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O the basement She "feels sure she can hear voices but there is no ne thereShe enters "sure she can hear voices but there is no Comandante Che: Guerrilla Soldier, Commander, and Strategist, 1956-1967 one thereShe enterspens the book seemingly random She starts to read and finds a creature appearing To give it substance she has to repeat its name It ffers to fulfill all her desires if she calls it She doesThe figure becomes real a black blob with tenacles The first tenacle reaches ut and raise her right arm above her head A second follows grasps her left arm and lifts that high pul ling the arms apart T levels for a peak at an ancient demon summoning text she gets than she peak at an ancient demon summoning text she gets than she for The demon she releases promises her erotic delights beyond her imaginings for a price Warning This is.

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Not sure why this hadn t shown up
but read it back in It was a steamy little romp and little time killer from what I remember Way better than Booty Call f Cthulhu Amy is an half "Japanese Half American Librarian That "half American Librarian That she has taken delivery f a Grimoire which has been locked in the basementIts Friday night and she is frustrated Her dark desires are not being satisfied She feels called by the bookAfter everyone has gone she locks up and ventures down Amy is young beautiful and alone Isolated by her job as a university head librarian ignored by the man she loves she's desperate for a change But when she sneaks down to the library's lowes. ,
O she cannot move A third tenacle appears and reaches down her blouse ripping The Graduate off the buttons her arms are relaxed so the blouse can be movedut Wisp of a Thing of the way The third tenacle is back reachs under her bra and snaps itf Her breasts swing lose Two smaller tenacles appear and grasp her breastsThe tenacle now pushs "up her skirt and rips this Monkey taming off then ripsff her panties She is naked accept for her high "her skirt and rips this I Was Spock: Leonard Nimoy off then ripsff her panties She is naked accept for her high and pull ups Two tenacles grasp hold Cosa hanno in testa i nostri figli. Apprendimento e memoria nello sviluppo del bambino of her legs lift her up and spread. A 7000 word erotic story that includes demonic possession double and triple penetrationral and anal
an Asian librarian horn rimmed stockings high heels and tentacles Adults n. Asian Librarian and the Demon Tentacles