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Rom the 350th page on I just wanted to get to the conclusion And Wrap Up The wrap up the spree The book s plot dealt with a series of 7 bodies being dropped in the oddest of places and reasons I Felt Too Many Of The Side Characters too many of the side characters getting in the way Mr Montanari could have wrapped up this thriller much easier and uicker Does that take away from the overall plot as a puzzle Probably But the second half of the book needed a jolt that never really happened until it was too ate Don t get me wrong I really had a blast reading this one I only gave it 4 stars out of a possible 5 because of it s Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice length This should be a five star book Many will see it that way Just the fact that the author could keep this Philly kid interested into what sections and neighborhoods this book ran through was great I can t wait to jump into the sixth Balzano Byrne thriller from Richard Montanari This is a fantastic series if you haven t come across it Start out with his first in series and keep going You won t be disappointed All in all a fine effort for The Echo Man a very enjoyable read After writing an essay about Music compositions and Composers it seems appropiate to write a review on Richard Montanari satest novel The Echo Man If you are a fan of Richard s novels then you know it follows two main detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano and their force of policemen and women The it follows two main detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano and their force of policemen and women The has two main storylines running through it the first one En plein coeur less important than the main murder case is the AA Killer a guy who preys on young women at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and the second one a murder that first started in 1990 when a violinist was found in the home of her tutor who had been murdered Sentenced to a insane aslyum the girl stayed till just recently when she was released now somebody is killing in the same exact fashion however this time the murders are related to a fire that caused a girl by the name of Alexandra Chang to die One by one everyone associated with her murder and the day she died is being killed in a way that reminded me eerily of the Dexter Killings see the books by Jeff Lindsey As the deaths become and it seems that someone has taken also to recreating Philadelphia s unsolved crimes Is this an inside job someone who has access to the files and been on the force for aong time Be Prepared for a shocking twist as we see one of our regular and The Bookshop on the Shore long running characters finding themselve in handcuffs and behind bars All this and in another relentless and suspensful fast paced thriller from Richard Montanari This is big bookots and Dance Real Slow lots of pages and while I doove Richard Montanari and would The Art of Memoir list him amongst my favourite authors I don t think this is his best book by aong mile It started out uite good the end was crazy The relationship between Kevin Byrne an. Werk eines Sadisten Als Kevin Byrne und Jessica Balzano den Fall übernehmen stellen sie fest dass der Mord eine Verbindung zur Vergangenheit aufweist Und der Fall wurde niemals abgeschloss. ,

The thing with serial killer stories is that with shows ike Criminal minds the source of ideas should by now be depleted and yet we get uite a few of the serial killer books published It does take jessica Balzano and her partner Kevin Byrne uite some time before they realize the context of their killers desire and it ALL GOES BACK TO BYRNE S FIRST CASE FOR goes back to Byrne s first case for homicide suad While the book is fairly well written the whole context and set up for this serial killer was in personal opinion somewhat of a stretch it eft me feeling a bit cheated and feeling cheap simply because of the plot and solution If the previous book I read eft me not convinced about this series this book was no improvement This series feels ike a decent try in this genre but is has no fan with me I have read better and entertaining versions of good serial killer books This one eft a PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition lot to be desired i did enjoy reading most of this but justost interest by the time of the reveal Jessica Balzano and Kevin Byrne are back an on the hunt two killers The first one is targeting young women as they Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography leave their Alcoholics Anonymous meeting But then they find a mutilated body Upon further inspections theyearn that there was an old murder case in the same The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, location Then bodies start turning up heads wrapped in paper and a small tattoo on a finger But the catch is that the bodies areeft in old murder scene ocations that these people had a connection to It seems someone has been going through the old case files and staging the murders It ooks ike someone on the police force has become a vigilanteI really iked this story There were a ot of #twists and turns and I didn t expect the killer until #and turns and I didn t expect the killer until reveal Jessica and Kevin work well together I enjoyed following along as they put the pieces of the puzzle slowly togetherMy only complaint is that the book is just over 500 pages ong Long books don t bother me if they keep me engrossed in the story Unfortunately there were parts that started to drag or felt Exile and Pilgrim like things were just thrown into the story to take up pagesBeyond that this is my first Balzano and Byrne story I really enjoyed it and wouldike to read the other books in the series to see what I have missedI received The Echo Man from Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours for free This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book A complex elaborate thriller from Montanari I d expect nothing ess A fantastically gritty read with an abundance of shocks to keep you guessing throughout Started brilliantly but bogged down horribly with unnecessary complication and some short cut characterisation that I actively dislikedThe opening chapter promises much with two believable female cops making the most of a sting operation Sadly that potential is frittered away in the rest of the stor. In einer der ärmsten Gegenden Philadelphias wird die verstümmelte Leiche eines Mannes gefunden Die Stirn und die Augen des Opfers sind von weißem Papier umhüllt das an der einen Seite mi. Y one is sidelined entirely and the other woman is saddled with the usual maternal baggageSimilarly another intriguing female character is soon relegated to the role of victim despite the opportunity to present her as a gritty survivorThat all would ve been bearable if the plot had held up its initial momentum but instead it sprawls and sags until I found myself plodding to the unremarkable ending just to find out actually whodunitSo five stars at the stars two stars at the end510 The book Echo Man is over 1100 pages in ength something that I found to be About Five Hundred Pages five hundred pages Hannah Montana: The Movie long Aot could have been cut out or done with brevity Long books work only if the topic continues to evolve with excitement and character This book seemed to drag on to meThe good thing about the book is the attention to detail Mr Montanari takes pages to describe simple things in extreme detail eaving ittle room for the imagination He did manage to keep the identity of the killer a secret till close to the end usually I have it figured out by the middle of a book but this time it took onger which is a sign of experienced weaving The book is about a duo of detectives who are trying to solve a rash of killers where the victim s head is wrapped in paper and a small tattoo is place on their finger The killer is making a statement creating a symphony to be revealed towards the end of the book It comes to a head on HalloweenI was given an advance copy of this book from Netgallery in return for writing a review The review does not have to be a good one but needs to be based on the entire book There were definitely parts to the book that I enjoyed investigating the crime scenes was one of themI would give this book a B due mostly to the excessive ength and it s snails pace If you want to settle in with a book say during a three day snow storm I would recommend this one Balzano Byrne no 5 The best one of the series so far in my opinion A good decent story with ots of twists and turns which had me guessing right until the end The Echo Man is the fifth in author Richard Montanari s BalzanoByrne series of crime mysteryThrillers set in Philadelphia Byrne the grizzled old vet and Balzano a detective with imited time in homicide partner together perfectly The fifth book in this series was an enjoyable read I ve really together perfectly The fifth book in this series was an enjoyable read I ve really a ball reading all five of author Montanari s Philly series to date THE AUTHOR KNOWS EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY OF THIS author knows every nook and cranny of this His protagonist team of Jessica Balzano and Kevin Bynre are surperbly crafted and molded very well from the previous four books The other characters are also developed very well from within the Philly police department However in this novel his bad guys become far too fuzzy I think the fact of the book running 518 pages really hurt it overall T rotem Lack versiegelt wurde und an dessen anderer Seite eine 8 aus Blut zu finden ist Der Körper der Leiche wurde von Kopf bis Fuß grob und gewaltsam rasiert Schnell ist klar Das ist das. ,

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