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Heart Of A Lawman Sons Of Silver Springs Harleuin Intrigue #559

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Awman is a pleasant tale with Feel Of A Traditional Western Cowboys Are of a traditional Western Cowboys are a popular hero but Josie is also a great heroine a strong and capable horse wrangler living the
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many readers of Rosemoor does her sual fine job building the sense of danger with a number of tense encounters and perilous moments I suspected who the villain was at one point but the author made it so I was never too sure I was right The final showdown is a nail biter and the glimpses of what s to come in the next two books are truly intriguingI do have to admit this is a story I liked than I loved While I ve often commented on Intrigues that have plenty of romance and too little action this one has the opposite problem There is plenty of action and a number of subplots but the romance is very Gone til November underdeveloped It s 200 pages in before Bart and Josie move past the little sparks they occasionally feel around one another and really seem to make a connection This is the kind of book where the author has to mention in the epilogue how the relationship has progressed since she didn t have time to show the development of the romance in her story She also leaves some loose ends some of them obviously setp for events in the coming books but some of which felt like they should have been answered in this one Sadly the characters of Bart s children probably could have been cut and the story would have hardly changed they were so Turning The Professor Into A Crossdressing, Sissified and Feminized Pet - A Tale of Forced Feminization! underdevelopedOn the whole Rosemoor s fluid writing style and flair for keeping readers guessing will have them turning the pages Heart of a Lawman is a pleasing tale that indicates she has some interesting tales in store for her readers in the coming months I expected a little heat between Josie and Bart but the story was definitely exciting You re introduced to several men. WMAN 45Tragedy sent Bartarrels home to his dying father's side but there was something wrong at the family ranch Something wrong with the new horse wrangler he .
ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley Bart comes back home to his father s ranch weary of his father s motives but that s not what keeps his thoughts occupied That privilege Fortinbras at the Fishhouses ussurped by the beautiful and very mysterious woman he meets while she tries to rescue a cat from an abandoned buildingJosie is a woman with no past Well a woman who cannot remember her past Her life is a blank slate but for the feeling of being in danger of being hunted and the short Flashes Of What She of what she are her memories Nothing specific but the fear of a man beating her No wonder she s jitteryLooking for a job in a ghost town throws her and Bart together but their fragile relationship might not have a happy endingThis sed to be a Harleuin release back in the day and it shows I didn t mind the slightly dated feel of the story I minded everything else The pacing was atrocious the characters all over the place the glimpses of the villain s point of view jarring the suspense stiltedI didn t like anything about it really Just kept turning the pages hoping the end was near A "good western with as Bart helps solve the mystery of Josie s amnesia Good first book in the trilogy and " western with as Bart helps solve the mystery of Josie s amnesia Good first book in the trilogy and forward to reading about this ranching familyEbook A good first book to a new series i ite enjoyed this book will be reading by this author Love and Danger in the WestApril 23 2000Patricia Rosemoor kicks off her latest trilogy The Sons of Silver Springs with Heart of a Lawman Bart Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers uarrels has returned to the ranch where he grewp to take over from his ailing father The ranch is in trouble but so is Josie Wales a newcomer in town who has amnesia Someone she can t remember is stalking her When she gets hired on at the ranch the danger follows and the former lawman is forced to protect his beautiful ranch handHeart of a From RTBookReviews With her typical flair for writing exciting adventure that captures readers from the very first Patricia Rosemoor does it again in HEART OF A LA.
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That could possibly be the one from Josie s past that is stalking her Meanwhile you get little glimpses of the past she is slowly remembering I thought her fake name of Josie Wales was a little cheesy No one "Associated It With The Clint Eastwood Movie " it with the Clint Eastwood movie Bart has his law friend look into Josie Come on I thought that would have been obvious Bart has his law friend look into Josie Come on I thought that would have been obvious gave it 4 stars 25 stars I ve read a few Harleuins in my day and as far as this one goes it is neither great nor bad If you re looking for a light ro9mance read then try this book just don t expect anything too spectacular This is the first book in a trilogy but I did not feel too compelled to look for and buy the other two books because while I enjoyed reading this it wasn t that good I found the plot to be contrived though some people do like that DNFI truly tried to finish this story but found my mind wondering while reading I found I was Present Pasts unable to form a connection to the characters The story felt outdated to me and wasite scattered with the rhythm stopping and starting several times I didn t feel there was a flow the characters were disjointed and simply not believable I hate being so harsh on an author normally I feel that when I m nable to finish a book on an author normally I feel that when I m nable to finish a book s because the story didn t interest me but that the writing was fine it just wasn t my type of story In this case the writing itself is what interfered with my normal enjoyment of a book This could be because the story I enjoyed the first book in the Sons of Silver Springs series by Patricia Rosemoor There a was a bit of everything mystery romance suspense action It was a nice read to while away a lazy afternoon I m looking forward to the other brothers stories Good ReadI can t wait The Possible Police until I get the next two books in this seriesLots of actionthrills and suspensePlus plenty of fun. Ired Josie couldn't remember her past But someone did He was trying to kill her Would Bart be able to protect her from the past that threatened their future togeth.