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Good parts though the setting the creepy atmosphere the character of "the old Maddox but not nough to give it a higher mark Perhaps someone will say I m a bit harsh " old Maddox but not nough to give it a higher mark Perhaps someone will say I m a bit harsh I ve read plenty books on this subject and this one simply didn t have that something that others had Will not support author due to the reasons Explained In This Review in this review meets 19th century Science and S ance But mainly it s Dracula For the first 23rds of the book the story was similar nough that I had to say Why not just go read Bram StokerThe nding picks up the pace and mixes it up a bit although there s a twist at the nd that will likely only be appreciated by people that have read the previous three books in this series I have notA young British man is sent to investigate the reputation of a foreign nobleman who wishes to make a significant donation to a beuest It wouldn t do you see for an institution to accept money from a uestionable sourceUnfortunately although the giver is undeniably noble wealthy and a brilliant businessman and inventor uestions do indeed arise His castle is downright spooky he s clearly hiding secrets the local peasants are superstitious about him and then there s a odd correlation between his travels and the location of the discoveries of the mutilated bodies of murdered young womenMeanwhile a young woman with a tendency toward the vapors travels as well assisting her father with his magic show one that has recently taken a turn toward spiritualism Her health has also taken a turn for the worse and in desperation her father contacts yet another doctor who s interested in proposing an xperimental course of treatmentThe book is billed as a Charlie Maddox mystery but honestly I never got much of a sense of Mr Maddox here The two main characters are the swooning asily influenced Lucy and the Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential enigmatic Dracula I mean Baron Von ReisenbergThe prose is a faux 19th century style which I didn t mindxcept when the voice of a modern narrator intrudes unnecessarily which happens periodically Things like once called a seuential killer nearly a hundred years before the coinage of a far better known modern phrase or mentioning in passing that arsenic in paint unknown to any of the characters will years later cause the demise of attendants at an asylum It s jarring and over the style of the book is out of place and inappropriate if the narrator is presumed to be modern dayOverall I certainly couldn t say the book was strikingly original and it has its flaws but I did njoy reading it I d recommend it for fans of the original Dracula who njoy tributes to the classic taleMany thanks to NetGalley for providing a copy of this book As always my opinions are solely my own With thanks to the publishers for providing me with an book review copy via NetGalley Lynn Shepherd fans will already know that ach of her novels have as their fans will already know that ach of her novels have as their a classic work of literature Murder at Mansfield Park fairly obviously Mansfield Park Tom All Alone s Bleak House A Treacherous Likeness took as its inspiration Mary Shelley s Frankenstein and the lives of those concerned with that infamous Swiss holiday Now The Pierced Heart plays homage to Dracula Bram Stoker s classic gothic novel while also drawing on the real life story of a mysterious scientist my full review Probably closer to 35 stars I njoyed this installment of the Maddox series less than previous ones Perhaps I Placing Memory enjoyed the others because I am familiar with their literary setting This one haschoes of Dracula as well as historical figures but it never resonated with me Not a terrible book by any means but pales in comparison to its predecessors Looking for a story that mixes supernatural and science This one mixes vampirism with historical medical and scientific adventures all wrapped up in themes of Dracula castles and 19th century London Although heavy with descriptions of traveling that sometimes were a bit dull the characters Charles Maddoxx Lucy and the Baron were well drawn and propelled the story Very Lasombra entertaining and suspenseful despite its slow start Honestly I liked the story but thending left me saying okay and So because the nding lacked real motion during the last scene and the Wanton Nights epilogue I was disappointed Still it s a good read if you want a thrilling plot sinister characters bloody murders supernatural mystery andlements of history A must read for vampire fansI received this book via NetGalley for a fair and honest review. Must find out Drawing inspiration from both Dracula and from the strange life of a mysterious and long forgotten real life scientist The Pierced Heart dramatizes a fatal clash between science and superstition at a time of profound change and dangerous transition and once again spins a gorgeously atmospheric literary suspense story from one of the world's most beloved novels. Title The Pierced HeartAuthor Lynn ShepherdSummary Thief Taker Charles Maddox is journeying to Vienna from his home in London hired "to audit a collection of books for an investor he is to visit the castle " audit a collection of books for an investor he is to visit the castle Baron Von Reisenberg After the tragic While My Soldier Serves events of his life Maddox needs to get away from the memories of London and put behind him the thoughts of a young dead girl and still born child Castle Reisenberg is a foreboding structure and Maddox reaches it late in the night he is well received by his host and tries to rest But the Castle has its own secrets and Maddox finds himself drawn into the darkness and haunts of Baron Von Reisenberg and the superstitions of the surrounding villagers Superstitions that believe the Castle and its owner to be far than they seem Maddoxxplores the hidden chambers of the Castle and stubbles onto a horror that has him committed to an asylumCharles recognizes it at once the white figured woman thrown back over the bed the grinning monkey fiend astride her body and the white yed horse leering through the womb red drapes Fuseli s Nightmare perhaps the most infamous image of the Gothic imagination Only this is not the painting or ven a print of the painting It is a copy in wax sized to the life As the light from the lamp wavers in the sudden draught Charles has a momentary wild conviction that this girl is actually alive Elsewhere the journal of young Lucy is kept as she travels with her father Her trade is to communicate with the dead But she and her father are pretenders in the art and she soon finds that there is a darker ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe evil about Anvil that kills young women and then mutilates their corpse Maddox returns to London to find that the The Fiend Next Door evil he left in Vienna has come to his home The murders of young women Prostitutes Their bodies mutilated and the heads taken Before that though the blood drained and two small punctures left in the throat Punctures that make him think of the time spent Castle Reisenberg Maddox finds himself on the trail of