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Entions of marrying anyone she doesn t love and she doesn t care what the ton thinks of her She actually relishes the idea that no one of conseuence will ver offer for her Amelia s parents the Maruess and Marchioness of Wesworth have other ideas Lord Wesworth desires nothing than Lord Hascot s horses John refuses to sell to anyone who will not treat his horses with the care and respect they deserve They are his friends his children his life not ornaments to be collected or beasts to be ordered about Against his instincts John finds himself accepting Lord Weworth s offer of Amelia Amelia is reluctant to wed the uiet young Baron but she doesn t have much choice She hopes at least she will have children to care for and keep her company during the lonely days and nights her husband spends with his beloved horses When she learns her husband has no intentions of making the marriage a real one she becomes determined to campaign for his love John is hesitant to open up to Amelia He has difficulty finding the words and he fears that a Society beauty like Amelia will not care for him as he is He loved once only to have his heart broken and he fears to love again Can these two unhappy souls find their way to ach other Usually I hate marriage of convenience novels but I nded up really liking this one It was different and sweet The plot is Winter Sunshine engaging despite the lack of murderers and traitors Though this is an Inspirational novel there isn t a lot of Christian content and the message isn t at all heavy handed It s very similar to Regina Scott s older books for Zebra It s slightly darker in tone The main characters are both psychologically damaged and in need ofach other They have to learn to trust Naked Choke each other and care aboutach other before they can be together This isn t an Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good easy task given the characters back stories Neither had a particularly happy upbringing and Amelia s parents continue to be horrible and interfere with her life After her marriage Amelia thinks she s becoming a new person but I think she was really just becoming the person she was all along Unhindered by her beastly parents she s free to speak her mind In her own home she can take control and finally become an adult She could be a Mary Sue or Fanny Price because she s so sweet and kind and good but I didn t see her that way She s also strong and can be outspoken when she wants to be She fights hard for what she wants She displays brief moments of temper and impatience with those she considers rude I really liked her and her journey The way she blossoms and learns to stand up for herself is wonderful At first I did not like John I wanted to because he s shy socially awkward and loves animals than people but I found his brooding to be completely unfounded He has no reason to neglect his wife I kept wondering what was wrong with him Perhaps it s a difference in the malefemale way of thinking that he couldn t see how Amelia was lonely and suffering Then a uarter of the way into the book he reveals his reasons for brooding He was once bitten and is now twice shy He is afraid of being hurt again With his horses he knows where he stands and they wouldn t deliberately hurt him I can understand that but I still think he treated Amelia badly He was also uite clueless about why Magnum didn t like Amelia I don t know much about horses but I figured it out right away Once he realized he could trust Amelia and began to open up of course I liked him much better I think at first he thought of her like one of his horses who was being mistreated so of course he had to rescue her but once she was at Hollyoak Farm he panicked He wasn t so off the mark though Amelia is a lot like a combination of two of his favorite female horses the wounded proud Contessa and the fiery Fiernza The relationship develops slowly and uietly It s paced just right and doesn t go too fast or drag on with too many misunderstandings the way marriage of convenience plots usually do There are also secondary humans in the story in addition to the horses who are the main secondary characters The villains are largely stock characters culled from the standard book of Regency villains They show a tiny bit of depth but not a whole lot I didn t like any of them or feel anythingxcept annoyance at them I wished they would disappear from the story and let the hh have their HEA uickly The servants don t play a large role in this book but I liked the outspoken Turner and her unwavering "devotion to Amelia She offers up a little nudge when needed Hennessey too takes a minor role in directing the love " to Amelia She offers up a little nudge when needed Hennessey too takes a minor role in directing the love and the vet Marcus Fletcher offers his unasked for opinions The servants aren t funny the way I xpected them to be though Only Dorcas offers some comic relief Rounding out the secondary characters "are a grande dame Duchess Lady Bellington and her daughter Lady Prudence Lady Bellington would get along with "a GRANDE DAME DUCHESS LADY BELLINGTON AND HER DAUGHTER LADY dame Duchess Lady Bellington and her daughter Lady Lady Bellington would get along with Catherine de Bourgh Lady Prudence is an amusing hypochondriac Her chronic scientifically named diseases made me chuckle I didn t find her manipulative merely wanting attention and felt a bit sorry for her There was a bit too much about horses and horse training in this novel If it was dogs I would have listened with rapt attention but I m not a big fan of horses I also noticed some small rrors A vet would be titled Mr not Dr and sugar cubes didn t Healing Souls exist yet Sugar came in loaves and had to be broken off into lumps I m sure the author knows that and the publisher chose to make it the familiar cube instead of lump This is a sweet tender heartwarming love story I recommend it toveryone who wants substance with their romance and Mr Thornton lovers as the hero is modeled a bit on Richard Armitage The picture on the cover is supposed to look like him but I don t see it Brooding John Hascot and Brooding John Thornton are sort of similar though. At arm's length Little by little Amelia will turn Hollyoak Farm into a home but can she turn a marriage of convenience into a joyful union The Master Matchmakers Wedding bells will ring when downstairs servants play Cupid for upstairs aristocracy.

