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The power (Novela) Version en español (Spanish Edition) yDisappointed because the post that brought me to this book was actually about Handwritten Morning Affirmations So I think that made me expect a bit than what this book isIf I could go back in time I would of stuck with following her on Instagram I find inspiration there than I did in her bookWhile I think there are people who could use this book and maybe learn from it I think most people who have been into art journaling or junk journals would be better suited for something else Rae s journaling leans heavily toward affirmation She pastes a lot of miscellaneous ephemera to the page and adds words similar to scrapbooking with fewer personal photos I wouldn t call her finished pieces art If she is VERYoung or if her audience is oung teen girls the title makes sense Her mini projects are better than her journal pages and could inspire some fun projects gifts Ok book probably best suited for someone getting started with art journaling who prefers a minimalist text and photograph style without much additional color So not me InformativeHelped me with ideas and tips Encouraged to think outside the box and try new things Facing my fears is easier now The rating might seem harsh but the book is just ok There s probably nothing to be gained here someone who already just ok There s probably nothing to be gained here for someone already any kind of visual journal However if ou feel that our creative process is lacking in a visual element then this "Might Be A Great "be a great for ou Rae provides ideas for positive affirmations projects but the journalling is word prompt scrapbooking I wouldn t recommend this to an established art journaller but for someone who is taking their first steps into personal visual story keeping then this might be a good uick starting poin. Ds and symbols as Dune Messiah you build beautifully layered collage pagesAlong this art journaling pathou'll find the strength to listen to Le Destin au berceau. Ingalits et reproduction sociale your heart and findour creative voiceAll ou have to do is Embrace the JourneyIncludesJournaling prompts15 mixed media and collage techniuesDozens of inspirational journal page. .

Ding it This is an atypical art journaling book not a huge amount of color paint gesso etc It demonstrates a uieter piecemeal techniue I really Ms Rae s ideas for writing poems and her way of carrying words Though I love other art journaling styles as well I found this book to be very inspirational giving me new ideas and energy I want to say first that my rating for this book is not on the art journal pages inside this book It is for the actual bookI bought this book in hopes for some new knowledge and some inspirationHowever it is not uite what I gotArt Journal Art Journey is a book better suited for someone who has zero knowledge on art journalingOr maybe someone who likes looking at eye candy and art journal pagesThe book claims to come with 15 mixed media and collage techniues but I beg to differAll the authors journal pages are very very similar This isn t to say they re not nice pages They just don t show many different techniuesThey do however talk a lot about positioning linking colour between pageselements and using wordsOne thing I did like with in the book was two mini projects that are talked aboutMaking our own inspirational card deck re purposing a deck of cardsThis is the one thing I will take from this book and move forward withThe last pages of the book which are an from this book and move forward withThe last pages of the book which are an word list and a resource page of the authors favourite things may hold the occasional nugget I may hold on to "a photocopy of the list but the book itself I am going to pass on "photocopy of the list but the book itself I am going to pass on an interested Iggle Artsy friend In hopes that they find in it than I didAs someone who has read a lot about Mixed Media and watched a lot of Youtube tutorials by various artists this book did not have a lot to offer meI was actually. Variety of prompts and writing styles help The Watchmakers Lady you breathe life intoour hopes feelings and intentionsThen put the art in art journal Use Instinct for Freedom Finding Liberation Through Living your writing to develop a theme forour art journal Illustrate Legacy of the Heart: The Spiritual Advantages of a Painful Childhood your story by adding photos illustrations and ephemeraFinally exploreour creative process Ponder color wor. ,
Art Journal Art JourneyThis was the favourite of the Art Journal books I READ THIS MONTH I LOVED THE STYLE AND read this month I loved the style and of elements she used in her layouts I have a lot of vintage and old book papers and ephemera and now have a plan on how to use them in a simply but in my opinion beautiful way I got a ton of new ideas and took a ton of noteswas very happy with this book and I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars This book inspired me to START LOOKING FOR OLD BOOKS TO looking for old books to in college projectsIt follows the whole path of creating an art journal From choosing and preparing a book all the way through generating text and creating layouts There is information about where to find college materials and papers and suggestions For Other Supplies The Main Focus Of other supplies The main focus of book is finding inspiration for とんび your text and various ways to journal and highlightour textThe journal pages shown as examples all follow a very specific style but in my opinion that s helpful Sometimes trying to focus on the techniues being shown can be difficult if it s shown in several different styles This allows The Concubine you to see exactly how each idea shown changes the look of the finished layoutOne of my favorite things from this book is a list of suggested themes for journals and also inspirational words and phrases There are also a few mini projects included soou can try the techniues on a smaller scaleAge RecommendationsAlthough this book is directed to adults I think that most of the ideas in this book could be adapted for use with children How to create Surfing: The World's Best Surf Breaks and Techniques (World Sports Guide) your Personal Art Journal The instructions were clear And easy to followBut she takes hard bound books turns them into journals I m of the age thatou don t defile books Period So I had angst the whole time I was rea. Words Color CourageBravely document The Infernal your life's journey with Art Journal Art Journey Collage and Storytelling for Honoring Your Creative Process Artist Nichole Rae isour creative companion and guide as The Divers' Game you exploreour art journaling journey in three easy stepsBegin by putting the journal in art journal