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Me with regretStill the book has a great title What the fuck is Abbie Hoffman s problem This book reads like the left s version of that smug nihilistic libertarian dick You now the guy who considers not going out of his way to help his fellow man is somehow "proof of intelligence because he saves a small amount of moneytimeenergy and nows the rest of humanity will "of intelligence because he saves a small amount of moneytimeenergy and nows the rest of humanity will be there to help him out the sapsNumber one If you re going to lead a proletarian revolution led largely by comfortable middle class white ids maybe don t run your burns on the people who might actually be won over to your cause whatever that is it s never explained Grifting your way to a free meal in a fancy restaurant is one thing doesn t achieve anything vis a vis smashing the state but I think we can all agree it certinly is a thing but ripping off a take out joint s delivery boy is another thing entirely A very shitty thing To save money on payphone calls take that gap year to backpack around Europe you always wanted and bring home a bunch of Hungarian change Being a cheap privileged shit isn t the same as being poor On that same topic food banks and men swomen s shelters DON T have infinite resources Every bite this book s readership took was stolen from the mouth of a legitimate hungry person uick uestion Does the new society you re working for involve Social Security welfare unemployment insurance and Medicaid If so then maybe don t give ammunition to the dicks on the right who want to shut them down because of all the fraud That Goes On By goes on by your able bodied 20 something silver spoon hippie selves into drawing their benefitsNumber two Just cause saying don t hurt people when you give instructions to people to arm themselves and blow up buildings covers your ass legalistically It doesn t make it in any way acceptable Who the fuck do you think you are inciting gullible hippies to violence and tossing "off instructions for molotov cocktails and pipebombs and referencing violence as though it "instructions for molotov cocktails and pipebombs and referencing violence as though it everyday to you when according to wikipedia you ve never been involved in ANY violent action A uick glance at the Weathermen s page which you treat like an omnipresent Zapatista like resistance group and all I can find is six bombings over three years Fuck you you cowardly little shit for trying to incite hotheaded ids to do what you don t have the stones to do yourselfNumber three Just FUCK yourself Now I now who s the ideological forefather of all those entitled gutterpunks stretching out a hand for spare change which happens to be attached to an arm covered in a thousand dollar tattoo sleeve Holding a job doesn t make you complicit in Vietnam or segregation fuckwit it means that you don t have to be a burden on the segment of society actually DOING something for the people you claim to represent Thanks for ruining the left and tarring protest for two generations by highjacking the 60 s youth movement s momentum for your doomed Yippie sideshowPS the bit about etiuette when hijacking the PA at rock concerts was pretty rich Once brained and thrown in the dirt by Pete Townsend twice shy ehAnd if any proof was needed that fans of this book are utter gobshites not one complaint has come in at a third grade reading level They also get real real mad when I tell em to fuck off and delete their bullshit Nothing says progressive like a so far universally white man screaming about his first amendment and debate me you coward on the internet No I didn t Steal the book that is I d make a lousy anarchistFile this one in your mental look but don t read category Abbie Hoffman wrote Steal This Book while incarcerated This fact alone should have served as a warning to anyone planning to try the scams and swindles he encouraged I read the first 95 pages in earnest then just skipped through the rest of the book to get a general feel for the ideas he was promoting Supporters called this book an instruction manual for radical social change Nothing could be further from the truth What Hoffman really wanted was for society to stay exactly as it was so he and his reefer head freeloading friends could continue taking advantage of the system He was so harshly critical of America but it was the industry and honesty of the general population that allowed his cheater techniues to work He called the US Pig Empire and always used the word pigs when referring to the police Says I Abbie Hoffman was the real SWINE here Lying shoplifting cheating and exploding homemade bombs does not improve or change society There s nothing constructive or productive about being a stoned out leech Want social change Run for office Be a volunteer for a service org. Ring hippie Steal This Book captures Hoffman's puckish tone and became a cult classic with over 200000 copies sold