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Ected Parker knew Ethan was in love with her best friend Lucy since he was 19 She never came out and confessed this to Lucy but it was mentioned readily Lucy since he was 19 She never came out and confessed this to Lucy but it was mentioned readily in this book So needless to say it s best reading this book AFTER The Next Best Thing and Catch of The Day since characters from both books make a reappearance Anyways Parker is 35 and happily singlewell maybe not happily but a conscious choice to be so and as a single mom She splits custody with Ethan and loves Nick very much Her best selling children s series The Holy Rollers has come to an end and she s now thinking what to do with her life for the first time in over 6 years It was really funny that the characters from that series had a running commentary in her head so cute But devastating news from her wealthy father sees Parker homeless and lacking that trust fund she heavily relied on Not to mention her fragile and difficult relationship with him James Cahill her fathers attorney has accompanied him to many a family affair And on that fateful day she learns she has nothing but the clothes on her back and a mysterious inheritance from her aunt in the form of a home in Gideon s Cove James is the one to drop the bomb With her dad off to ail she must now work with James to deal with this house and decide what to do with her lifeThis was such a great book It was told in 3rd person dual pov something KH has used in her most recent work The Blue Heron series and it was wonderful KH used 1st person pov in most of her earlier work but I love the 3rd person pov much It really made a difference being in the head of the male lead gave a much richer story and made the book flow effortlessly James was among my fave KH heroes He was uietly and secretly in love with Parker but she held him at arms length and referred to him as thing one as one of her fathers cronies which made me laugh There was a twist with these two that I never saw coming But back to James sigh He was thoughtful considerate kind sexy smart and a younger man Well Only by 5 years Parker took a long #Time Trusting Him And I #trusting him and I saw where she was coming from But as he showed who he truly was I started feeling she was being too hard on him But the beauty of seeing this man finally reach out to a woman he s admired from afar was a siren call to my heart I also loved seeing old characters from the previous books Maggie and Malone featured here and I m glad since their story in Catch of The Day ended too uickly Being back in Gideon s Cove was lovely I could ust picture it and it makes me want to go one day But this book while a beautiful romance was also about family sacrifice forgiveness and having the ability to admit we all deserve to be happy regardless of past transgressions This is also the last book for me to read in KH s arsenal sniff sniff Aside from upcoming releases in The Blue Heron series of course and any future work by herokay it s not so bad then But she writes so beautifully so emotionally that I can t help but mourn Her books are heavy on realistic romance a colorful and significant secondary cast and a touching and evocative story that I often find myself lost inSo my favorite books ever written by her so far are Just One of The Guys The Next Best Thing The Best Man Waiting on You both Blue Heron series My One and Only and of course this one She s fantastic and highly recommended if you re looking for well rounded romance and accompanying story lines that tug the heart strings Loved it loved it Great story fabulous setting with fantastic characters Parker is a single mom Great story fabulous setting with fantastic characters Parker is a single mom a very adorable little boy and is uite happy being single When she loses her trustfund and life circumstances change James comes in and helps her out Even though James and Parker have a past at first neither of them necessarily want to make that their future I really like the chemistry between them and I was definitely cheering for them the entire time Even though the plot was somewhat predictable the characters were so fantastic and colorful it made it OK They re also were uite a few laugh out loud moments in this book this is an old review apologize for sending it through your feed but I needed to edit it after somebody liked it and I m on the app But I do adore this author. Zeit für James Cahill den arroganten Anwalt ihres Vaters der ihr auf Schritt und Tritt folgt Allerdings weiß James wie man den Hammer schwingt und außerdem ist er verboten attraktiv Bald merkt Parker Nicht nur bei Häusern lohnt oftmals ein Blick hinter die Fassade. To go there Of course everyone knowing each other isn t always a good thing but I guess I wouldn t mind each other isn t always a good thing but I guess I wouldn t mind Vin Maggie and the others are there My favorite scene in this book is the part where Parker first enters the diner and sees everyone in town there for what reason It s for you to find out Of course I can t not mention the romance in this book I ve been getting very lucky with the romance in the books I ve been reading almost all the books I read lately have this slow burn romance going for them and Somebody to Love is no exception While James and Parker have a history that I wasn t really much of a #fan of the development of their relationship was such a pleasure to #of the development of their relationship was such a pleasure to that I can t help but giggling every now and then I liked that James wasn t ust a token hot guy but a character with his own hang ups and history and had his own story going for him He s an individual completely different from Parker and reading their conversations and watching their relationship grow was the best part of the bookSomebody to Love is definitely a mood lifter and it s a great book to read in between serious books or when you ust want to be lost in a good romance in a pretty place with interesting neighbors to boot After this I am definitely getting the two other Higgins books that this was spun from Catch of the Day and The Next Best Thing And then I will work my way through the rest of Kristan Higgins back list I enjoyed reading this Sometimes you ust need to read a romance novel that is light free with a few side laughs I absolutely adore Kristan Higgins writing Somebody To Love is my favorite of the Gideon s Cove seriesI fell in love with both Parker and James from the get go Parker a single mom to a sweet little boy Nicky seemed content with life as it was for them She did want her happily ever after but her son was her focus right now But things were about to change for her Parker soon realized that life was about working hard being open to love forgiveness and second chancesJames Cahill has to be one of the BEST leading man in a KH book Sweet sexy a tiny bit alpha and for a good stretch of the book he was sweaty and shirtless YUM There was so much to him then what we saw on