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Amelia was running from a fight with her mother and Seductive Surrender ended up in the stable of John s farm He finds her and she spends the night sleeping in the stable with him keeping watch The only way that Amelia s reputation will remain intact is for John to propose At first Amelia thinks she finds a way to avoid marring John but her parents get their way and she is soon wed to a man who does not love her She hopes to run his house and with time win his heart This is the third and last book in this series I very muchnjoyed this bookWhat I liked Amelia so wanted her father to love her Yet he marries her off for his own gain Even though her situation is frustrating she remains positive and works to get to know her husband and make her marriage work John see s through her father s antics and wants to do right by Amelia but he struggles with his past He has closed off his heart due to another woman s rejection I thought both main characters did a good job of working through their trialsWhat I did not like This book was very well written and nothing really bothered me in this book Over all this was a good book There was some suspense in this book though a little predictable I also liked how the horses were written about in this book Made for some funny moments This book can be read as a stand alone but I highly recommend going back and reading the series from the beginninghttpabbiesreadingcornercom20140 Review on on my blog to be posted 51 Husband Campaign is the third and final book in The Master Matchmakers series and my favorite While the first two were great reads I just really loved this story It was kind of like a marriage of convenience storyline which I liked and the characters were wonderfulIn book two we were introduced to Lord Hascot John and Amelia so I loved getting to know both of their characters better I really liked the change in Amelia and how she became bold I also felt bad for John because of the way Caro treated himThe romance was so sweet and I loved the Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, ending Another thing Injoyed was how John raisescares for horses I thought that was a very interesting aspect in The Husband CampaignOverall I loved this book While The Husband Campaign is the third book in the series I think it can still be read as a stand alone I recommend itDisclosure of Material Connection I received one or of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mentionreview it on my blog I was not reuired to give a positive review only my honest opinion which I ve done All thoughts and opinions xpressed are my own and I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising In this fun and well detailed story horses play a large part During a Derbyshire thunderstorm John Lord Hascot and Lady Amelia Jacoby who is visiting his neighbour take shelter in the same barn They ach take care of their mounts needs but John doesn t know how to talk to fine ladies while Amelia rode out unaccompanied to scape her mother s latest strictures
they spend time alone John obliged to offer for her hand She politely says that won t be necessary but both know that can t be the nd of the matter Instructed by the girl s father to marry her Joh Hmmm I njoyed this book but not uite as much as the previous books in the seriesWhat I loved John Particularly the way he related verything back to what he knew and understood horses Seriously when someone can think in terms of breeding and bloodlines and make me not want to slap him but almost be ndeared to him for it you know there s something special For the record it was only one or two comments but usually that kind of talk makes me want to throw the book or at least "the character out the windowThe fact that neither of them was "character out the windowThe fact that neither of them was about the proposed relationship Amelia s reluctance was a bit of a surprise to me but it made things much better than if she had been the ager bride trying to win over a reluctant husband from the beginning I was curious how they were ver ven going to nd up together for a while Nicely doneThe horses Particularly the way John and Amelia interacted with them and brought their personalities to light Loved itWhat I didn t like so much The main characters felt a bit confusing at times not always in a good and relatable way Their thoughts on certain issues seemed to flip flop a bit or maybe I just didn t get nough information to understand the seeming inconsistencies view spoilerAmelia goes from at least I ll have children to scared to death at the thought of their wedding night and relieved when they don t sleep together to aren t we ver going to have children in the space of a couple of chapters Huh And John can t seem to make up his mind between stop changing things and do whatever you want with the house I like what you re doing hide spoiler When Amelia Jacoby seeks shelter from a storm in an old barn she doesn t xpect the owner Lord Hascot to come upon her there She also doesn t xpect to fall asleep and not have help arrive until morning As it is John offers to marry her She refuses but after family pressure they nter a marriage of convenienceAmelia has spent her life trying to please her parents and never gaining their approval Now she sets out with a new goal to first make her new home habitable and second to win her husband s love Emotionally distant after being betrayed by the woman he loved John Hascot s closest relationships are to the horses he breeds and trains Can Amelia break down his walls and find a place in his heartThe Husband Campaign is the third book in the Master Matchmaker series Having read the first book but not second I will say that you can A Marriage of Necessity The moment John Lord Hascot ncounters a young woman sheltering in his abandoned stable his future is sealed To prevent scandal and protect Lady Amelia Jacoby from her parents' ire he must propose John's ability to trust va. ,
