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Which helps you develop your own three part story and the four components three Part Story And The Four Components story #And The Four Components Of #the four components of message Included is a survey of what uestions to xpect from kids along with other helps and children's ministry xperience from Willow Creek's Promiseland staff and volunteers A companion volume for parents called Leading Your Child to Jesus is also availab. According to a study by George Barna a person is most likely to become a Christian between the ages of four and fourteen Yet the majority Evangelism Training Is Designed training is designed reach adults not children Leading Kids to Jesus children's ministry leaders with proven principles to help them have life ministry leaders with proven principles to help them have life discussions with kids The focus is. ,
Exclusively on personal interactions not corporate presentations or prop driven illustrations Readers learn the best ways TO COMMUNICATE GOD'S LOVE TO TODDLERS communicate God's love to toddlers and lementary school children in words they understand The book adapts two simple communication tools from the bestselling vangelism course Becoming a Contagious Christian. ,

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Leading Kids to Jesus