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Uch for him to lose interest and he never keeps a single girl around for long Because he breaks up with every one of them and isn t polite about doing it he s labeled as a jerk In his case the rumors are trueYuuichi ends up rescuing Kanae from his classmates one day and they ve been friends ever since After a while Yuuichi starts complaining because he hasn t had a girlfriend for a while and He Needs Sex Kanae Who needs sex Kanae who been secretly in love with Yuuichi ever since he rescued him sees this as a chance to be intimate with Yuuichi He tells Yuuichi that if it s sex Yuuichi is looking for then Kanae is willing to offer up his bodyThat s pretty much the plot Along the way Kanae experiences the predictable insecurities that come with dating a womanizer This books is basically just sexual encounter after sexual encounter But in between ou learn about Kanae and Yuuichi Yuuichi is the biggest misunderstood character between the two despite the fact that everyone falsely believes Kanae is promiscuous Yuuichi is honest but doesn t understand how to cushion his statements so they come out making him sound like a jerk In fact everything he says is the truth He doesn t bother telling white liesAside from the jarring moments of unbelievable sexual acts eight orgasms in a night and self lubricated buttholes Body Language is steamy and a uick read It turns out to be very romantic in the end and is sure to satisfy fans of Lichen Sclerosis: How to Heal It yaoi Aki Morimoto has a good grip on pacing and the prose is clean and deft The translation is also very smooth and professional Did I mention the artist is good A worthy investment Go buyReview first posted at Lincoln Heights Literary SocietyPURCHASE LINK I really liked this story from the beginning Aki Morimoto has created two characters who are the complete opposite of each other but who no doubt are sexually attracted to each other Yuichi is the typical bad boy he skips school dates a lot of women and never stays in a relationship long while Kanae is sort of uiet doesn t date and does well in school Rumor has it that Kanae sleeps with boys and even though it s not true Kanae does his best to pretend that sex with Yuichi the first time doesn t hurt because he s afraid that Yuichi will reject him when he finds out that he s inexperience But he didn t know that Yuichi just didn t care as long as he s having sex and lots of itI found Yuichi a bit selfish and uite frankly I don t know anyone who can ejaculate eight times during a day of sex Heck I don t know anyone who can have sex all day but its fiction and anything is possible I don t care how much lotionou use and I don t think they used any Kanae should have been a sore as hell if ou been a sore as hell if ou what I mean But the book is funny and entertaining and a great readWould I recommend this book YesWould I read it again Yes I liked this Yaoi novel It was a light and fast read It is about two friends Kanae and Nagao Kanae has a crush on Nagao who likes to sleep around with lots of women One night these two decide to sleep together They are still good friends with benefits and for awhile it seems to work But Kanae really likes Nagao and starts to be afraid of being hurt and is wondering if it better just to be friends. Ant a merely sexual relationship with no feelings involved But when the opportunity arises can he settle for anything less than lo.

The wild silence: Raynor Winn: The Sunday Times Bestseller from the author of The Salt Path در ماگادان کسی پیر نمیشود / یادمانده های دکتر عطاء صفوی از اردوگاه های دایی یوسف Inevitable Circumstances Front Runner Shattered Heart My Saving Grace
N erotic novel with a lot of sex and I think that This book fits the phrase Kojiki yama nashi ochi nashi imi nashi perfectly which I suppose makes it trueaoiFilled with sex at every turn the book is starving for a true plot It highly resembles the plot of a Minami Haruka manga What is that ou say A Minami Haruka manga has no plot That s exactly the point however this book does not come anything close to being as entertaining as a Minami sensei mangaIt is almost sickening how lacking this book is The character s are the classic oblivious uke and aggressive seme that never bother to talk out their problems which bother to talk out their problems which a aoi wide problem emphasised in this book It does have its few good points however Some of the scenes are funny and cute but this does not make up for the lack of plotIf Comprendre et grer les conflits dans les entreprises et les organisations you love pointless sex even when not pulled off correctly this is forou Full disclosure When it comes to Islamic Dynasties A Chronological and Genealogical Handbook Islamic Surveys yaoi I am not into novels I d way rather read manga but I ordered this by mistake After I finished it I asked myself would being a manga have improved this book and I had to conclude that the answer is no Body Language dwells in the realm of mediocrity It wants so desperately to have a plot going so far as to repeat the supposed sources of conflict every single page seemingly to remind the reader but it just doesn t What it does have is sex One thing I ll say for novels is that by and large they tend to be dirtier and Body Language is no exception A refreshing amount of attention is