Outrageously illustrated by R Crumb it neverthele. Anization Try giving instead of taking creating instead of destroying The book has some value as a cultural marker hence the two stars instead of just one It s an interesting reminder has some value as a cultural marker hence the two stars instead of just one It s an interesting reminder the mood and vibes among the younger generation in 1970 For a few good Abbie Hoffman s Steal this BookWk28 Bk28First off congratulations to Desmond Morris and his crap book The Naked Ape because as of November 03 2008 Abbie Hoffman s Steal this Book is now the absolute worst crap I Have Read Thus Far Book read thus far book in my entire life I ve thought about this proclamation long and hard Surely I said to myself this isn t the worst book that you ever readThen I thought some and couldn t deny that all sources pointed toward yes Let s forget about the fact that this book is completely outdated No part of this trash is timeless But Ryan Hoffman can t help it that his advice doesn t apply to today s timeCorrect his advice on how to rip off grocery stores payphones and the rest of the Pig Nation cannot be applied to today s world because of technological advances but what about this fraud s call for revolution Sure the times have changed but idealized revolution doesn t work within the confines of time Hoffman was a moron He s that id in high school who claims to be able to do anything and is privy to everything A wonderful title for this jerk is poseur He d love Hot Topic He "s full of himself and his book is replete with arrogant assumptive matteroffact ness In the chapter discussing how "full of himself and his book is replete with arrogant assumptive matteroffact ness In the chapter discussing how basically stowaway on commercial airplanes to get a free ride anywhere he claims that he and a buddy have a sure fire techniue to ride for free but they can t tell anybody because then it would ruin the techniueOh yeah man I totally Unbreathed Memories know how to get on an airplane for free but I can t tell you howBullshitThis is a guy who nonchalantly claims that building a cabin or A frame house is not only inexpensive but reuires little experience Sure you can just go out on a spread and easily with no experience mind you build a log cabin It s that simple just build one Don t steal from other folks Hoffman directs just from pig corporations and the pig empire then he turns around and tells you how to siphon gas out of a stranger s gas tank Hey man Abbie proclaims need some cash Just counterfeit a couple of greenbacks and you re good to go What s that You need some food Oh man that s simple Just steal some duhhhhhSeriously Inow I m paraphrasing here but the book pretty much reads as suchGood lord no wonder the Hell s Angels loved to beat the crap out of Abbie and the other Chicago Seven These guys were so full of themselves that they had to distinguish themselves from their peers They weren t hippies no They were too important to be hippies They were Yippies Yippie More like YuppieThey were a group of over privileged white ids with too much time on their hands who rode on the coattails of the Black Panther Party and the Weather Underground It boggles my mind how so many people bought into their crapGod I don t even really now where to begin with why you A should not READ this book and B even bother to steal it In fact the book should have been titled Do Not Read This Book Burn ItThe writing is horrible Abbie does a wonderful job of trying to claim that the book wasn t taken on by publishers because they feared it would ruin free speech for everyone They didn t publish this book because it was crap Typos run amuck the language is sophomoric and the ideals are emptyIf you want to follow a revolution with substance then direct your attention to actual revolutionaries like Che Ghandi or Martin Luther King Jr who are people who actually stood for something and whose philosophies still affect society todayHe only cares about one thing and that s harassing cops and being a degenerate He touts revolution but nothing he proposes actually supports genuine change Trying to beat up cops and destroying patrol cars isn t going to change anything It s not going to benefit the poor or bring attention to a corrupt system However doing those things will get your ass icked Hoffman and the rest of the Yippie culture were nothing but shameful opportunists All of them were a fad and so was their alleged cause Revolutions and revolutionaries don t dieThis guy made me so sick that I had to take a break from political literature So I picked up Steve Martin s memoir that I saw him promoting on The Daily ShowSteve Martin s Born Standing UpWk29 Bk29 My mom didn t like that I was reading this one because of the ways it taught you how to steal and the cynical view of the government but I think it served a purpose at the time More of a hippie history book than anythin. Ss conveys a serious message to all would be revolutionaries You don't have to take it any All Power to the Imagination was his credo Abbie was the best Studs Terk. I actually stole this book
