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You want to ind of see how your 7ish year old boy and his friends think read this hilarious book Sooo cute This is a classic collection of stories in French about Nicolas and his inapt parents Idyllic about life in the late 50s and early 60s they are full of humour and tales of growing up In France they are like the euivalent of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn Review on English followed by
the bulgarian one 
Bulgarian one book wish that people will have a chance to read itBecause so many adults have forgotten what is to be a id and what is the way they see the world around us Great illustrations as well I read this book to review for the library I work at and I seriously just pulled it off the shelf because I liked the way the cover looked It s about a young French boy Nicholas and his school friends It s written in first person as Nicholas and what I found particularly endearing was the way the sentences read as though they were really written by a seven year old They run on but are clear to understand Each chapter is like a short story or an individual episode and his reactions to the things that happen are very uniue Example Alec hit him on the cap with his tomahawk and said he was taking him prisoner and Rufus was upset because he d dropped his whistle in the grass and I was crying a bit and telling Eddie this was "my yard and I never wanted anything to do with him again and everyone was shouting and it was "yard and I never wanted anything to do with him again and everyone was shouting and it was great we were having a fantastic time Adults will Remember that time when I punched you in the nose And then you punched me in the nose And we all started crying and then everything was okay again I have fond memories of reading some of these stories in their original form I think in my 10th grade French class sadly these are the ONLY fond memories I have of studying French Goscinny s endearingly naughty little boys made a wonderfully refreshing change from the forced profundities of Le Petit Prince to say nothing of the banal social lives of the dopey looking Parisian teens who populated a text book called Nos Amis Sempe s cartoonishly simply but wickedly expressive illustrations also added a great dea. Ns a collection of 19 individual stories in which despite trying to be good Nicholas and his friends always seem to end up in some sort of mischief In the school room at home and in the playground their exuberance often takes over and the results are calamitous at least for their teachers and parents Whether confusing the photographer hired to take the class picture rescuing a ‘stray’ dog or try.

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Le Petit NicolasMax And Lili Visit My SchoolToday when I arrived at school everyone was very excited because there were two new ids called Max and Lili My friend Alceste told me they had come from the year 2012 in a time machine I asked Alceste what a time machine was but he was eating a sandwich time machine I asked Alceste what a time machine was but he was eating a sandwich eats all the time and his mouth is always full so he pointed at Agnan and told me to ask him Agnan is top of the class and the teacher s pet he s no fun because he wears glasses so you can t hit him when you want to He started to tell me what a time machine was but it was ind of boring so I went to look at the new idsMax is cool he s really good at soccer and he also likes fighting I said he could join our gang and he said sure so now he s in my gang too At break I went to talk to his sister usually I don t talk to girls because they re dumb and just play with dolls and stuff but Lili looked a bit like my cousin Louisette who is cool so I thought why not Lili told me all about life in 2012 it was really interesting she got chased by a pedophile and her uncle got put in jail and her dad lost his job and she hangs out a lot on the Internet I didn t now what the Internet was but Lili says it "s like a TV with a typewriter and she met another pedophile there Lili meets a lot of pedophiles "like a TV with a typewriter and she met another pedophile there Lili meets a lot of pedophiles asked her what they were and she told me it s ind of gross but really interesting After lunch we had show and tell and teacher asked me TO TALK ABOUT SOMETHING AND I talk about something and I about pedophiles but teacher wasn t happy she looked really tired and she told me to stand in the corner I don t now why Anyway it was Lili s fault because she explained it to me maybe she didn t do it right and that s why teacher got mad So at afternoon break I said she shouldn t t My favorite metro book in France I sometimes had to be really refrain myself from laughing out loud I got really good at disguising laughter with a cough I found myself laughing out loud several times while reading this book I also found myself reading it out loud to anyone in my family who would listen It gave me a glimpse into the mind of my boy and my overgrown boy husband So if. Nicholas is the first in a series of five books that bring to life the day to day adventures of a young school boy amusing endearing and always in trouble An only child Nicholas appears older at school than he does at home; his touchingly naive reactions to different situations cut through the preconceptions of adults to result in a formidable seuence of escapadesThis first book in the series contai. L of charm So I always thought I d like to go back and revisit Nicholas perhaps even in French but this relatively recent and highly attractively produced English language edition made it easy and pleasant to be lazy Truth be told this time around I might have found the stories to be rewarding if I had had to work harder when reading them As it was I found them amusing but they get a little repetitive Most of the book I read aloud to my eight year old who giggled a lot but also asked me to stop reading sometimes and skip to the next chapter because he gets a little anxious when things go wrong in stories and these particular stories are not so subtle that he couldn t see that such things as playing hooky and smoking a purloined cigar were not going to end well In fact sometimes I felt distinctly uneasy myself wondering what my In fact sometimes I felt distinctly uneasy myself wondering what my made of all the of cheerful punches to the nose in this book and the regret at not being able to whack the teacher s pet because of his glasses Also Goscinny does so much winking over Nicholas head at the adult reader "Who Is Clearly Meant To "is clearly meant to with the overwhelmed teachers and parents that one almost wonders if it s meant for children at all So to put it succinctly I enjoyed it but am slightly relieved it s overNext time or one of the seuels perhaps en fran ais Well no harm in being optimistic Reading Le Petit Nicolas series was a great way to improve my fluency in French It was easy enough to read for pleasure and the vocabulary repeated enough so I actually learned new words I used these words in conversation with my French teachers and friends while I lived in France and they were uite impressed because I was using slang Since this book is written for ids it helped me learn the language like they did The sentences were uite easy to translate and I got into the rhythm of the language I also read passages from the book aloud to help me with my accent and speaking I loved this little fellow He is a good guy who gets into trouble rather often so most of us can relate to him What New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood kid won t love le petit nicolas Funny witty and easy to read with tones of beautiful picture. Ing desperately to help the teacher when the school inspector pays a visit Nicholas always manages to make matters worseThis hilarious and heart warming book will ignite laughter in children and adults alike These stories of Nicholas’s cureless antics blend a wonderfully imaginative sense of humour with a refreshing take on life to leave a lingering aftertaste of ageless romantic charm in any read.