[Finally a Family A Family for Luke] Kindle Ó Carolyne Aarsen

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Handsome Co *with handsome co owner Westerveld She'll make the sacrifice f Look to the Mountain it means a uick sale But doesn't count on Ethan feeling like familyor that she'd want to stay forever A FAMILY FOR LUKE Luke Harris grew up without family Nowt's all he wants Especially. Two heartwarming novels by bestselling
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Carolyne Aarsen *A FAMILY HANNAH KRISTOFERSON WANTS NOTHING KRISTOFERSON WANTS NOTHING DO WITH *FAMILY Hannah Kristoferson wants nothing to do with lands she nherited They only serve as a reminder of her past heartbreak Yet she has to stay six months at Riverbend Ranch or forfeit the rest of her nheritance That When he moves next door to *WIDOWED MOM JANIE CORBETT AND HER *mom Janie Corbett and her kids *but janie's been burned before and won't *Janie's been burned before and won't say unless Luke reconciles with his troubled past the help of one stubborn woman three smart kids and a cherished Labrador retriever there might be a family for Luke after Finally a Family A Family for Luke