(PDF) [The Secret Teachings of Jesus Four Gnostic Gospels] author Marvin W. Meyer

Us I thought they were interesting but I was just reading them over I wasn t going in depth into research Until I got to the Gospel of John and I was so confused and I couldn t ven read it any Could be John s writings considering the book of revelation but I don t know I m just going to keep it on my bookshelf and keep praying for the Lord to reveal truth to me What were these dudes tripping because I want some I bought this mainly to study the book and gospel of Thomas one half of the ntirety in this collection since I have heard they parallel many Buddhist ideas such as oneness and detachment They did not disappoint and in fact I was thrilled to read Jesus speak of teachings that are basic law of attraction fundamentals The gospel of Thomas reads are basic law of attraction fundamentals The gospel of Thomas reads like the dhammapada in that it contains only sayings from Jesus with little narrative The book of Thomas is an account during Jesus life during a conversation with Thomas While there is narrative there is no history included within in order to place it in any precise point in the biblical timeline But this book is where one will find many ideas of detachment to the material world The secret book of James like the gospel of Mary Magdalene is one written about a meeting with Jesus after his crucifixion and bodily death where he is giving further spiritual instruction to his followers and as a medium and spiritualist I found his teachings on the immortal soul Fascinating The Secret Book The secret book john however That one proved a little too off base for me at this time It started out fairly understandable with another post crucifixion meeting with Jesus in spirit to answer a spiritual dilemma of a uestion john had granted a big one who is god and where do we go after death The conversation then turned into creation myth however presented in story Not xactly what I was looking for but it may be of interest to others looking for soteric knowledge and not as much soul coaching All in all I understand why these books were not included in the New Testament none of them included the basic ideas that the newly forming christian church wanted to proliferate but they still offer much across the board Regardless of faith the basic teachings found in James and Thomas are building blocks for knowing True Self. Ithin the churchIn this volume Marvin W Meyer has produced a new English translation for general readers of four of the most important and revealing of these arly Christian texts the Secret Book of James the Gospel of Thomas the Book of Thomas and the Secret Book of John. Four Gnostic gospels The 4th one was VERY strange twist on the story of creation The first 3 repeated some stuff from from the traditional gospels plus had many additional uotes they attributed Although the title smacks a bit of the lure of

The Forbidden Or Some 
forbidden or some of scandalous and salacious content I was impressed by how often the material in the gospels made sense I think that often persons who are xposed to mainstream Christianity are turned off by the motional and often narrow approach to dealing with figuring out what to believe Orthodoxy rules the day and not just with Christianity It s asy to believe that the less heard of belief systems those s asy to believe that the less heard of belief systems those in control over the centuries were forced into hiding and that the written material of those groups also had to be concealed for survival s sake The discovery of 50 odd documents at Nag Hammadi in the mid 1940 s pointed out a bit of how truly the gnostic materials had literally gone underground I have found the gnostic writings that I have read to be stimulating often controversial broad in intent and scope and occasionally at odds with what I believe though not as freuently as I xpected The four gospels none of which were included in the New Testament were at times simplistic at other times profound and sometimes dealt with hidden knowledge The content freuently videnced philosopical underpinnings Many sophists had been influenced by such as Plato and it shows I chose this book because I didn t think I wanted commentary or context I just wanted to read the books and mull them over on my own The first three were great The last one Secret Book of John was just kind of cray in the same way that the Biblical Book of Revelations is cray I sort of lost interest at that point and started wishing I had some commentary after all to tell me WTF I was reading But that s not really what this book was designed for I can t fault it for that I m mainly giving it four stars instead of five because like I saidcray Really The Shadow Reader enjoyed reading the Gnostic writings here It would have benefitted I feel from a little interpretation from the translatorspecially on the Secret Book Of John which I found to be completely fascinating I had read the others before in theology classes many years ago and the In December 1945 two Egyptian fellahin digging for natural fertilizer in the Nile River valley unearthed a sealed storage jar The jar proved to hold treasure of an unexpected sort a collection of some fifty two ancient manuscripts most of which reflect the teachings of .
Ospel Of Thomas again recently Few people understand the idea behind Gnostics who were preached against by Paul often in his NT letters I have always tried to understand their view and often in his NT letters I have always tried to understand their view and it into 1st century perspective and this book is a good collection to begin with Interesting textsThe Secret Book of James The Gospel of Thomas The Book of Thomas are presented as things Jesus said and there are deep kernels of truth as well as many commonly known sayings teaching and stories The Secret Book of John Translation made Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies easy to read Good notes and introduction Best gnostic translation I ve read and the uickest Not as authoritative maybe as somesoteric works on the Gnostics but asier to grasp and perhaps discard as nothing I ve read of Gnosticism so far rings
Very True To Me 
true to me both Gnostic Gospels and Dead Sea Scrolls are very interesting arly histories New and Old Testament times of so called Christianity These Gospels do at least pretend to be uoting Christ and they do give fuller and interesting portrayals of some of the disciples The teachings of Gnostic gospels and the The Power Of A Choice early ChristianityGnosticism is a mysticalsoteric religious movement that xisted during the very arly phase of Christianism The discovery of 13 books containing 52 texts in the Nile River valley of Egypt in 1945 called Nag Hammadi opened the door for the history of arly Christianism and the teachings of four Gnostic gospels called the secret book of James the gospel of Thomas the book of Thomas and secret book of John Biblical scholars stimate that these books belong to second century CE and the followers of this abstract faith were Gnostics and they were comprised of various groups Some fostered spiritual values others lead very ascetic life in solitude in wilderness and most Gnostics followed traditional life The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right engaging in an inner spiritual uest for God They advocated a faith different from thearly Christian chur I guess I can t rate the book based on the content but how it was written There wasn t much additional writing besides the gnostic gospels I didn t know much about the gnostic gospels until I read a Jodi Piccolt book Change of Heart I thought it was interesting because I know the church had to have withheld some information from the times of Jes. Mystical religious movement we call Gnosticism from the Greek word gnosis knowledge The texts are also with few Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling exceptions Christian documents and thus they provide us with valuable new information about the character of thearly church and about the Gnostic Christians ,
The Secret Teachings of Jesus Four Gnostic Gospels