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Condor To the Brink and Back The Life and Times of One Giant BirdAs a person who is very afraid of birds I m not sure why I chose THIS BOOK TO READ HOWEVER I book to read However I glad I did If you read it you #will learn about how civilization and mankind have intentionally and unintentionally adversely ffected the condor You will #learn about how civilization and mankind have intentionally and unintentionally adversely En plein coeur effected the condor You will read about how scientists and volunteers have brought the condor back from thedge of The Bookshop on the Shore extinctionI checked the web today and learned that there are 332 living condors and the about 200 of these live in the wild I was also amazed to learn that a condor can live to be 50 or sixty years old So let s hope the condor can continue its resurganceIf you like to read about science and nature this book is for you An interestingly written highly readable account of the California Condor s nearxtinction and the fight to recover the condor s population Although the author s occasional political stabs are mildly irritating he does an Dance Real Slow excellent job of respectfully presenting opposing viewpoints on the condor recovery program As an animal care professional it was very interesting to read this account of all the work politicstc that went into condor recovery The Art of Memoir efforts It seemsspecially relevant as scientists are preparing to capture the remaining vauitas to save them from The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life extinction as well Knowingven of the challenges now has made the remaining vauitas to save them from xtinction as well Knowing ven of the challenges now has made desire ven stronger to see these amazing birds in the wild The information on the natural history of the condor was interesting and the reason I wanted to read this book However much of it is about the history of California and the various people that have played a role in ither preserving or decimating the condor populationI thought this would be an uplifting book about condors coming back from the brink of PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition extinction but I found itxtremely depressing Let s just say the history of California is a trail of destruction death and the raping of nature forged by cruel and seedy characters who landed in the The California condor has been described as a bird with one wing in the graveFlying on wings nearly ten feet wide from tip to tip these birds thrived on the carcasses of animals like woolly mammoths Then as humans began dramatically reshaping North America the continent's largest flying land bird started disappearing By the beginning of the twentieth century Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography extinction seemed inevitableBut small groups of passionate individuals refused to allow the condor to fade awayven as they fought over how and why the bird was to be saved Scientists farmer. .

S is what this particular Save the Condor group refused *To See Or UnderstandThen There Was The Unrecognized Native American *see or understandThen there was the unrecognized Native American that said the Condor was the Spirit something or other and they demanded to pray dance and sprinkle holy water over the birds before they were taken but that was only after they failed to get the government to release the birds on their Sacred Condor Island which was not a natural habitat of the bird and would have guaranteed its demise They said the Condor would curse them otherwiseDid I mention all this takes place in California Or did you guess that alreadyI learned there are a lot of rabid people out there who desperately need to fight for something I suppose to impute "THEIR LIVES WITH MEANING BUT I "lives with meaning But I not learn so much about the Condor Simply outstanding book about the natural history of the California condor its decline over the last few centuries and the heroic sophisticated and controversial The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, efforts to save the species since the 1960sfforts that proved to be successful Great stories about California before the coming of the Americans beautiful descriptions of southern California s landscapes forests and mountains and an interesting array of naturalists Birders Villains And Environmentalists villains and nvironmentalists well as individual condors themselves who make this book a great one Very interesting book awesome bird Lots of history from people who kept the birds as pets to gg collectors to a pig farmer who shot one of the birds because he didn t know what it was I love that logic Don t know what it is Kill it DDT killed ggs of birds that ate live prey and not the scavenging condors a Google search of Condors and DDT gives different results One other Santa Catalina island a wildlife refuge west of the Ventura coast Catalina is not west of Ventura but lies to the south ast but there is a Channel Island refuge so maybe geography is not the author s strong suit. Canyon Big Sur and Baja California Today the giant birds are nowhere near The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl extinctThe giant bird with one wing in the grave appears to be recoveringven as the wildlands it needs keep disappearing But the story of this bird is than the story of a vulture with a giant wingspan it is also the story of a wild and giant state that has become crowded and small and of the behind the scenes dramas that have shaped the Exile and Pilgrim environmental movement As told by John Nielsen annvironmental journalist and a native Californian this is a fascinating tale of surviva. .
Arden of Eden and crapped in it A history of the great California bird from its heyday to near demise capture and reintroduction into the wild Information about the bird is considerably nlivening than the bureaucratic battles of zoologists split between interventionists and hands off types I tired of the holier than thou hands off rs but this war is a big part of the story What remains up in the air is whether the reintroduced condors will perpetuate the species of the story What remains up in the air is whether the reintroduced condors will perpetuate the species fact Richard Nixon signed the Endangered Species Act Nielsen presents an artfully written accessible account of the California Condor s ongoing struggle with xtinction in a way that seems like a well told tale than a textbook This book is uite important because it provides a way for those not completely involved in science or biology to understand the history of an import These birds strike me as fascinating and I hoped this book would provide real information about the bird than it didGranted in the title it says to the brink and back but I didn t realize that mostly this was going to brink and back but I didn t realize that mostly this was going to a saga between various activist groups all who claimed to be trying to save this phenomenal bird from xtinctionSome of the groups were as loony as a tune They felt that they were saving the condor by demonstrating against very other attempt to protect the bird mostly the government agencies who were trying to capture the last two birds have them breed in captivity and then release them back to their natural habitatThe activists demanded that the birds stay in their natural habitat any removal was a transgression against the birds rights Sort of an ACLU for animals set up This group failed to xplain how since WWII the Condor was not thriving so well in its natural habitat There s a lot of reasons for that but the main thing the government agency was attempting was to repopulate and then protect their natural nvironment Thi. S developers bird lovers and government bureaucrats argued bitterly and often in the process injuring one another and the species they were trying to save In the late 1980s the federal government made a wrenching decision the last remaining wild condors would be caught and taken to a pair of zoos where they would be ncouraged to breed with other captive condorsLivid critics called the plan a recipe for xtinction After the zoo based populations soared the condors were released in the mountains of south central California and then into the Grand.