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Zora and Nicky A Novel in Black and White

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This book was great I hope that Zora Nicky s story will continue that we will see it on the Big Screen Claudia Mair Burney is truly gifted This might be the edgiest Christian fiction I ve ead Loved it The novel Tagebuch revolves around theelationship between Nicky a young white college graduate surviving on minimal means and Zora a self described Black American Princess who drives a Lexus and enjoys her designer labels They meet at a bible study and though the elationship gets off to a ocky start their love grows despite incredible opposition from friends and families Burney unflinchingly takes on the issues of ace and eligion challenging the Access to English. Test pack 4 reader to examine one s own subtle prejudices An intriguingead The story was so simple and ealistic Every one of the characters could have been someone that I knew They were flawed and genuine people Confused about themselves the people they loved and their elationship with God The story manages to deal with all these issues very wellHowever the main Hoffnung Mensch reason I gave this one 5 stars was that poem Beautiful Mosaic This is so cheesy but I actually cried It just spoke to me WOWSoI ve been trying toead omances for awhile ight And kind of hating it because I keep getting slapped in the face with horrible writing And I ve also tried to ead contemporary Christian books for awhile too and hating the bad writing and getting slapped in the face with the love of Jesus Last but not least I ve been trying to ead interacial omances and besides carrying over the bad writing from the omance genre I ve been getting slapped in the face with all levels of black vs white The Witch who was a princess racismSo how the heck did I end up loving this Christian interacialomanceGoes to show anything goes when it s done well I thought I had acism fatigue but this book made me simply not care even when it was dialed up to dent my head in with a mallet HarshThis book is so full of Bible verses hymn songs and people talking nonstop about love of God love of man love love love and forgiveness that you could probably print a biblical study guide out of excerpts It also went into church cultures that were way out of my ealm of experienceAnd I ate it up Why Because of the characters The characterization They had such distinct yet ecognizable voices The author has a gift for dialogue The people are genuinely funny sassy cute and interesting The hero despite being gorgeous and all that jazz turned out to be different somehow approachable and adorable even when he s so messed up The author has a great gift of portraying the dirty underside of Christian people nay of HUMANS Hypocrisy is everywhere The main characters were so full of flaws that it s a wonder they could still walk with all the crap they carried and the author doesn t let them get away with it The characters call each other out on their nastiness or if not they see it in themselves and hate themselves for it They struggle and founder and when if not they see it in themselves and hate themselves for it They struggle and founder and when e about to give up God hauls them up by the hair and makes them keep going This book is PG but this is no fluffy bunny Amish girl Jeden výdych koňa romance This deals with many painfulaw issues that should be covered in Christian media ather "than the hyper sanitized insular crap that it generates for itselfNot "the hyper sanitized insular crap that it generates for itselfNot say this book is perfectThe ending does ush into an ugly last minute esurgence of Racist Crazy that feels tacked on as if an editor s checklist said there must be one last conflict to keep the hero and heroine apart Then it gets esolved uickly and the closing scene is so bizarrely cultish weird Kumbaya thatwellit was kind of amusing But hey what do I know My faith life is so dried up compared to these characters I m not eally sure I can judge What else By the end the hero finally says I suck one too many times But overall I think I can live with that just fine Now all I hope is that this book will hold up to e eading All I can hope is that this book will hold up to e eading All I can is WOW Amazing I had no idea that this was a Christian novel What a wonderfully written and beautiful love story There are actually two concurring story lines the first is the obvious interacial couple However most importantly the second underlying story line has to do with finding one s niche with Christ and what it means to be a Christian Although one can grow up in the church how does one actually set out and establish their own personal elationship with God How does one handle learning that God Pumpkinflowers really does love sinners like us I wouldecommend this novel to anyone who has had this doubt or uestion this within themselves I believe at some point in all our lives we all uestioned this as we go through this journey It is good to see that we are not alone others have the same inuiries If I knew of a Christian youth group I would Wonderful Memories of It's a Wonderful Life recommend this book for them also All ages canelate to the subject matter What do you do when you feel like a stranger in your own landThat s the uestion that Zora and Nicky face They both grew up in the church children of ministers Their whole lives were about living and walking in the footsteps of Jesus But when did it become a matter of trying to please their fathers than Jesus When did Two Hearts One God Should Anything Else MatterZora Nella Hampton Johnson knows exactly where she comes from and her daddy won't let her forget Of course for that privilege he keeps her in Prada and Kate Spade Coach and YSL He chooses her boyfriend her car her address and ignores her love of painting art and the old ways of her grandaddy's soulful AME church where the hymns pleaded cajoled and Green Eyed Envy raised theoof Her daddy may be His The A-List Diet Fitness Plan reuire the sacrifice of their