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I wasn t sure what to expect with Rachel Bertsche s book but I liked what I *found While the Old Haunts focus on celebrity lifestyles seems a little juvenile in the summary Iound that *While the ocus on celebrity lifestyles seems a little juvenile in the summary I ound that conclusions really resonated with me that we Cooking for Company: All the Recipes You Need for Simple, Elegant Entertaining at Home focus on celebrities because there is some element of their lifestyle or persona that we want in our own lives be thatitness style career or relationships and the key is not to envy them but to try and enhance that element in our own livesShe ties these thoughts in with her own life story which changes dramatically throughout the writing of the book Maybe we ll never be a star but we can learn something about ourselves rom them and use that to improve our own lives Jennifer Gwyneth and Me The Pursuit of Happiness One Celebrity at a Time authored by popular journalisteditor O Honestly at irst I thought this sounded like the most ridiculous premise ever Rachel Bertsche wonders if she just attempts to imitate some of her My Wifes Affair favorite successful celebrities that she might just become a better version of herself She s inspired by a handful of celebrities and she chooses Jennifer Anistonor her perfectly toned body Gwyneth Paltrow or her uber healthy cooking Sarah Jessica Parker or her style Tina Fey or her incredible work ethicJennifer Garner or her so called amazing marriage to Ben Affleck Julia Roberts or shunning Facebook and embracing tranuility Jessica Alba or her Eco pregnancy and style and Beyonce For having it all together I have read Bossypants and I ve perused Gwyneth Paltrow s cookbooks one of her cookbooks include Awful Dreadful and Insipid How I Can Write a Book Without Saying a ThingHeard about this book on GMA a couple weeks ago and thought it would be another Julie Julia Couldn t wait to get to BN to pick it up and sit down with a glass of wine and be entertained or a couple hours Wow it just wasn t even close to JJ and it wasn t even close to being entertainingIn every bleeding chapter she discusses to JJ and it wasn t even close to being entertainingIn every bleeding chapter she discusses inability to get pregnant From her husband s low sperm count to IVF to IUI and on and on until she tells you she s inally pregnantit was like reading someones incredibly boring diarySnooze Naples! fest If this was the author s pursuit of happiness I wished she d kept it to herself DNF p 20I loved Bertsche sirst memoir MWF Seeks BFF but I can already tell this at 5 years out The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey from publication is too outdatedor me to enjoy She s going to aspire to Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck s marriage in one chapter and well we all know how that turned out Plus the majority of her celebrity role models are white which is an oversight I enjoyed her Itsuka first book which was aboutinding new girlfriends through going on Mom, They're Teasing Me: Helping Your Child Solve Social Problems friend dates withemales You sensed the renetic pace of these dates and it was hard to phone in a date a week This one has a orehead scrunching premise to begin with combined with a bait and. For ans of The Happiness Project and The Year of Living Biblically comes a pointed look at our ascination with celebrities as one woman strives to remake herself in the image of her avorite stars What woman hasn't seen pictures of Jennifer Aniston Gwyneth Paltrow or Beyonce and wished she had their clothes their abs their seemingly lawless lives For Rachel Bertsche these celebrities are the epitome of perfection self assured and effortlessly cool Yet lately between juggling her.

