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OW There was nothing else that gave Any Clue To The Dead clue to the dead s identity and nothing at all to indicate who the man who had put him into the cab the MAN WHO MUST SURELY BE HIS who must surely be his might beMr Gorby the police detective at the head of the investigation was very capable and he was uick to establish that the dead man was Oliver Whyte a newcomer to Melbourne society It was interesting uick to establish that the dead man was Oliver Whyte a newcomer to Melbourne society It was interesting Whyte had been courting Madge Frettlby who was the only child of Mark Frettlby one of the richest men in the city Madge was in love with Brian Fitzgerald an Irishman who had come to Melbourne to make his Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other fortune herather knew that and yet he was encouraging Whyte s suit Whyte and Fitzgerald were understandably on very bad terms Gorby learned that Fitzgerald has been heard to threaten Whyte at his lodgings he learned that Fitzgerald wore a light coat wide brimmed hat just like the man who had put Whyte into the cab he learned that Fitzgerald had been out in the city that night He was convinced that he had his manFitzgerald pleaded innocence but herefused to provide an alibi Richard Nixon: The Life for the time of the murder He had one but he would not use it because he knew that to do so would cause irreparable damageIt wasortunate that his lawyer Mr Calton believed him and prepared to investigate Another police detective Mr Kilslip was convinced that his old rival Mr Gorby had got things wrong and so the two men set out to uncover the truthThey came to understand why Fitzgerald wanted to keep a secret that he wished he had never been told a terrible secret with roots in England and Australia involving some of the highest and some of the lowest of Melbourne society The plot rattled along nicely I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! from crime to investigation to trial to aftermath And as it did that it shiftedrom crime story to sensation story Hume did better with the ormer than the latter and though I enjoyed most of the journey in the end I could see how things were going to play out and ready or the journey to be overBut I had Puppet Master found much to appreciate along the wayI admired the professionalism of the police and lawyers and I was pleased that they all proved to be capable I liked that there was some moral ambiguity in the way the story played out And Iound it easy to believe in these people to believe in their world and to enjoy spending time thereA hint of misogyny was disappointing but Madge did develop into a credible heroine albeit a woman of her time after a shaky start and this was a story about plot much than characters The characters did their job but no The very best thing though was the wealth of literary references that peppered the story the many times when the characters mentioned something they d read about I spotted Gaboriau De uincy Zola Braddon and I suspect that there were others that I didn t recognise Sometimes it elt a little contrived but it was lovely and I loved the author s generosity of spiritThe authors I didn t see mentioned but whose influence I was sure I saw were Charles Dickens in the slums and Wilkie Collins in the melodramaFergus Hume is nowhere near their class but he has left the world a rather nice period entertainment pitched at a very interesting point in the evolution of crime iction Bettie s Book. E unlikely Janae (Blacktop, first literary product of a young barrister's clerk and uickly roserom its obscure initial publication to become one of the 19th century's bestselling detective novels Reputed to have inspired the creation of Sherlock Holmes this ingeniously plotted ast paced and engrossing tale remains a delight or lovers of Victorian mysteries. .
Tralian and New Zealand books she d recommend to an ignorant yank like me i d an ignorant Yank like me I d read Australian Kerry Greenwood and Germaine Greer and Kiwi Ngaio Marsh up to that point Magda was kind enough to send me a long list of excellent authors including Fergus Hume The English born Hume grew up in New Zealand before relocating to Melbourne Unable to get his plays even looked at much less staged he instead turned out his irst mystery The Mystery of the Hansom Cab in 1886 It became an international sensation and inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to create Sherlock Holmes and pen A Study in ScarletThe novel begins in colonial Australia with a cabbie picking up two gentlemen in evening dress one of whom was alling down drunk The irst gets out early and when the cabbie opens the door to let out the second at that gent s home the cabbie discovers that the drunk ellow s been murdered How can the authorities track down the accompanying gentleman who must surely be the murdererMr Gorby a Melbourne police detective discovers the victim s identity and arrests a suspect about halfway through the novel But Mr Gorby s rival on the police orce Mr Kilsip has very different ideas As with any good 19th century mystery evidence will emerge that leads Mr Gorby to reopen the case and the two rivals will vie along with the defense attorney Duncan Calton to be the one to bring the true murderer to justice Many modern readers decry 19th century mystery novels as dry and contrived but The Mystery of the Hansom Cab proves as exciting as any by Lawrence Block Sue Grafton Dean Koontz Tony Hillerman Elizabeth Peters Laurie R King or PD James I couldn t put it down until I got to the very last chapter The Mystery of the Hansom Cab provides readers with a taste of Australian classic indeed one that predates the Australian ederation by 15 years While the novel a Why Diets