the surface and as KH slowly peeled away his layers for us it made for such a wonderful romantic story Definitely my all around favorite and I adored the epilogue Somebody to Love is the third installment in Kristan Higgins s adult contemporary romance series Gideon s Cove It s also my least favorite Higgins novel to date It s not bad It s ust that I was bored and found myself trying extra hard to invest myself in these characters The Higgins magic was missing in this one in my opinion but it was still an enjoyable storyline that was easy to follow i would never was easy to follow I would never anyone from reading a book especially a Kristan Higgins book so check it out and see what you think Lots of readers thoroughly enjoyed this oneMy favorite uote Loving someone can be terrifying And it s worth itKristan Higgins s Gideon s Cove series includes the following installments as of December 2017 1 Catch of the Day 2 The Next Best Thing 3 Somebody to Love 45 stars I stayed away from the Cove WAY TOO LONG 45 STARS Not a review ust a few favorite uotes for myself to remember D Possibly spoiler ishI ll be at home he said And I ll be thinking of you the whole timeI do want something with you she said But to be honest I have no idea how to do this Whatever it is it s going to be glacier slow okayI like glaciersShe smiled and there it was again that aching pressure in his chest Love or a heart attack Kind of the same thingParker he said always lovely to see you SPOILERS FOR The Next Best Thing BOOK 2 IN THE SERIESWhat a fantastic and beautiful story I loved it This is the third book in the Gideon s Cove series and was the best I remember Parker from The Next Best Thing and remember really liking her She was a strong and independent mother to Nick her son with Ethan the Mirabelli brother you might remember that ended up with Lucy his brothers widow Sounds much taboo and complicated than it really was Ethan and Parker had went separate ways before she found out she was pregnant but their relationship stayed close and amicableI had always susp. Vollkommene Bruchbude herausstellt aber immerhin mit umwerfender Aussicht auf den Atlantik Parkers Entschluss steht fest Erst renovieren dann verkaufen Dumm nur dass sie zwei linke Hände hat und noch dazu kleine graue Nager als Untermieter Da bleibt eigentlich keine. ,
It s a sweet cliche love story But I love it so muchI think it s the 2nd Higgins book written from 2 POVs both the hero and the heroin But since Parker s POV toward James tended to be negative I think James POV was necessary here And it worked he s so adorable you ll love his voiceParker situation was a bit complicated She s a single mother of 5 yrs old boy and still well connected to the father Ethan Mirabelli who was crazy in love and recently married to Parker s bestfriend Lucy Sound familiar Ethan and Lucy s story was beautifully written in The Next Best Thing From the previous book we were introduced to Parker Welles a gorgeous rich woman once had dated Ethan and together they raised Nicky a beautiful boy of theirs Both had never married coz Parker knew that Ethan s heart was always for LucyBeing the only daughter of a millionaire family she never worried about money All her works a very succesful children book called the Holy Rollers was donated to a charity to save childrenUnfortunatelly her father goes bankrupt and all her trust fund trusted to her father to be managed was All Gone Now She gone Now she no luxury house no grand money and no new book inspirations she has to accept whatever left for her which is an ugly ruined small house in Maine Despite a very beautiful ocean view it need a lot of work And being no other resource she had to accept James help to fix the houseJames was her father s attorney she always hated Her relationship with her father was always cold so her father s minions always get the same reaction from her Forced to live together for 3 weeks made her see the real personality of James Cahill The setting of the book bring us back to the story of Maggie and Malone from Catch of the Day where we would read further about their sweet relationshipI love both main characters Parker and James Parker is so great you ll love her from the beginning Gone down the hill didn t make her complain much Instead of whining on her losses she did what she had to do and intended to keep move on She s willing to learn new things happy to meet new people and made friends worked hard to earn a few even fall in love with the new place she lived far from homeWhile Jameswellhe s so amazing you ll love him instantly Just read the book Original post at One More PageWhen I spotted Somebody to Love in Netgalley I immediately reuested it having enjoyed Until There Was You last year I wasn t really planning to read this soon but then I started and got to know Parker and the Holy Rollers and I We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk just couldn t stop Somebody to Love introduces Parker Harrington Welles a children s book writer who relies on the trust fund she had and building her world around her one and only son She is essentially rich but she didn t really live as a rich girl Which was fortunate because when her father gotailed for an insider trading scheme Parker is left penniless save for #what she had now and a house left to her name by an estranged aunt Thinking she could easily sell the #she had now and a house left to her name by an estranged aunt Thinking she could easily sell the for extra money to start again she was surprised to find that the house was of a shack and it needs a lot of work Enter James Cahill one of her father s lawyers who was asked to help Parker with whatever she needed Parker had always been annoyed at James not only because of a shared history and she really wished he wasn t thereexcept that he s proven to be helpful in fixing the house That and he s looking prettywell hot is the only word to describe itThis is only my second Higgins book but she s slowly becoming my go to read for anything light and fluffy but not too light and fluffy I loved Parker for being a writer and for being an all around pretty good person despite the fortune she had in her name Here s a girl focused on her career and her family and it was a refreshing thing to read I liked her wit and I know this is weird but I liked that she talked to herself because I Do The Same Thing Too Talking Aloud The Writer do the same thing too Talking aloud the writer affliction So that explains it PI haven t read the other Higgins book set in Gideon s Cove Maine Catch of the Day which Angie recently reviewed so I wasn t introduced to this place but reading it in Somebody to Love was a very lovely experience The small town charm the diner how everyone knows each other I want. Einst schwamm sie wie ein Goldfisch im Luxus Jetzt bleiben Parker nur ein Stapel Umzugskartons und eine Pythonschlange namens Apollo von ihrem süßen Leben Wie gut dass sie noch das Häuschen von Tante Julia in Gideon s Cove hat Das sich bei ihrer Ankunft leider als. Somebody to Love