[EBOOK/EPUB] (Genius of the Tarot) by Vincent Pitisci

Genius of the Tarot

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Ddition to my book shelves I encourage everyone interested in Tarot to ead Vincent s books Straight forward easy Lifting reading easy to understand and implement I enjoy Vincent s youtube videos as well No pretense about being psychic just knowledgeable about the human condition and how with conceptual blending an actual psychological system we can use the tarot to solve or at least move forward with pro Great bookefreshing view on the tarotA different way of looking at a tarot Mathruhridayam reading and how it works Aeal change in the way I different way of looking at a tarot eading and how it works A eal change in the way I about the cards. Rnative interpretation that uses the techniue of mind mapping disconnecting the A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned reading from a formal structure in order to encourageadically creative thinking The easygoing conversational tone puts concepts techniues and suggestions within each and the author's decades of experience help to demystify the Tarot However seasoned Tarot eaders will also find much to ponder here as pitisci find much to ponder here as Pitisci the usual perspectives and unearths new meaning in well traveled territory A worthy addition to any Tarot library likely to teach new tricks to even the most experienced "Readers Kirkus Revie. "Kirkus Revie. ,
S a little different so I would have preferred if kicked out traditional meanings all together and focused on his own work Full of errors Although I like how presented the cards and spreads he had a few errors and a lot of epetition That s how he padded the book I ve The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field read a lot of tarot books over the last 40 years and this book opened up my understanding about the process ofeading the cards and broadened my thinking about interpretation of the cards This will become a well used The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division reference book for me Very helpful and a great permanent Also includes a uickeference list of keywords for each card with some uncommon but plausible eframings of the cards' meanings the Emperor as Builder the Moon as Mysterious Paths Pitisci's card spreads are eually innovative as he treats them as maps for exploration layouts for prediction as well as self discovery planning and problem solving In one novel touch he borrows from numerology to select a final unifying card for the Four Winds spread which looks at a person's mental physical spiritual and emotional state The traditional Celtic Cross spread gains new life through an alte. This book enables tarot spreads to be creatively used like mind maps He also writes well to Be Creatively Used Like Mind creatively used like mind He also writes well fluently A joy to ead I can t wait to get his next bookKind Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl regards Greg Good intro but I don t think it manages to explain the author s way of unconventional cardeading He gives a couple of examples but they are all kind of short and kept on surface level I wish he went in depth on how he comes up with his analysisI also don t feel like every book needs to have meanings for each card "or ather conventional meanings vincent is interesting because "rather conventional meanings Vincent is interesting because Kirkus Reviews A thought provoking guide to the Tarot with insights for pros and neophytes alike Pitisci's debut takes an approach to the Tarot that's as multitextured as the cards themselves Part eference part instruction part entertainment the book delivers a solid foundation on the cards and their basic spreads while also providing fresh perspectives The bulk of the book consists of an encyclopedia of card meanings and Pitisci combines pithy traditional interpretations with word associations that play off the images he sees the Pony Express for example in the Knight of Swords He.