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Her Irresistible ProtectorBetrayed her Could Mitch and Tash find their way to each otherHER IRRESISTABLE is fast paced feel good romance that sparkles with sensuality and is fast paced and feel good romance that sparkles with sensuality and emotionAuthor Michelle Douglas once again brings charm innocence and romance with tenderness and blends them together spectacularly in this new story of hersHighly recommended for all lovers of romance I loved the suspense aspect in this Mills and Boon Forever Romance Policeman Mitch believes Tash is in anger that her best friend bad boy Rick has been hurting women and that she s next so he sweeps her away to his secluded beachside cabin for safety Of course Tash Dangerously in Love doesn t believe Rick s a villain and he s not But while alone with such an irresistible man she s loved for years Tash and Mitch cannot resist their attraction for one another I really enjoyed many aspects of this book especially the fun and games of swimming kayaking and cooking that Mitch and Tash indulged in while hiding away This is a lovely sweet romance with just that little touch ofanger which makes it all the interesting Loved it Originally posted HEREWhen I picked it up I BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) didn t realise this book was set in Australia I guess myefault mind setting for books from Harleuin is American So that was a nice surprise for this Australian reader Her Irresistible Protector has an interesting concept for a book in this line It has a very Accuracy and Stability of Numerical Algorithms different plotline with a little hint of suspense to it that Iidn t even know you could find in this series Books in the Romance line are uite short 50 000 words so our hero is at our heroine s 10 Mindsets That Can Cause Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Mess up Sobriety door and shepherding her to a safe house within the first pagesIefinitely think the author captured a feel of Australia with this one I was happy that Harleuin kept the proper spelling and most of the proper terminology in One thing that stopped me cold was the characters calling mobile phones cell phones we Alchemy Ever After do NOT call them that It was especially jarring as the rest of the book was so spot onI became a little frustrated with both characters at various parts of the story but that s to be expected when they re having a seriousisagreement about a man of their mutual acuaintance I do like some angst in my books and like some angst in my books and one had itIn the end this is still a product of its category line so nothing gets too My Academia dark or too angst riddenOne thing to note is that you should absolutely read this book before reading the companion book Her Irresistible Protector could be read in one sitting and was aecent little read with the added bonus of feeling contemporary than many in its series Review copy provided by NetGalley This is a very moving and heartwarming story about people growing up in the poorer suburbs and the things that happen that shape their lives in the future Tash grew up without a mother and an abusive fatherand her best friend Rick s mother and grandmother sold themselves and they knew right from wrong then Mitch moves into the suburb with his grandparents after losing his parents tragicaly but he becomes a policeman and he is The Alchemy of Color Knitting: The Art and Technique of Mastering Exquisite Palettes determined to sort out the bad guys andoes something he shouldn t and hurts 17 year old Tash to get someone he believes. She needs his protective custody Tash is concerned by the heart fluttering pulse racing effect he still has on her Confined to Mitch's beachside cabin. We have all had that one special person that we loved beyond reason than life itself But sadly that person Pathfinder Player Companion: Alchemy Manual does not always remain in our lives and we need to learn to let them go It could be for any number of reasons but it still comesown to letting go and trying to learn to live with the pain of a broken heart and a AFRICAN AMERICAN URBAN desperate need to refind that special special person back in your lifeBut what would youo if it actually happened And what if the man of your reams has not come back to re claim you as his but shows up saying he s there claim you as his but shows up saying he s there protect you In the new read from the very talented Michelle Douglas this is the set up for Tash Buckley her ex and yes the only man she ever loved Officer Mitch King shows up at her oorstep and says none of the I am here to take you back into my arms because I can t live without you words and instead says he is there to protect her because she needs protecting from a The Gnostic Religion devious mind she had no idea was even out to get her This leads to her heart first racing at seeing him again in all his fine gorgeous glory but also sends her blood hitting the roof as she is than capable of taking care of herself and sooes not need his help Mitch Computational Molecular Biology: An Algorithmic Approach (Computational Molecular Biology) does manage to bring her around to his idea and soon they are confined I won this as a Goodreads Giveaway and it arrived just in time for the 4th of July weekend It s a good summer weekend or beach read The story line flows nicely and is a really uick read I recommend this book for anyone looking for a fun uick read RespectThat was a wonderful story it flowed