From A Used Bookstore In 
a used bookstore in Texas I got a lot of good yet useless I tried em they did not work ideas on anarchy and how to score free stuff All in all an enjoyable read How can I complain Didn t cost a dime Perhaps the best title ever for a non fiction book This is a self liberation manual Full of practical advice How to use a penny for a nickel in a pay phone for instance All of it now an intoxicating trip into the Hippie past My copy is highlighted I read it when I could actually use the info But I don t think I actually used any of it except the address of the Berkeley Free Clinic The info wasn t really the point Hoffman was propagating a state of mind an attitude toward authority and toward the adventure of living Take charge he was saying Don t accept what they tell you or what they hand you Don t behave the way the want you to You ask the uestions You decide what matters Go for it Except Go For It hadn t been invented yet This book freaking RULES Why oh why did the sixties have to endbecause of Kent State Altamont Heroin and to make way for disco silly I read this book in it s online format in high school It amused the hell out of me as a history book seeing how easy it used to be to steal anything you needed It taught me to understand anarchy as a philosophy rather than a symbol that punks saftey pinned onto their jackets I thought Abbie Hoffman was Robin HoodBut later in life I did some research on Abbie Hoffman He s basically a sociopath He didn t exactly come up with the material in the book on his own so much as he joined up with the Digger movement in San Francisco and turned their means of feeding clothing and housing people into a how to manual for freeloaders By exposing all these gaping security holes in nearly every industry the industries closed those holes and the Digger movement had to go legit and was less effective because of it There are still hippies wandering around gentrified Haight with nowhere to crash and nothing to eat because of this though I believe they ve assimilated with the ordinary homeless population Basically Abbie Hoffman is a DickI recently discovered a 1971 copy of Steal This Book at a yard sale When the seller learned that I was familiar with it she let me have it for free instead of 25 cents she was going to charge It s nice to see that the Digger Spirit is still alive even though Abbie Hoffman is a Dick I m giving this book 4 stars because it is historically and culturally significant and because it s fascinating It lost a star because Abbie Hoffman is a Dick When I was a teenager I went into the respectable little bookstore in my respectable little town and asked Do you have a copy of Steal This Book The respectable librarianesue owner looked over the top of her reading glasses on a chain and dryly replied We don t sell those inds of books hereWhat ind of books I asked with much surprise bouncing through my Colombian gold addled mindAgain she peered down her nose and said We don t sell anti social anti establishment books And she turned and walked awayNaturally I HAD to have the book at that point I did eventually find a copy at a friend s house but didn t have to steal it because he gave it to me the 70 s had their moments But I definitely would have stolen it from that snooty bitch if I could haveAll that being said this is now an almost charming history of what hippie terrorism looked like in the late 60 s A fun look into the past if you consider molotov cocktails fun Of course if you find this book in a book store you MUST steal it but make sure you remove the magnetic anti theft strip before you reach the front door and just in case be sure to wear your Nikes Steal This Book is a self "righteous manual about theft vandalism exploitation of the charitable and even murder When I read this "manual about theft vandalism exploitation of the charitable and even murder When I read this out of curiosity I found the author s intolerance hatred arrogance and ignorance nauseating It revolted me that such a self revealed monster as Abbie Hoffman was ever taken seriously by the counterculture of the United States Fortunately many of the techniues described are now obsoleteBe aware that I am not merely disagreeing with the author s politics When I read the book I was appalled by his sociopathy Business owners are depicted as the enemy Stealing from them is justified because they are evil capitalists Police officers are pigs deserving of death Lying to the compassionate is fine Painting marijuana graffiti is somehow spreading a revolutionary messageNote that Hoffman wasn t a id when he published this swill He was in his mid thirties His self removal from the human race is not something that fills. A driving force behind the social revolution of the 1960s and 1970s Hoffman inspired a generation to challenge the status uo Meant as a practical guide for the aspi.