Make Us Fat fun read in its own right it s also nice to see the mystery that inspired the greatestictional detective of all time Sherlock Holmes Fergus Hume was born in England in 1832 His Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., family emigrated to Australia where he became a barrister and aspired to be a writer His early efforts were met with complete disinterest and so unwilling to admit defeat he asked a local bookseller what type of book was most popular The answer was detective novels and so Hume bought and studied all of the works of the popular crime writer Emile Gaboriau that the bookstore had to offerThe result was The Mystery of a Hansom Cab theirst of some 130 books that the author would publish between 1886 and his death in 1932 That Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, first book though was his only success And it was a huge success uite probably the best selling detective story of the eighteenth centuryOther books of the period may have stood the test of time better may speakor their times elouently other authors may have left a greater body of work but this book has much to HOLD THE INTERESTTHE BOOK OPENS WITH the interestThe book opens with newspaper account of a murder A drunken man had been put into a cab by another man who instructed the driver to take him home And when the driver stopped to ask his Everyday life in medieval times fareor directions not long afterwards his passenger was dead suffocated with a chloroform soaked handkerchief bearing the initials. Reets of the Australian metropolis The solution lies within a labyrinth of dark secrets missing papers evasive witnesses and a deadly game of blackmailEver since the publication of this 1886 mystery the two wheeled carriage known as a hansom cab has been linked in the popular imagination with sinister affairs The Mystery of a Hansom Cab was th. 35 I wanted to read this novel as soon as I ound out that Although Hume was born died in England and wrote His Most Famous Work This most amous work this while living in Australia his time in NZ obviously meant a lot to him and he identified as a Kiwi or the rest of his life I can relate to that I am still a Canadian citizen but I always Dead Giveaway feel 100% like a New Zealander Home is where your heart is This book supposedly inspired Arthur Conan Doyle to write hisirst Sherlock Holmes book And I Really Enjoyed I really enjoyed start Hume s style was initially ast paced and Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism farresh and lively than most Victorian authors I really engaged with the charactersBut I have to go on my own reading experience and Nope for me the paceell off and I had to read the ending twice to Rejected Rejected Rejected figure out the killer s motivation35 is a good ratingrom me it does mean I want to read by this author And I am tougher on the murder mystery genre as I read so many of them The bottom line is that I really liked this book another ahhhhh read in my history of mystery project or 2017 It is yet another one like The Leavenworth Case that comes right down to the wire in unmasking the killer and yet another that belongs in the category of classic mystery iction The story itself is a mix of crime investigations courtroom drama melodrama and elements of sensation Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz fiction complete with dark secretsrom the past The novel begins with a report Buck: A Memoir from the Argus on Saturday the 28th of July 18 telling its readers of an extraordinary murder that occurred in a most unlikely place a hansom cabcommitted by an unknown assassin within a short distance of the principal streets of this great city surrounded by an impenetrable mystery Indeedrom the nature of the crime itself the place where it was committed and the Oh, the Things They Invented!: All About Great Inventors fact that the assassin has escaped without leaving a trace behind him it would seem as though the case itself had been taken bodily out of one of Gaboriau s novels and that hisamous detective Leco would only be able to unravel itWhile it can be thought of as a detective novel in the sense that there are two men who are working on the case of the man who was murdered in the hansom cab in Melbourne it is much True there are detectives the police detective who eventually Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series follows the small amount of clues to make an arrest as set against the detective hired by the accused man s attorney to prove him innocent At the same time others are also doing their own bit of detection in this story so to limit it by giving it the label of detectiveiction isn t exactly right It also delivers some pretty strong commentary and criticism on society of the time which is I think one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much The book is also notable Five Days Left for its view of contemporary Melbourne it takes the reader through the city streetsrom the gentility of the city s gentlemen s clubs down into its darker dens of vice Add to that the elements of sensation Searching for Robert Johnson fiction which I love and the characterizations putting aside the melodrama it all madeor a couple of days of reading pleasure It also really messes with reader expectations in a very big way recommended Blood on Silk for those who are into this older stuffhttpwwwcrimesegmentscom201712 I asked a Goodreadsriend rom Down Under what Aus. In the dead of night on a lonely Melbourne street a cabbie discovers to his horror that his drunken passenger has been murdered poisoned with a chloroform saturated handkerchief The killer his motive and even the victim's identity are unknown The last person to be seen in the victim's company cannot be identified and has vanished into the st. ,