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Ue And a surprising amount of insight and healing Satisfying #If Somewhat Hurried Ending With Just Enough Plot Threads Left #somewhat hurried nding with just A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, enough plot threads left for a possible futurentry Good book with two people who are starting over after big changes in their lives Jordan has come back to the one place he swore he d never step foot on again Jordan left when he was ighteen to join the military because he could no longer stand to see what his stepmother was doing to his father Not long ago Jordan was badly injured in the war and while he was still in the hospital his father died Suffering from nightmares and feeling stifled by the dead #end job he had been given jordan decided #job he had been given Jordan decided head back to the ranch which he now ownsShae is going through an upheaval of her own We first met her in Once a Champion as the spoiled sister to Liv She was accustomed to getting anything she wanted and things being done her way At the beginning of this book her fiance has called off their wedding shortly before it was to take place no longer able to put up with her Bridezilla attitude Then when she goes back to work she is fi The primary characters in this book are among my favorites a badly scarred inside and outside veteran who comes home only to find his hated step mot. The Bryan Ranch around If she succeeds maybe she can pick up the pieces of her former life The only problem is the ranch's stubborn and captivating owner Jordan Bryan He's fighting Shae on very change Wha. OK This is verything that frustrates me about romance Book three in a its not a series they are just related grouping of books Is it a standalone Well yes Ish I felt that I missed out on so much backstory on both leads and on the main antagonist Enough to make me go back and read the other two MaaaaaybeShae McArthur is the classic over the top bitch who gets her comeuppance just as this tale begins dumped by her fiance just before she mailed the invitations to the wedding of the century which has consumed all of her time money and friends Shae returns to the job that she hadn t really been doing to find out that yes the boss knew she d been making all of her arrangements on office time and she s firedJordan Bryan is the classic damaged hero Rodeo star turned soldier returning from the war with physical and motional scars to the family ranch that isn t really his any although he doesn t know that until he gets there He does acuire an ntertaining menagerieShae has plans to save her job by creating a proposal for a new western resort on the High Camp of the Bryan Ranch Jordan knows his stepmother Shae s boss has the house but doesn t know anything about her designs for the High Camp which he thinks is still hisFireworks ns. A bigger challenge than she xpected Shae McArthur once had it all Perfect job perfect fiancé And #when she lost verything it was her own fault Now she's starting from scratch with one last project turning. #she lost verything it was her own fault Now she's starting from scratch with one last project turning. Her is trying to drive him off his father s ranch and a woman whose former fforts of gotta make it perfect has resulted in her fiance calling off the wedding right before it was supposed to occur To make it obvious that Shae needs a big attitude adjustment Jordan had previous dumped her off his lap and onto her ass at a previous ncounter Each of them remembers that little dust up He assumes she s still a demanding princess she knows he s been changed After all those scars from the xplosion are pretty obvious but after she gets over her shock at how his previous perfection has been altered Shae finds herself intrigued by Jordan and why he persists in fighting the woman WHO IS NOW HER BOSSHOW CAN is now her bossHow can impossible situation #In Which They Find Themselves In Enable #which they find themselves in nable to look past the obvious to #the interesting reality of who ach person is I too came to #interesting reality of who Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling each person is I too came to Miranda and suspect other readers will too In fact I had hopes she would be taken down in a spectacularly public way Too bad the author didn t allow it sniff a delightful story about finding unexpected love Shae who s a bit selfish and immature learns to consider other people s needs and Jordan learns to live again RT Book Reviews 4 12 stars Miniseries The Montana Way. T gives True his scars prove Shae's not the only one starting over Still shouldn't he of all people be able to see beyond the surface Because she thinks maybe they could beach other's perfect new beginnin.

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All for a Cowboy