entire identitiesBoth Zora and Nicky are adrift Nicky is the prodigal soneturned to the fold to try to The Amethyst Road rebuild his troubledelationship with a father who never showed him the loving embrace that a dad should show his son like Jesus loves His church Nicky wants to be a writer but the words won t come He feels so alone and trapped His girlfriend is the perfect girl for the life that his parents want for him But not for Nicky And Nicky is dealing with three years of celibacy and sobriety after wild teenage years of leading church maidens astray when he was asking for help from a family who left his cries unheard When he goes to a bible study held by his boss he encounters the beautiful dark skinned Zora and feels a mix of emotions that do not strike him as healthy with everything else on his plate Is it just lust or he could he be in loveZora is the daughter of a minister who preaches prosperity to those who can proclaim God s word with faith He has no tolerance for poor Christians or those who just want to get by Although he gives her everything material she could wish for designer furniture clothes and a Lexus he controls every aspect of her life and seems blind to the true unrest in his church Zora walks out of church one day praying that God would show her how to be poor in spirit She goes to a bible study full of white people and feels that intense emotional connection with God that she feels like has been absent but she s embarrassed by the way she breaks down in front of the other bible study members And then there is the gorgeous blue eyed blond ogue that she s been warned about although they truly love Nicky How can she be drawn to a troubled and ascally white man when she doesn t even love the perfect black man hand picked by her father and groomed to be the future minister of his church What does she do when her father takes everything away because he feels she s in The Lupus Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families rebellion just by trying to be herself And to her surprise the white folks from her bible study and theoguish Nicky come to her aid when her family and most of her church turns a blind eyeZora and Nicky is a very moving When I Grow Up, I'm Going to Play for the Nebraska Cornhuskers romantic story but it also strikes at the heart of aeader who grew up in the Christian faith but is trying to find out where she or he fits into the flock of God s church I loved how Ms Burney wasn t afraid to get Sextus: Ou, Le Romain Des Maremmes: Suivi D'Essais Detaches Sur L'Italie: Par M. Me Hortense Allart de Therase real She showed how church is full of people who do one thing and say another but it s also clear that there are many who love God so much but they just don t know how they are supposed to go about doing that I just loved both Nicky and Zora s characters Not because they were perfect but because they wereeal and hurting and damaged They both had
genuine love for Jesus and wanted to be wrapped in His arms in all their wounded flawed selves Not only that they wanted to have fathers who knew how to love them and accept them for who they were Their troubled Die Zarin relationships with their fathers clearly affected theirelationships with God because they Didn T Know That Unconditional Love That Jesus Has For t know that unconditional love that Jesus has for unused to feeling that in the model for His love that one s father and minister should showThe Meaning in History: The Theological Implications of the Philosophy of History racial issues in this story are pertinent and handled well Ms Burney addressed the ugly things that normal people think and do on both sides theacial issue Although the way Nicky s grandfather and father about Zora was absolutely chilling Ms Burney also shows that black folks can be just as Will Gallows and the Snake-Bellied Troll racist in their thinking as white folks And neither is okay Because humans are just human And no person should be seen as the stand in orepresentative for their ace It isn t fair because you can only be you And Christians of all people should know better than to judge someone for the outside the mere difference in melanin that means nothing to God Although it was clear how powerful the bond was between Zora and Nicky they had to work out their own issues about ace so that they could see each other with the love that God put in their souls for each other Even with the sometimes mean things they said to each other I loved how they seemed to get who each other was deep down and supported that even when people who should have loved supported and understood each other didn t I loved that their Snuggle Up, Little One: A Treasury of Bedtime Stories relationship was passionate even with no sex taking place just very passionate kisses how they talked to each other fought for each other and dreamed together I loved that they both shared a powerful love for Christ that was another thing that bound them together They had the makings of aelationship I could truly see flourishing fifty years in the futureZora and Nicky was a book that made me cry It made me angry in some scenes It affected me deeply and probed into the hurting places that I have Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen regarding my own walk in the Christian faith dealing with that feeling that you don t fit into the body of Christ the way you should That even though Jesus loves you the way you are and wants the best for you others don t think you measure up Also seeing the superficial Christianity that seems okay for most and how you want something. Preacher but some where among the thousands of church members the on site coffee house and the JumboTron Zora lost God And she wants Him backNicky Parker aecent graduate of Berkeley and The Jive Talker reformed playboy also suffers the trials of being a preacher's kid and he can'temember the last time he saw eye to eye with his white Gargantuan racist Southern Baptist father What he doesemember and it will be forever burned in his brain despite
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