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Heroine is always a plus for me I Loved This Well Written Story And loved this well written story and forward to reading from this author RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEWHeartbreaking and emotionally challenging read But yet a dang good ne You don t want to miss Kelttiläistarinoita outn this ne Find ut what happens when Alexis Bertrand life that she loved so much comes crashing down JOSIE S 4 STAR REVIEW Love s Embrace is the story f Alexis Bertrand and Kyle Dupont Kyle and Alexis have been best friends since they were little but for Kyle Alexis was the woman he loved and would always love been best friends since they were little but for Kyle Alexis was the woman he loved and would always love seemed to have everything in life she dreamed f She was married to Bennett her first love and had the career she always WANTED THINGS HAVE NOT BEEN GOING Things have not been going in her marriage though Bennett was always busy with his job never around for her and constantly criticized her Although there were signs that their marriage was no longer the loving relationship it Roma Noir once had been Alexis was not prepared when the words divorce and in love with someone else cameut A History of the Crusades, Volumes I, II and III (Boxed Set) of Bennett s mouth Alexis soon findsut that she is pregnant from her no good cheating estranged husband Bennett is an asshole sorry but he is He wants to live the high life but as soon as he hears Alexis is pregnant he wants her to get rid f the baby Alexis character is strong and steadfast She does not let Bennett s actions define her She is having this baby Although she is alone and scared she knows she is not the nly woman who has had to go through this alone Kyle has always been there for Alexis waiting and loving her from afar but this time he is determined to show her all she needs is a real man Kyle I feel in love with immediately the author creates a character that is loyal committed caring loving and would go to the ends Exhalation of the earth for the woman he loves During the weeks to come Kyle is there to protect her support her andffer a friend s with benefits type Galileo of relationship when she needs it The sex is amazing the man knows sex but the author has this wayf writing the scenes in a way that is not ver kill It is hot steamy and intense Bennett has said and has done so many things that Alexis doubts any man would ever truly love her but when she is with Kyle he makes her feel alive wanted and like a woman who is desired You are so gorgeous You are so beautiful So desirable I want to be alive I need to know Bennett was wrong and I am not frigid Yes Kyle has always been in love with Alexis but this is where the author does things differently Their relationship is years in the making it done at a gradually process He knows that he has to be careful with Alexis and not push her He wants to show her that she IS WANTED The author does not rush the pair into a sexual relationship She gives readers a T she turns to her best friend Kyle Dupont for moral support While he wipes away her tears she begins to see Kyle as a man and not just a friend Is. ,

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Tory a true romance Alexis is having a hard time with her feelings for Kyle as well putting her trust in him Alexis knows that she can raise a baby wn her Cannella e polvere da sparo own and will do it alone However Kyle wants to be there for her and the baby and it feels good that someone wants to do that for her There are not that many men who would even bother with a woman carrying another man s baby I want to make sure you and the baby arekay I will make sure that you are well taken care f and the baby is born healthy Awwww can I have side f Kyle to go please Ladies hold n because Kyle is every woman s dream man he is now added to my BBR list YES SIR The author really gives readers a love story that feels natural and not based solely n sex it is deeper We have heart ache betrayal and the author throws in an element f danger which made the book exciting There are secrets that will be revealed You will want to scream yell and punch some characters in this book but nce you get to the end it will be all worth it I really loved that author gave readers a hereon that was strong determined and willing to do what she had to do for her child Definitely DOGA AST one you want to pick up and read You made an unforgettable markn my life I tried to stay away but you are too hard to resist Alexis Bertrand and Kyle Dupont were friends ever since they were little Today they are best friends Kyle introduced her to his friend Bennett He didn t realize that they would fall in they are best friends Kyle introduced her to his friend Bennett He didn t realize that they would fall in and get married Kyle was heartbroken because he cared for Lexi and didn t tell her He tucked his feelings away Five years later Lexi finds Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) out her husband has been cheatingn her and has been for uite some time He wants a divorce from #her she moves home and tries to put # She moves home and tries to put life back together Then she finds ut she is pregnant with Bennett s baby but he doesn t want it His girlfriend is pregnant and they want to get married Lexi is brokenhearted Overall Rating Stars This is the first book I ve read by his author What a wonderful book It was very well written and the storyline was very interesting It was very fast paced Kyle and Alexis have been friends for a very long time he introduces her to Bennett She falls a very long time he introduces her to Bennett She falls Bennett and they get married Years go by and Alexis finds something in the car that has her uestioning if her husband is being faithful When she confronts him he admits that he is cheating n her I felt so bad for her Then Alexis finds Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition out something big Her world starts to spendut Pentimento of control by this surprise She runs into Kyle again Oh I love the chemistry between Kyle and Alexis This book tugged at my heart and I cried a little I can t wait to read from this incredible author This is a must read book Thank you Mary for writing a brilliant book Great Job. There a chance for a happily ever after with Kyle Or should she forgive Bennett for his betrayal Can she let love wrap her in its warm embracenc. .
Loves EmbraceLove s EmbraceMary Reason TheriotThis story was given to me in exchange for an honest review by The Book EnthusiastAlexis Bertrand thought that she had it all a job that she liked and a husband she loved Sure they had been happier at the beginning La maga delle spezie of the marriage things had cooledff a bit now lately they had been growing apart and not communication as much but she was still blown away when he announced he wanted a divorce he is in love with somebody else Even shocking is the news she gets shortly after that she is pregnant Her soon to be ex husband is not happy with the news and encourages her to end the pregnancy Now she is alone encourages her to end the pregnancy Now she is alone pregnant Not the life that she had envision Alexis Bertrand thought she had the perfect life with a husband who loved her and a job she loved Everything blew up when she found The Last Testament out her husband had been cheatingn her and the man she thought she truly knew was putting her through the divorce from hell When Alexis found ut she was pregnant she believed the baby was the nly good thing to come from her broken heart Her nly Constant Show Support Is show support is best friend Kyle Dupont Alexis finds herself feeling something for Kyle and Kyle is not shying away from the feelings he has had for years for Alexis Can Alexis let go f the pain The Art of Teaching the Bible: A Practical Guide for Adults of her past and create a new life with Kyle He maybe able to help hern the path to healingWonderful story I loved that Alexis didn t just roll Gaudi over she fought to begin a new life She has a few hiccups but she is a strong woman who was inspiring Kyle is so sweet you know where his heart lies and you hope that Alexis can see that he is thene who she truly can count The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 2 on Perfect read for rainy day Workingn writing my review now It will be posted here after it goes live Astrología para principiantes on my blog I will say that I there was a point where I thought I might need to yell at the author for what she d done 45 starsAlexis thinks her life is good that she has all she ever wanted until her husband asks for a divorce He s in love with someone else and wants to be free She knew things had been a bit cold a littleff but she never expected this The next bombshell is she s about to be a single mom Finding Amen: what prayer can mean in a world beyond belief out she s pregnant while going through a divorce she looks at her baby as thenly good thing to come from their marriage Pregnant and alone the No Puedo Perderte one person that s always been there for her is there withpen arms to support and help her through this time Kyle would love her through it if she d let him Alexis has feelings for Kyle as well but can she trust these feelings Is it fair to him She s going through an emotional time in her life and the pregnancy makes it even worse I adored the fact that didn t lay down and cry she stood up tall and took her life back A strong. Alexis Bertrand thought she had it all – the perfect job and loving husband Suddenly Lexi finds herself separated and pregnant With a broken hear. ,