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It as a novel so it s possible no one in marketing has actually read this book8 Bertsche is pretty slavish about ollowing Jennifer Aniston s workout routines and Gwyneth Paltrow s cookingeating habits but when she gets to serenity as embodied by Julia Roberts whatever she starts to half ass it She s supposed to be meditating but doesn t really bother to learn what it is or the best way to do it Given that inner peace is probably helpful and important than any of the other celeb lessons she tries to learn this was annoying9 Other things Bertsche doesn t bother to learn the real definition of zen eating mindfully10 What she does do Spend an insane amount of time on the internet looking at stuff about celebrities11 One thing I liked about this book Bertsche tries to Fancy Strut focus on becoming a better version of herself I think this is something we should all be trying to do so I was on board with that idea12 In case it s not clear I wasn t on board with all the infertility stuff I can t uiteigure out why I should be interested in the ertility problems of someone I don t know at all and she certainly didn t have anything new to add to the conversation13 Bertsche s life actually seems uite privileged so like Gretchen Rubin s The Happiness Project this was really just a stunt memoir except the writing was worse and the level of insight much lower14 If you re trying to decide between the two Rachel Bertsche books this one is the better bet15 But you should probably just
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something else entirely to the publisher or an advance reading copyI knew this would be Unbreathed Memories fairlyluffy but it had a good sense of humor about the author s goal and came to some smart conclusions I m a total the author s goal and came to some smart conclusions I m a total or using my life as an experiment books and I liked that this one explores how celebrity influences American women s mental well being I was kind of annoyed about the baby subplot since that s so not an interest of mine right now but I thought she ultimately tied it in well by saying that making her life structured and disciplined prepared her to handle the chaos of having a newborn It made me think about a lot of things that I let slip because they take too much time but that they may ultimately help me eel at peace I received an ARC through a Goodreads giveaway I m not uite sure what I was thinking when I entered the giveaway since1 I dislike Graduates in Wonderland: The International Misadventures of Two (Almost) Adults fake memoirs where the person thinks of a hookor the year to write about It s too artificial A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 for me and2 I don t reallyollow any celebrity s and have never really aspired to have their lifestyleBut The premise of this book to imitate the lifestyle of a specific celebrity each month is intriguing I Love My Dad for sure We all know that celebrities use extreme self discipline to subsist solely on kale and salmon or hot water lemon juice maple syrup and cayenne pepper if you re Beyonce preparingor DreamGirls They worko. Cheap avoiding social media can do wonders All about Us for your peace of mind and confidence is the key accessoryor pulling off any outfit But can she immerse herself in the A list lifestyle and still stay true to herself And will her pursuit of perfection really lead to happiness Praise or Rachel Bertsche's MWF Seeking BFF Written with verve insight and humor Bertsche writes cleverly but not glibly about the challenges young women ace today Chicago Tribune A charming Noni Speaks Up funny chronicle Peopl. Switch combined with phoning it in Rachel has mad babyever and a new work Handbags and Gladrags from home gig writing so she likely sold this book based on the concept that she is going to devote a month to being a different celebrity and adopt that celebrity s mindset in order to become happier Let sorget the part that most celebrities seem less happy and uller of self disdain than the Average PersonSo Our Protagonist Starts To Try To Be Jennifer personSo our protagonist starts to try to be Jennifer Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner and a ew other celebrities that get derailed because her IVF journey takes center stage Let s also not orget that perfect Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner s marriages ailed after this book went to print And let s Wish Upon a Wedding forget that perfect Jennifer Aniston isn t exactly batting 1000 in relationships either See a themeWhen the book veers to IVF and pregnancy the integrity of the book not that there was much to begin with veers off course It becomes baby baby baby and the celebrities she mentions take a backseat She no longer appearsaithful to the project and the book loses momentum It s still interesting if you enjoy reading a woman s pregnancy journal While I didn t have problems with We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk fertility Iound this book insulting to those with Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other fertility problems She and her husband have been trying a whopping 7 months to get pregnant They start IVF and get pregnant right away To toss around the word infertility like she does seems like a slap in theace of women who have been trying Richard Nixon: The Life for a decade In the grand scheme of things her struggle is a tiny bump in an otherwise smooth road 1 I tried to read Rachel Bertsche sirst book MWF Seeks BFF and gave up halfway through Not because the #book was terrible exactly but because it was #was terrible exactly but because it was repetitive I knew the second half of the book would just be of what I read in the I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! first half so why bother 2 When I saw there was a First Reads giveawayor Bertsche s second book I almost didn t enter but the subject matter interested me somewhat so I decided to take a chance Besides I thought I m most likely not going to win anyway3 I won this book via a First Reads giveaway here on Goodreads4 The irst half of the book was entertaining enough kind of like a series of self aware women s magazine articles I ve got nothing against women s magazine articles so that was ine5 However as the book goes along it becomes increasingly about Bertsche s overwhelming desire to have a baby and her struggles with infertility This is not mentioned on the back cover or in any of the publicity materials Puppet Master for the book probably because the marketing department realized the audienceor a lighthearted book about adopting celebrities self improvement habits and the audience or a book about infertility are not the same6 The marketing Department Is Right About That7 is right about that7 the other hand the marketing department letter I received along with this book referred to. Career her marriage and her dream of becoming a mother Bertsche eels anything but put together In Jennifer Gwyneth Me Bertsche embarks on a uest to emulate her Hollywood role models while sticking to a budget to see if they really hold the keys to happiness While trying to unlock the stars' secrets rom Sarah Jessica Parker's wardrobe to Julia Roberts's sense of calm to maybe one day Jessica Alba's chic pregnancy Bertsche learns valuable lessons A toned body doesn't come easy or. Jennifer Gwyneth Me
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