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Ration we can give them But Henderson who once worked at a group home or juveniles is too Fancy Strut fine a writer to set a wooden saint at the center of his novel Instead he gives us alawed and wounded hero Pete may save others but he can t hold his own Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka family together He s left his adulterous wife and bitter teenage daughter and now lives in a cabin without electricity he showers at the courthouse When his no good brother appealsor help Pete tells him Will you just get back in your truck and go The endless labor of patching up desperate strangers provides a comforting way to ignore his own derelict life As strangers provides a comforting way to ignore his own derelict life As drunkenly admits one night to his wife I take kids away Unbreathed Memories from people like us Like those other ad men turned novelists Peter Carey and Salman Rushdie Henderson knows how to create the sensation that we re being propelled through a story that s just as poignant as it isrightening Infused with psychological complexity and lush with the landscape of the Northwest the novel barrels along with the chaotic demands of Pete s job and amily rom crisis to crisis to uiet scenes of despair At unexpected moments the narration shifts briefly into the second person placing us right in
Pete S Life And 
s life And larger story is interrupted by snippets of dialogue between two unnamed Graduates in Wonderland: The International Misadventures of Two (Almost) Adults figures talking about the harrowing plight of Pete s daughter It s a complex structure that could easily grow unwieldy but Henderson choreographs these parts so masterfully that the novel is never less than wholly engagingPete s most challenging case which becomes the story socus involves a scurvy 11 year old boy who wanders up to a school playground and speaks in the clipped cadence of a POW announcing at one point that he d renounced his citizenship Returning the boy to his home in the A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 forest Pete meets the boy s dad a survivalist named Jeremiah Pearl And so begins a perilous relationship between these two troubledathers each trying to save his own child I Love My Dad from the evils of the worldPearl Tribulation ready Race War ready seems atirst a spooky Gothic creature slipping silently through the woods spending coins with holes punched in the presidents heads But illuminated by Henderson s sympathy this tortured zealot becomes both victim and villain an endlessly All about Us fascinating character caught in the confluence of personal tragedy and America s darkestears Here is the millennial complex in ull bloom the craziest most poisonous expression of anti government paranoia ueled by a corrupted brand of Christianity Obsessed with tangled biblical prophecies Pearl announces I am dynamite and hunkers down with his guns and his gold The last thing he ll accept is some godless social worker trying to tempt his children with the devil s medicineBut Pete is determined to serve amilies wherever they are no matter how loopy they may seem And in a similar way this novel is engaged in the hard work of understanding people we usually write off in Disgust Pursued By The Four Pursued by the our of ignorance poverty drugs and illness who wouldn t think the Apocalypse is nigh As Pete s personal life spirals out of control Pearl s radical break Handbags and Gladrags from civilization offers an alluring kind of solace a reliefrom his complicated An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) failings But can Pete win the anarchist s trust before he sparks a deadly confrontation with government officials who sufferrom their own brand of paranoiaAll week I was looking or opportunities to slip back into these pages and ollow the trials of this rural social worker The greatness of Fourth of July Creek stems Wish Upon a Wedding from Henderson s ability to subtly tie the struggles of one ordinary man to the broader currents of American culture both its blessings and its evils The result is a story that is simultaneously intimate and grand written in a style athletic enough to capture a spectacular range of harrowing events These may be the End Timesor Jeremiah Pearl but they re just the beginning We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk for Smith HendersonFrom The Washington Post Raw gut wrenching and heartbreaking Midwest America outside the city limits exists poverty homelessness addiction crime and abuse Much less resources to help those in need Pete Snow is a social worker living day to day attempting to protect and remove childrenrom abusive homes He is an alcoholic unable to deal with the stress in his job as well as within his own life trying instead to make it better Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other for others at the cost of losing touch with his own daughter who becomes a runaway and starts living the life of these children he is trying to protect Henderson creates a character and story we can unfortunately relate to 5 star. Valist itchingor a Richard Nixon: The Life final conflict that will signal the coming End TimesBut as Pete's ownamily spins out of control Benjamin's activities spark the I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! full blown interest of the FBI putting Pete at the center of a massive manhuntrom which no one will emerge unscath. ,