Ead this book alone As the second book The Wife Campaign had Amelia in it as well you might still want to read it first but I did not feel lost without itThe Husband Campaign was very njoyable It had romance but also a mystery involving a mysterious person spying on the couple unannounced guests and scheming relations I loved seeing Amelia and John s relationship develop I liked seeing how Amelia grew after being a doormat for many years to going after what she really wanted and making the best of her situationI d recommend it to fans of Christian Fiction although it wasn t too preachy fans of regency romance and fans of Regina Scott s other books The Husband Campaign is another xcellent Regency novel by Regina Scott the final installment of The Master Matchmakers series I would recommend it to any fan of Regency fiction or historical Christian fiction in generalLady Amelia Jacoby finds herself compromised by the standards of her time having spent the night in the company of John Lord Hascot in an outbuilding to shelter from an unexpected storm she is xpected to marry him But in The Wife Campaign Amelia declares she will not marry Le valeureux guerrier except for love For her this seems to be the answer to her prayers no man will have her with her tarnished reputation and she will be freed from the matches her father desires for her A pleasing readI found John a fascinating character if somewhat underdevelopedWe come to know him through his horses and his treatment of them rather than through himself In fact his knowledge of horse his commitment to them is awesomeIf only he could transfer that knowing to his marital self I felt very impatient with him in his behaviour towards AmeliaWe do see that he is an honourable man albeit damaged and lacking self confidence in relationships I know he was forced into marrying Amelia Maybe he should have left her in the barn in the first place but he was acting out of concern with integrity And let s not forget theraAmelia is rather a lovely person who has been disappointed constantly by family and then by JohnShe works unerringly to overcome John s coolness towards her I hate that she has to keep proving herself time and againAll the aspects are here Brooding misunderstood hero whimsical heroic wife capricious sister in law a dastardly villain an unloving fatherI loved the staff at their house How they supported the pair of them in small waysYes it had it all including the biblical uotes that directed our main characters actions and helped us readers to reflect on their actions over against the biblical injunctions Amelia is certainly forbearing and both she and to some Snowflakes on the Sea extent John do acknowledge their source of spiritual sustenance and work to have that direct their lives To me some of the scriptural verses seemed forced into the story Amelia s behaviour and reactions implicitlyxpressed her faith perspective Indeed the description of John s room with it s well worn bible is a fine Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy example of such implicitness Moments such as these are strong statements by themselves that need no furthermbellishmentI truly felt for Amelia s predicament and her attempts to show John that she is a worthy wife a pearl to be treasured a jewel Indeed in a latter scene he realizes this That scene tenderly closes the journey that has been theirs thus far The door for a fulfilling life together has openedA NetGalley ARC I really njoyed this one I read it out of order but didn t feel like I missed anything It can stand on its own but still has me "wanting to go back and read the first two books I simply "to go back and read the first two books I simply this one first
I always njoy a marriage convenience storylineAnyway Amelia gets stuck in a storm and seeks shelter in an old barn She doesn t realize it belongs to the reclusive Lord Hascot John is also seeking shelter from the storm when he discovers Amelia in his barn Even though they spent an innocent night together tongues start wagging and John offers Amelia a marriage of convenience Amelia is looking forward to getting away from her overbearing and uncaring parents and thinks things could only be better with Lord HascotI liked Amelia uite a bit She is used to being timid and obedient to her parents but under John s care she begins to discover herself and her backbone I liked the growth she went through I also liked John uite a bit He is a bit of a grump but has a kind heart I thought they were well suited I liked that John wasn t your typical Regency hero he has a minor title but his passion is breeding and caringtraining horses I loved that part of the storyLike most stories there has to be some bumps along the road to Happily Ever After and those take the form of John s former love and sister in law Lady Caroline and her beau and a surprise visitor There is a mild mystery can hardly call it that but for the most part it s just a pleasant read I liked it and would recommend it to regency fansContentRomance Clean view spoilerMild talk about not consummating the marriage until they are ready and mild gossip about how they haven t consummated the marriage Mild talk about children and her disappointment in possibly not having any Otherwise just a few chaste kisses hide spoiler ThatWasSuchAGoodBook I njoyed it Totally recommend to anyone who s looking for a uickyet njoyable read Lady Amelia Jacoby has an argument with her mother and dashes away on her horse She Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival ends up crying herself to sleep in a little used stable where she is discovered by the owner John Lord Hascot John is shy and socially awkward He knows little about women and a lot about horses He thinks he ll just leave the lady alone and no one will be the wiser but when a terrible thunder storm spooks the horses and wakes the lady John is stuck comforting them both Though nothing happens John knows he must offer for her His offer is soundly rejected Amelia has no int. Nished when his former love married his twin brother Yet he offers Ameliaverything she could want xcept affection Amelia sees John's true nature shine through when he cares for his horses But the brooding aristocrat seems determined to keep her. .
The Husband Campaign