EBOOK Science and Democracy

Science and DemocracyIn he life sciences and beyond new developments in science and echnology and he creation of new social orders go hand in hand In short science and society are simultaneously and reciprocally coproduced and changed Scientific research not only produces new knowledge and echnological systems but also constitutes new #FORMS OF EXPERTISE AND CONTRIBUTES TO THE EMERGENCE OF #of expertise and contributes o he emergence of modes of living and new forms of exchange These dynamic processes are

tightly connected o 
connected o redistributions of wealth and. Power and hey sometimes hreaten and sometimes enhance democracy UNDERSTANDING THESE PHENOMENA POSES IMPORTANT INTELLECTUAL AND NORMATIVE CHALLENGES these phenomena poses important intellectual and normative challenges raditional social sciences nor prevailing modes of democratic governance have fully grappled with he deep and Growing Significance Of Knowledge Making In Twenty First Century Politics significance of knowledge making in wenty first century politics #MarketsBuilding On New Work In Science And #on new work in science and studies STS Husband in Harmony this book advanceshe systematic analysis of he coproduction of knowledge and power in contemp. Orary societies Using case studies in he new life sciences supplemented with Cases On Informatics And Other on informatics and other such as climate science The Rich Girl Goes Wild this book presents aheoretical framing of coproduction processes while also providing detailed empirical analyses and nuanced comparative work Science Democracy Knowledge as Wealth and Power in he Biosciences and Beyond will #be interesting for students of sociology science echnology for students of sociology science echnology history of science genetics political science and public administration. ,

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