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The Parable of the Lily Parable SeriesRistian concepts This book explains the idea that we are in need of forgiveness and a Savior and that Christ provided for that need Ages 4 9 easter christianLike my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean p your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar Good Easter read The Parable of the website The Book Radar Good Easter read The Parable of the is a wonderful children s book It would be perfect to read to children on Easter evening BEFORE BED IT WOULD ALSO BE bed It would also be great story to read at a children s chapel the priest or pastor could follow it p with a little sermon or in Sunday school I love a Christian children s book there are not that many good ones out there This book is also nice because it has appropriate bible verses on the bottom of the pagesThe book has beautiful pictures that will keep any child s attention There are many things you can point out in the pictures to make the story come alive to kids you are reading it to It would be appropriate for pre school probably 3rd or 4th grade It really depends on the be appropriate for pre school probably 3rd or 4th grade It really depends on the Even though younger children may not get the deeper meaning you could still ask them something like was there ever a time you received a gift that you were not happy with What did you do with it How do you think it made the person who gave it to you feel that you did not like their giftI received this book as an ARC I am not paid to review books I do so to help parents and other adults get an idea of would be a good book for their child I love this sweet little story Through a child s anticipation and love of gifts the author helps s see the anticipation of the coming Messiah the initial disappointment of many over a gift that didn t meet their expectation and A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel ultimately the glory and joy of a gift accepted Once the story gets going there are Bible verses on the pages that helps see the parallels between this story and the Salvation story throughout the Bible They are very well chosen and will be a wonderful conversation starter with young children The illustrations are colorful lively and very engaging I would recommend this book to everyone Really sweet story Rning with a joyous discoveryThe gentle Farmer from The Pumpkin Patch Parable lovingly helps His. The Parable Of The Lily is not what I expected As I was looking for Easter books I just assumed it was an Easter Book Although The Parable Of The Lily takes place during the dark days before Easter and ends on Easter morning it is a story of gifts 1898 unappreciated as giftsntil their true beauty is revealed I really appreciate the bible verses lightly visible on the pages that refer to the particular parts of the story as it develops I love Liz Curtis Higgs I love giant lap board books What could be a better book for this Easter season than Liz Curtis Higgs I love giant lap board books What could be a better book for this Easter season than parable story we already love There are four books in the Parables Series from Liz and now this spring we have Parables Series from Liz and now this spring we have third one republished as a lap board book Last Christmas we got The Pine Tree Parable and before that for Thanksgiving we had The Pumpkin Patch Parable I cannot wait for the fourth one The Sunflower Parable to come as a board book I can only assume that will be our summer surprise Each page has a verse and statement that allows the reader to open p the scripture to a child s mind A gift neglected and forgotten might provide a lesson and surprise and that s what my daughters can learn while reading this one I absolutely love this format I honestly cannot elaborate enough to tell you how great these lap board books are My toddler can lay on her belly and just stare at the pictures on her own she s now in the stage of retelling bits of stories to herself that she remembers from when I read to her and she goes over the story I know that she does not get All Of It At This of it at this but she s getting some of it and it s all a blessing Thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing a copy for review posted A wonderful lesson related to the Easter holiday Teaches young ones that receiving a gift that may not be exactly what they wanted might not be a bad thing after all Sometimes the gifts we don t think to ask for are the best ones to receive I love the way this story is written and how fun it was to read with my kiddos Even my 10 year old son liked the story Great for ages infant through young child with the older ones pretending not to listen but enjoying it tooI received a free digital copy of this book for my review through Netgalley I really like the Parable Series the stories are great tools for teaching various Ch. The Parable of the Lily begins with a mysterious gift on a gray wintry day and ends one Spring mo.

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Ow a gly gift can turn to Be The Very Best Gift Of All the very best gift of all you like to give your child something special for Easter this year Would you like to give them a gift that would have lasting value and would have a definite impact on his or her lifeEaster is not so much a time of bunny rabbits and Easter eggs as it is a time of forgiveness and rebirth The Parable of the Lily is a beautiful Easter story written by Liz Curtis Higgs The author has written several entertaining fiction books non fiction books and children s books In The Parable of the Lily she reveals the true spirit of Easter in an entertaining tale that everyone children and adults will love to hearMaggie is a little girl who love to receive gifts On one cold snowy winter day she receives a letter that tells her a very special gift is on its way to her She is so excited Could it be a new doll Maybe it is a new game Or it could be something even better something she wants even She has no clue who the gift is coming from or why it is being sent to her but that doesn t matter It is a giftHer excitement ickly turns to disappointment when the gift arrives and she finds it to be just a box of dirt The instructions included say to water it every day and wait but it is just a box of dirt She takes the box down to the cellar and hides it away in a box of dirt She takes the box down to the cellar and hides it away in darkest corner she can find As Disappointed As Maggie Is as Maggie is she ever discover what is hidden away in the dirtThat is as much as I m telling of the story But something wonderful happens something that is such a perfect picture of what our Lord and Savior experienced How you share this story with your children is p to you but there are Bible verses at the bottoms of the pages to help you tell the story of the death and resurrection of Christ as you read about the parable of the lily This is a cute little story about Maggie who receives a box of dirt for her birthday Disappointed she throws it away only to discover that it contained a bulb that sprouted and grew into a lovely lily The story compares Jesus as a flower We don t appreciate Him as our Gift Vérité (Love at Center Court, until He is revealed tos Bible verses are woven through out the story bringing it to life It is a charming story to be read at Easter or any time of the year It will be enjoyed by both children and adult. Young daughter Maggie nderstand the power of grace and forgiveness and the true meaning of Easte. ,