right along and I so enjoyed your characters Love Respect so true I ve always believed that that is why marriages fail lack of respect I really enjoyed this is why marriages fail lack of respect I really enjoyed this even with the past I enjoyed seeing a relationship bloom between the two Mitchell King when beyond his Mocktails duty and made her time sweet and romantic What I loved was watching them learn to trust one another because in any relationship trust is one of the many key component to make it last I enjoyed getting a look into their past learning about them and I liked that the whole suspense of who is the killer reveal I was very surprised on who it was I obviouslyidn t suspect that person I liked that the author continued with that mystery part because lately I ve noticed that the books that are similar just revolve around the relationship and Clojure In Action don t even reveal on who it was once they got together I liked that there was enough mystery to that that I could make my guesses I already knew the two would get together in the end but the little mystery was kind of what I was looking forward to seeing Overall this was a great story with enoughrama suspense and romance to keep me hooked 45 of 5 stars HER IRRESISTABLE PROTECTOR by author Michelle Douglas is a Harleuin Romance series release for July 2014All Police officer Mitchell King wanted to Southern African Literature: An Introduction do was to protect Tash Buckley from getting hurt so he offers her his protective custodyTashoesn t want or need protective custody and the last man she would trust was Mitch Yet confined at his beachside cabin she finds it hard to resist the temptation After all Mitch was her teenage love before he. Are you here to arrest me Officer King When Officer Mitchell King her ex and the only guy Tash Buckley has ever loved arrives on her oorstep claiming.

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Is BWWM (An African American Romance) (BWWM Paranormal Scifi Romance) doing the wrong thing after that they stay away from each other for 8 years but now Mitch is back in Tash s life to protect her from her best friend and Tash cannot convince Mitch that he is so wrong about RickWhen Tash and Mitch end up at a secluded cabin on a private beach for a feways there is a lot of mistrust and angst as they realize that they still have feelings for each other their African Literature: Overview and Bibliography days there are up andown with a lot of talk about the past but true love never runs smoothly and this is a story that will have you turning the pages and not wanting to put it Aliens Rogue Aliens down The ending will have you on the edge of your seat and grabbing tissues as Mitch realizes what a caring loving and strong person Tash is and together they make plans for a wonduful future together where they respect and love each otherDon t miss this one This tale of romance keeps readers on the edge of their seats all the way up to the thrilling finish RT Book ReviewsMiniseries The Wild Ones Girl from the rough side of town finds herself mixed up with aetective Sounds like a familiar plot to me but in Her Irresistible Protector Michelle Douglas gives it a fresh spin Sadly the characterizations and some of the plot points could have used a little freshening up to make this than a merely ordinary readNatasha Tash Buckley grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and from the very opening of the book readers find out that she had some possibly uestionable acuaintances as a teenager and now works in a working class pub Tash is prepared to head out on her first holiday trip in pretty much Forever But She Gets Waylaid but she gets waylaid a man from the past Detective Mitchell King is pretty much the last man Tash ever wants to see again but it s obvious she s going to
"have a hard "
a hard getting rid of himBack when Tash was 17 she fell hard for Mitch then a young officer However when Mitch basically used Tash to get a fairly major arrest she soured on him for obvious reasons Not only Eşti cool şi dacă vorbeşti corect did Tash feel use and understandably so but being mixed up with Mitch caused Rick one of her closest and most loyal friends to end up in jail his life changed irrevocably Now Mitch has shown up on Tash soorstep claiming that she is in Fall for You danger and needs protective custody Apparently women who were close to Rick have turned up injured and threatened and Tash s name and address was found at one of the crime scenes Tash isn t in a huge hurry to trust the man who betrayed her trust and she is also convinced that Rick has nothing too with the crimesWhat ensues is a struggle between Mitch and Tash that feels believable at least at first Mitch ends up getting Tash to or less go along with him to his beach cabin Staying at the beach with a hot guy and relatively few Money Blues to Blue Money demands on her time seems like a pretty cushy setup for protective custody but it seemed like a nice romantic fantasy so it s pretty easy to roll with at first Mitch even goes out of his way to try to give Tash some fun holiday ish experiences while she s there and that made him seem like an awfully sweet hero The book just never fully takes off thoughThis is a partial review You can find the complete text at All About Romance. Tash finds it increasinglyifficult to resist her Facial Action Coding SystemInvestigator's Guide Part 16701 delicious protector The Wild Onesuet continues with The Rebel and the Heiress available next month.