro is working for a drug cartel and is trying to keep himself alive When he meets Angela his world spins out of control but only can focus on her He is afraid of falling for a womanven if she can outrun and out shoot him or his friends Alejandro promises to rescue Jake Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe even if it costs the life ofveryone that he cares forSo many threads in this story come together to form a larger picture that gripped me till the Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time end These details make this story so fluid in reading and understanding Thending of the story left me wanting to know about their life and is there a Guardian Angel watching over them or does Jake truly have the power I thirst for from this author In this story there is violence sex death hope paranormal and a deep mystery I would definitely label it as adult content I was given this book to review from the authorpublisher through Reading Alley and in One Wild Weekend exchange I give my unbiased opinion Angie s father didn t care if she lived or died only that the Chosen One should be born Her labor was difficult and she thought she would die. A year after a barbaric childbirth complete with a near deathxperience and an Forgetful of Their Sex encounter with her guardian angel Angie Edmonds is just happy she and her son Jake are alive She's finally in a good place clean sober andmployed as a defense attorney But at the nd of a lo. From it or her father would butcher her to save the childShe was ready to go with the angel but the angel turned away and she save the childShe was ready to go with the angel but the angel turned away and she sucked back into her bodyAngie s father had been imprisoned after he was arrested for kidnapping her newborn son Jake No one could have foreseen that he would scape from prison and kidnap her son again This time he moved the cult to the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico far away from any form of civilizationShe was frantic She must get her son away Angie s infant son is kidnapped by her cult leader father and spirited off to Mexico When the US authorities can t locate baby Jake Angie goes looking for him through the friend of a friend Enter Alejandro the drug cartel boss lady s right hand man a hunk if there ver was and a man with a he and a man with a secret He an undercover agent looking for a little justice of his own Bad weather keeps them from setting out to the cult s mountain hideaway immediately giving rise to lots of chemistry between this pairBuchbinder s story held my interest and kept me turning pages Enjoyed it What a great readThe story kept me hooked from beginning to nd Great characters and a hot romance made a great addition to the story Obsession is a perfect name for this romantic suspense with a touch of the paranormal because it reflects character motivations drives the plot and Walled (The Line, emphasizes the overall theme of how our own obsessions have the power to stain our souls and destroy the lives of others There are numerous literary aspects of this book that I foundnjoyable and well Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany executed I chose to read this book because of its uniue storyline that integrates the corruption of religious cults and drug cartels in the overall uest of one woman to rescue her kidnapped son Throughout the book Buchbinder describes how a position of leadership can lead to manipulation and disregard for others She gives a glimpse of cult mentality that blends in nicely with the plot She also provides a look at the overall greed and selfishness of a fictitious Mexican drug cartel s desire for power and dominance Here the cult leader and drug lord both use human trafficking for their own gain Buchbinder also provides a list of sources for her research in case readers want to learn which is helpful I love and admire Angie Edmonds the heroine of the story She grew up with a delusional father who leads a religious cult that gives him the freedom to abuse her and other members as well However when she is introduced after the prologue we see a strong confident and resourceful woman who is determined to find her son Jake Her father hasscaped prison and taken Jake because he thinks Jake is the chosen one with the power to heal others I like that Angie isn t a passive protagonist who plays the role of a victim and sits back to let others take over a rescue attempt Angie has xperienced devastating abuse and trauma that may have broken others Even though she isn t perfect and she s made some mistakes Angie has been motionally strong nough to break away from the constraints and abuse forced upon her by her parents and she has overcome her drug addiction to become a successful defense attorney By getting her backstory which is described over the course of the novel I was able to understand her fears of having her son in the hands of a madman When she sees the futile fforts of the FBI to rescue Jake who is being held in Mexico she takes the initiative in forming a plan for rescue no matter what it takes Tempting Fate even working with a ruthless drug lord in her uest After being betrayed by parents who are supposed to love and protect her Angie has learned to rely only on herself and she s taken defensive steps tonsure her safety She has been trained in martial arts and knows how use a gun when necessary Now she is forced to put her skills to use as she becomes immersed in a world where trust and loyalty are constantly in uestion Her success depends upon whether she can learn to put her faith in others Having Alejandro at her side and guidance from an angel give her the support she needs Overall Buchbinder has created a well rounded three dimensional character whose personality and actions are realistic Angie doesn t always make the best decisions and this creates complications and reveals her strengths and vulnerabilities However I did find it hard to believe she has 3 NDEs in such a short amount of time Alejandro is the hero of this story and I the author s physical representation of him in the book trailer is xactly how I pictured him Alejandro is working undercover for the US Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives ATFE to xpose the illegal activities of drug lord Isabel Rameriz Yet Alenjandro also has a personal interest in this job as well and getting revenge is one of his goals I wish there was development with his character so I could get the full story behind his motional wounds I can see why Angie and Alejandro are drawn Ng work day she finds herself in a parent's worst nightmare Jake has been kidnapped and taken across the Mexican border by a cult leader who believes the child is the Chosen OneStymied by the US and Mexican legal systems Angie is forced to ask the head of a Mexican crime.
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