Ete s lament I take kids away rom people like us it s all phenomenal and lasting i would have liked a little clarity in the scenes of rachel s interview though i was never sure if it was a real interview or some kind of ongoing series of diary entries there were too many times where the interviewer knew too many specific personal details or it to be an actual interview but it was an important perspective to contribute t Pete Snow is a social worker Puppet Master fighting a losing battle against the products of poverty drugs alcohol and ignorance His patch is Tenmile rural Montana a depressedlyblown backwater surrounded by miles of blacktop empty skies snow topped mountains and the savage beauty of untracked wilderness It s the late 1970s in the era of Reagan and CarterPete s got a lot on his plate an over Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners full case load of brokenamilies including Jeremiah a paranoid survivalist and his young son living rough in the woods and Cecil a thirteen year old tear away with a small s ster and a hopelessly addicted mother It doesn t help that Pete is lirting hopelessly addicted mother It doesn t help that Pete is lirting alcoholism and that his wife and child have upped sticks and left or a new life in Texas To cope with all this Pete needs to be sensible clear headed and strong He s none of these in act you spend most of the book with your hands over your eyes peaking out between your ingers muttering no Pete don t do it He does his best though in his haphazard heartfelt way and he s a character it s hard not to likePete spends much of his time trying to make the best of a bad job and ailing There are times when it seems things can t get worse or him but you guess they probably will as his cases run against him and his love life disintegrates Add to this a trail of murder mayhem and manhunts and it all begins to look pretty explosive as social work clashes violently with law enforcementSmith Henderson doesn t shy away rom any of the desperate human issues that go with poverty and addiction and he writes unflinchingly about homelessness prostitution and abuse Lives are stripped bare and the America described in these pages is as ar away rom the American Dream as another planetTough lyrical and Why Diets Make Us Fat freuently moving Fourth Of July Creek may be an uncomfortable read but I didn t want it to end If youly in the rarefied air of literary awards you may have caught Smith Henderson s name a ew years ago when he won a Pushcart Prize and a PEN Emerging Writers Award A a ew years ago when he won a Pushcart Prize and a PEN Emerging Writers Award A year old advertising writer originally Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, from Montana Henderson has published aew stories in literary magazines that like exotic birds are known to exist but are rarely spottedThose days of obscurity are over His Everyday life in medieval times first novel Fourth of July Creek is the best book I ve read soar this year On a gamble that seems sure to pay off his publisher is releasing 100000 copies and he s working on a TV adaptation The product of than a decade s work this richly plotted novel is another sign if any were needed that new iction writers are still telling vibrant essential stories about the American experienceIn so many ways the story Henderson tells here describes an American experience most of us never have to see but should Far experience most of us never have to see but should Far big cities or either coast his characters are the poor and working poor in sparsely populated towns that ew escape and no one ever moves to For these people who spend every cent they earn a layoff an illness even a car repair bill can collapse a whole amily and the ones most violently upended by those misfortunes are childrenPete Snow the protagonist of Fourth of July Creek knows such children well A social worker in Montana in the early 1980s he belongs to that class of municipal servants who show up as the police handcuff a raging ather or the medics zip Mom s needle marked body into a bag While the sheriff carries a gun Pete wields his clipboard Armed only with Dead Giveaway free diapers and soup cans he stares down proud angry parents who are contemptuous of big government but hungryor government aid Dazed by the infinite creativity of sexual abuse but blessed with the dexterity of hope he keeps struggling to make damaged Andrew Lost In the Kitchen families work One day he has to remind a young mother that her baby can teed itself another day he s got to convince a Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism faithful man that sin didn t poison his wife And none of this oftenutile work takes place on anything like a predictable schedule The law may dawdle Nope for months over what to do with an addict but her little girl needs a safe place to sleep tonightThe social worker is a temptingigure to beatify and God knows these low paid overburdened people deserve all the vene. L an undernourished nearly Rejected Rejected Rejected feral eleven year old boy living in the Montana wilderness social worker Pete Snow comesace to Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison face with the boy's profoundly disturbedather Jeremiah With courage and caution Pete slowly earns a measure of trust rom this paranoid survi. ,
