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The Broken God

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Notes in progress For this partner ead With Ani I M Coming Back To Ani I m coming back to series that has touched and shaped me the most as a human being What will I see twenty years later How will it touch and shape me nowI ve seldom felt so thrilled So Set into the snow around a large circle were wooden stakes Each stake was topped with the skull of a different animal There were a hundred different skulls the great tusked skull of Tuwa the mammoth the skulls of Nunki and long pointed skulls of the snow fox and wolf there were many many smaller skulls those of the birds Ayeye the thallow and Gunda and Rakri and Ahira the snowy owl Danlo had never seen such a sight in all of his life for the boys of the tribe were not allowed to approach Winter Pock In the twilight the circle of greyish white skulls looked ominous and terrifying Danlo knew that each man after his cutting would look up at the skulls to find his doffel his other self the one special animal he would never again hunt His doffel would guide him into the dreamtime and later through all the days of his life my journey into shamanism actually started twenty years ago Well well Other than that Danlo s coming of age The Placer rite was as harrowing and visceral as Iemembered it but now I can grasp of its symbolic meaning eg shedding the foreskin is shedding the sheltered nature of childhoodThe metric prose is still mesmerizing Whew we Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism re finally past the journey across the ice the slowest and probably most gruesome part of the book How manyeaders have left their bones in the blizzard only a few pages away from the City of Light and wonders and growing UP CHAPTER 3 THE GLAVERING WAS FIRST INTRODUCTION Chapter 3 The Glavering was my first introduction ahimsa Never or hurting another not even in your thoughts glavering or its pithier version angslan causing others psychic anguish the pain that comes from higher understanding the hidden powerlessness of words saying yes to all truths and ultimately this Did you know that laughing at oneself is the key to escaping the glavering Which has defined my core for as long as I have been able to look at myselfAll that in a single chapter Well I never knew Into the icy maze of the city of Neverness a wild boy stumbles spear in hand starving frostbitten and grieving Danlo the Wild The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, raised by far off Alal. Ow much foreshadowing there was in these early chapters In little thoughts and larger scenes they basically hint at all the major events that are about to unfold even the end of the trilogyChapter 4 Shih has been another cornerstone in the foundations of my worldview It introduced me to the fluid nature ofeality made me uestion certain verbs as well as all pronouns and nouns and showed me shibui the beauty that comes with ageIt s aged beautifully Chapter 5 The Returnists enthralled the young me with the notion of simplexcomplexmultiplexomniplex perception of the world and the pitfalls of guruism Ever since and likely BEFORE THAT ON A VAGUER LEVEL of guruism Ever since and likely BEFORE THAT ON A VAGUER LEVEL on a vaguer level life has flowed toward the asarya and away from the guruAnd I ve never stopped wondering in which shell of Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness reality I m currently locked Chapter 8 The Doctrine of Ahimsa shows how ahimsa and angslan can be compatibleAhimsa as he understood iteuired only that he never harm another s body or spirit To inflict mind pain on another in order to provoke understanding was a Fravashi tradition that he cherished In Chapter 10 Multiplication by Zero we see Hanuman s transhumanist beliefs for the first time along with the accompanying painWe also see a societal view that makes my
Kindred Spirit Rabid Every 
spirit abid every looked at Hanuman and asked Do you think we are so different from others You know that we are But Hanu we are still people There are people Hanuman said and there are people The blessed people All people are blessed But few are chosen Hanuman said All through history there have always been a few people destined to be something More than what More than they are More than anybody is Danlo smiled at this and said I think you are a natural aristocrat How not It s only we aristocrats in our souls who can know what is possible But what about the others Others are other You mustn t think about them too much All human society is a hierarchy All life this living pyramid It s only natural that a few human beings should stand at the top You mean stand on top of others I didn t make the universe Hanuman said I just live in it Danlo knelt in the snow liste. Oi neanderthal cave dwellers survived a plague that took all of his tribe Now he must find who engineered the disease and how he can cure it And wha. Ning to the wind fall off the Hill of Sorrows and the icy mountains above But it is hard to live with the boots of others kicking at your face This is an odd fishI Other People's Property: A Shadow History of Hip-Hop in White America really liked it Big space opera and metaphysics of the soul all mashed up together around a chewey centre of some interesting characters and some intriguing concepts At the core of this novel are uestions like What does it mean to be alive What is conciousness and When is it ok to kill but to my mind theye wrapped up enough in the story that you don t feel preached at And Zindell s mystic style suits his somewhat mythical material I d And Zindell s mystic style suits his somewhat mythical material I d ead it againThat said I might have trouble ecommending it to anyone else Some people will agree with me and like it of course but some people are going to be jumping up and down shouting shutupshutupshutup and make something HAPPEN by about halfway through one of the main character Danlos mystic journeys of discovery I would say stately but I can also see how for some the pace would be merely slow Strangely because I often winge about the bloating of the modern SF novel I didn t be merely slow Strangely because I often winge about the bloating of the modern SF novel I didn t these 3 800 page books were too much for the story but I m not sure I can explain why It just felt about Der Bilderwächter right I wouldecommend eading Zindell s standalone novel Neverness first if you like it come ead these if not save yourself some painAlso interesting to have a book about space travel written by a mathematician He doesn t go into the maths but he makes them seem eal That he makes the hero pilots that everyone looks up to in his world The Order of Mystic Mathematicians seems less like putting himself on a pedestal and like poking fun at mystics and mathematicians alike This is one of my favourite book ever A complex mix of hard sci fi philosophy and spirituality this is a true epic Why hasn t someone gotten the ights to this series and made an awesome movie or tv series Incredible Sci Fi Sympathetic characters gripping plot eastern based phiolsophical grounding for those who are tired of bo The second book is not as startling astonishing and Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris remarkable as the first one but this volume is great to. T kind of man he will grow up into as he enters the Order of Mystic Mathematicians and Other Seekers of the Ineffable FlameHis journey has only begu.