even granted to sexual mechanics and process At first it s all very plausible and fun to read However the sex uickly becomes monotonous in its prolificness and even the author begins to gloss over it I can see how this title could be stimulating to plenty of people though Plus there s a pretty hot crowded train scene The illustrations are fine but contribute little to the book They come in random places that didn t particularly need illuminating and are markedly absent in places where a picture would have been nice It seems to me this would basically be the same book without themOverall it s hard for me to imagine this being a treasured denizen in anyone saoi collection In addition to its general half bakedness as a work the translation has idiosyncrasies of voice that make it hard to follow at times Nothing major but some sentences reuired rereading If Un Nol River Falls you do buy this book I sincerely hopeou enjoy it Body Language is pure fluff but it s sexy fluff This is my first introduction to Tsubaki Enomoto s art since I don t know of any manga written by her and I m impressed Her style is clean and very attractive I hope I see from her Body Language is about two characters I m not kidding just two and not a single side character named Kanae and Yuuichi They re both extremely popular in their university but they couldn t be differentKanae is what and Yuuichi They re both extremely popular in their university but they couldn t be differentKanae is what would call a pretty boy He s so pretty everyone else thinks he must have tons of girlfriends and boyfriends The reason he is so famous is because of his promiscuity Unfortunately that s not true and Kanae is actually a virginYuuichi is famous because he s a jerk He s also very handsome so he s able to get strings of girlfriends Unfortunately it doesn t take Rgin and is secretly in love with the Don Juan of the campus Yuuichi Poor Kanae would do anything to be with Yuuichi even if it me. .
Picked this one up believing it was a manga and found out that BL novels probably is a no for me Kanae had a rep at the college of being a bisexual slut he s a virgin and Yuichi IS a slut and has a new girl every week has gotten a few pregnant then dumped them They end up being friends and when Yuichi is lamenting the fact that there are no girls who will date him Kanae on a whim says Why not fuck me So he does They start hanging out and dating with Kanae waiting for the day he is dumped like the girls but is madly in love He sees Yuichi with a girl and does the classic break up with him first leading to the big climax Oh wait climaxes I have to wonder how old this author is and how sexually experienced Now I m not saying virgins can t write great books but these guys are regularly having sex 4 6 times in an evening day after day and Yuichi claims his record is 9 times I m sorry but he d be shooting powder by about 6 Oh and did I mention the self lubing asshole that Kanae has Several times it s mentioned that there is clear fluid or he s not wet enough et Pre cum of the butt WTF It was an okay story with Kanae liking Yuichi despite the fact that he s pretty much an asshole but the over emphasis on uantitative sex and the weird self lubing kind of made me go huh Familiar BL PWP story where the uke believes he is harboring "A One Sided Love For "one sided love for seme The book wasn t too bad but the smut could have been written better The first time the main characters have sex is great and very descriptive but then the author gets lazy and dedicates a paragraph at most for each subseuent encounter Overall it was an okay story and if ou re looking for some PWP with stereotypical BL characters it s a good way to kill and hour or two but I wouldn t go out of my way to read it again This is pure PWPone sex scene after another after another after another etc Nothing wrong with that per say but if that s all there is then the sex needs to be really well written and smokin hot Unfortunately in this story it was just kind of average If the writing hadn t been so awkward and choppy it might have been much better This is my first novel by this author so I don t know if that s just her writing style or if it s due to the translationAnyhowit s writing style or if it s due to the translationAnyhowit s mildly entertaining read if ou ve got nothing better Not completely awful but not that great either Although I did uite enjoy the scene where Yuichi was molesting Kanae on the train POh and one warningKanae has a self lubricating asshole sighs and rolls eyes Why the hell do authors do that If it s a non human character okay fineI can buy that But Humans Ugh So ridiculous Number of illustrations 10 Artwork uality average I made an error I bought this book thinking it was a graphic novel the cover is pretty cute and instead it s a aoi novel It s my first time I read a true japanese aoi novel and my feelings are puzzledOverall I have to say that I like it but it s clearly a novel written by a woman for women Why I say this Cause after reading hundreds and hundreds of gay romance I know certaing things about gay love maybe than I want and there are some sex scene in this book that are impossible realistic impossible But still it s almost Kanae is a university student whose cold beauty has led people to spread nasty rumors about his promiscuity In truth Kanae is a vi.