There should be ireworks shooting off Buck: A Memoir for Smith Henderson sirst novel as it is a just cause Oh, the Things They Invented!: All About Great Inventors for celebration This is not to say that the subject matter is exactlyestive but the book is a triumph Pete is a social worker in Tenmile Montana a place so insignificant it was named Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series for it s distancerom the nearest possible somewhere The Five Days Left folks he is charged with trying to help out need all the support they can get but some can t seem to accept any There are three main threads braided into this novel Cecil is a troubled teen in a household where the biggest problem is his substance abusing layabout mother The two do not get along big time Firearms are involved When eleven yea HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY We re not that badPeopleuck up They get Searching for Robert Johnson forgivenoptimism is nice but it s one thing to tell yourself that and another to live in the real worldpete snow lives in the real world he worksor the montana department of Blood on Silk family services where his territory covers a huge swathe of the rural backwoods of the state the year is 1980 but there is a timelessness to this remote and undeveloped country which leaves its inhabitants untouched somewhat exemptrom the world at largepete bears witness to damaged Buzz: A Graphic Reality Check for Teens Dealing With Drugs and Alcohol families and theailures of the underfunded system as he encounters violence drugs child neglect and abuse shotguns poorly trained dogs trailers and poverty on a daily basisat Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing first he seems to have an unflappable and professional mien competent and good intentioned but as the plot progresses we begin to see the strain his job is putting on him as his own life begins to unravel pete has been separatedrom his wife beth or some time when she suddenly announces that she is moving to texas and TAKING THEIR THIRTEEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER RACHEL WITH HER their thirteen year old daughter rachel with her not entirely to blame or the breakdown of the marriage pete knows he has Bill Carey Rides West/The Town No Guns Could Tame/Bowdrie Rides a Coyote Trail failed hisamily and that he had in some sort of misplaced attempt at atonement ultimately sacrificed his relationship with them in order to channel his energies into rescuing other Erano guerrieri fracturedamilies a tactic his bitter daughter has noticed after they leave pete drowns himself in alcohol and work and Moral Disorder and Other Stories falls into the same excesses as many of his clients adding to his personal problems are his brother luke who is on the lam after assaulting his parole officer wes who keeps visiting pete lookingor luke and making veiled threats the death of Pete S Estranged Father A Boozy New s estranged Sallies of the Mind father a boozy new with a troubled young woman named mary and a self destructive slidealling into the bad habits of his youth in texas beth is alling into her own bad habits exposing rachel to her increasingly debauched lifestyle and putting her in danger when rachel runs away it s the inal contribution to this perfect storm of trouble in which pete struggles to maintain controlinto this storm wanders ben a scrawny near Gumbo: A Celebration of African American Writing feral eleven year old who has been raised deep in the hills by his dangerousather jeremiah who has been illing his head with his paranoid conspiracy theories and old testament bombast while they await the end times pete and jeremiah orm a precarious relationship as pete tries to overcome jeremiah s mistrust to get The Exposure food and medicine to ben pete is state hopping trying toind his daughter dealing with the difficult case of a seemingly unplaceable boy named cecil dodging wes trekking through the wilderness to keep tabs on ben and jeremiah learning too much about mary and drinking drinking Drinking Throughout All These Various throughout all these various his professionalism begins to Shinjuku Paradise falter as he repeatedly witnesses the shortcomings of the system and he becomes increasingly erratic bending the rules to try to salvage just one thing in his unstable situation but thingsall apart the center cannot hold and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world to misuote some yeatsthis all sounds very complicated and it is but the book s elements work smoothly together as the stories ebb and Grave Matters flow over one another merging in unexpected ways breaking up the chapters of pete and those he is trying to help we have a series of interviews between rachel and an unknown interlocutor and we learn about the conseuences of her reckless decisionsthis is not a tidy story you are allowed to see what you re allowed to see and no as several characters are taken to a certain point without true closure i love this techniue although it might berustrating to some readersthere are so many God: An Honest Conversation for the Undecided fantastic scenes which will resonate with meor a long time ben s repulsive Faith Works: How to Live Your Beliefs and Ignite Positive Social Change feet the mount st helens story the story of the rest of the pearlamily the way pete s Immigrant Voices, Volume 2 father died In this shattering and iconic American novel PEN prize winning writer Smith Henderson explores the complexities ofreedom community grace suspicion and anarchy brilliantly depicting our nation's disuieting and violent contradictionsAfter trying to help Benjamin Pear.