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Not bad for a paperback romance I read this previously in book called FINDING LOVE AGAIN I loved this book s storyline This book s storyline was heart breaking I LOVED THE CHRISTIAN THEME IN THIS the Christian theme in this I loved Peter s character I loved Laura s character I loved the kids I loved the ending Awesome job Ms Daley As a former foster parent who adopted her foster daughter I assumed I would like this series which centers around foster care but I didn t just like this first book I loved it Margaret Daley has written a story that is sweetbut yet has lots of depth to it She obviously knows a reat deal about the emotions foster children deal with and the varied ways that unexpressed anger shows itself Within the course of the story Ms Daley deals with foster care divorce the healing ualities of animals romance The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) grieving romance dreams faith in God and dealing with anger appropriately but yet the story is inspiring not depressing Luckily I have books two three and four in this series I ll just have to hope I can find book five as I can t wait to read them This was areat book I was reminded that the best way to handle problems in Our Lives Is To lives is to them over to. As the local high school principal Peter Stoneknew troubled student Sean Williams neededhis expert assistance And as a Christian Peterknew God was leading him to hel. Once Upon a FamilyS a 180 degree turn from the Dean Koontz and John Grisham novels I usually read but it really is a nice book that appeals to mommas I am not usually a romance reader This book had a splash of romance but drew me in because I love kids and the foster system holds a special place in my heart Now i have an entire serie A very nice love story Normally I shy away from romance novels especially the kind you read in monthly paperbacks Chick porn I call it since these novels typically induce women to long for what they don t have much like irlie magazines and X rated movies do for A Man However Margaret Daley man However Margaret Daley not that kind of writer This book is a ood example of whyWhen a newly widowed woman and a divorced man meet regarding her son S BEHAVIOR AT SCHOOL NEITHER LAURA WILLIAMS NOR PETER behavior at school neither Laura Williams nor Peter imagine they could ever be than reluctant acuaintances But their concern for others and a love of animals forges a bond that deepens even as old wounds are re opened Each learns to trust God trust each other and forgive those who hurt them in the past A family is healed and a new one is formed as life long dreams are realizedMargaret deals with the issues of abuse foste. Her protests Laurafound herself and her brood freuent visitorsto Peter's ranch and the church he attended Soon it seemed her family was meant tocomplete Peter's life. ,

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God and let Him handle them for us It works if we just do it ebook from the library and oing through Margaret s books Peter n Laura s story I met the characters previously in the series so it was a matter of catching up in how Stone s refuge evolved some of the story was close evolved Some of the story was close home and a reminder not to keep things To Yourself But Speak Out So The Power Lessons Its yourself but speak out so the power lessons its God is big Enough To Handle Our to handle our brokenness anger rief pain joy and tears Read this book and series a few years ago and failed to review I have thought of it many time over the years but couldn t remember the name I really liked this book It s family oriented and since I m a momma that s what I m into It s about a widow and her four kids who move in with her aged aunt in a new town after she the widow had to o through bankruptcy because of her late husband s ambling debts It s about the struggles she Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students goes through while raising her kids and trying to keep her sanity As an added bonus her oldest son s principal becomes interested in her It also is about the widow s relationship with God as she struggles to understand why all these things are happening to her Certainly this book P Yet it wasthe boy's mother who captured Peter's noticeLaura a widow caring for her four childrenand ailing aunt had no time for romance orreligion Somehow despite.