a creature that his scientific and logical mind cannot accept A creature that has taken young Lucy and will do to her what Maddox has seen done to the dead A creature of myth Can Maddox find and kill a creature he does not believexist A killer of superstition and legend A creature that may be turning young Lucy into one of its ownI am becoming a thing of darkness My yes are too weak to bear ven the dim glow that comes when he opens the door and I recoil from it in pain as I recoil from his touch I can no longer பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் even see his face as the light streams in behind him and he seems monstrous like a fiend of some half forgotten myth Maddox the broken Thief Taker is pitted against the legend of Nosferatu the strigoi the UndeadReview Lynn Shepherd has taken one of my favorite novels of all time Dracula and infused it into a mystery with her own character Charles Maddox Many of the same characters are still here Lucy Van Helsing The Baron as Shepherd s incarnation of Dracula And Maddox as Jonathan Harker It is audacious brazenven blasphemous in some circles But Shepherd pulls this one off Turning the horror story outline of Bram Stoker s into her own murder mystery I have read Lynn Shepherd s prior novels and am happy to see her return to form After her novel A Fatal Likeness I had concerns But she has returned to the tempo and story driven novel that was A Solitary House The only issue I have with these novels is the main character himself Charles Maddox I just don t like him He is high browed without the nobility or birthright to be Judgmental of others when his own actions and irresponsibility has done so much harm To Those He Purports those he purports love and care about But it is story that does it for me on this one Shepherd has written a very good story and taken the Dracula mythos into a different and The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 entertaining back alley Well done I received this Kindledition from Net Galley In my opinion The Pierced Heart is Lynn Shepherd s best work to date I was surprised to find the story on average 100 pages shorter than her previous three books but as so often the reader is reminded that it isn t really about the length of the book that defines its uality With only ca 230 pages the author created a story of suspense grotesue A Meditation on Murder eeriness and the possibility of the supernatural As with all books in a series it is impossible to review this book in a standard manner since variouslements of the overall story may be the focus while oth. In a dazzling mystery inspired by Bram Stoker's much beloved Dracula the critically acclaimed author of The Solitary House and A Fatal Likeness Lynn Shepherd and her brilliant Victorian detective Charles Maddox return in their biggest most challenging literary suspense novel yetClever erie and compelling by turns The Pierced Heart finds detective Charles Maddox traveling to. .

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Ers are left for later installmentsThe plot as with all of the author s stories in this series she decides to focus on one particular classic literary work an This is the third novel by Lynn Shepherd featuring Charles Maddox I ve read and njoyed them all and have some of the same feelings about this book as I did about the second one A Fatal Likeness Which is the telling could benefit from some additional backstory refreshing or at the very least I couldWhile I can remember parts of Travis each previous story I don t necessarily remember all of the details I think the readingxperience would be a little richer if there was a little fleshing out of the past trials and tribulations of our ndearing protagonist I know that I really njoyed his company in the past but in this go round I felt like I didn t really get to know him very wellThis is a relatively short book weighing in at 228 pages I AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 expected it to be a uick read but found the pacing was a little drawn out There were times when I wasn t uite sure what the author was thinking tying her story so closely to Bram Stoker s Dracula But having recently listened to the audio version of the original loved it I didnjoy connecting the characters and the imagery in my mindFortunately readers are rewarded with a great The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? ending I loved the way the author tied up this story it was satisfying and well done and very cleverly has me wanting to read the next book in the series without leaving me with the feeling that I m hanging at thedge of a cliffThank you to the Vine Program and Delacorte Press for providing me with an advance uncorrected proof in xchange for an honest review DNFed at 37% And Lord I m surprised I made it that farHere s a list of issues I had with this bookFirst off the writing style is ridiculously difficult to read It s like the author tried way too hard to xactly The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online emulate the common writing styles of the book s time setting 19th Century with thend result being a style that is largely inaccessible to the modern reader It takes a substantial amount of ffort to follow this story because of the style and uite frankly that is not what I m looking for in my usual modern read If I want a challenging classic like book read I ll read an actual classic instead of a modern day imitation of one All around the style choice was just very poor Not only because it was so difficult but because it served to distance me from the main character in a way that made me feelabsolutely nothing for him I didn t care about the protagonist at all because I consistently felt very far away from himThose issues alone were nough to turn me off this book very very uicklyBut they were further 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) exasperated by thesuper weird awkward plot The first 30% of the book according to my Kindle is like this strange tacked on prologuesue section that occurs before the actual plot of the book starts It s like one super long backstory that pretty much gives away all the mystery that could have xisted in the main long backstory that pretty much gives away all the mystery that could have xisted in the main that doesn t start for a third of the book That s what it read like It wasodd It felt odd It didn t read right to me at all It was uite possibly the strangest structural choice I could have Your Everyday Art World ever conceived for what was supposed to be a paranormal historical mysteryNot a goodxperienceAlll around this book fell flat for me The writing was hard to follow The protagonist was hard to like And the plotI m still not Why Photography Matters entirely sure how to describe that It just didn t work for meRating25 DisclosureI received a freebook copy of this title from the publisher via Edelweiss in Doreen Valiente Witch exchange for an honest review Wow Where toven begin I picked out this book from the library shelf thinking it ll be something similar to the old Victorian gothic novels and classic horror stories which I love It wasn t In fact I was so bored with the descriptions and the lack of dialogue in the beginning I seriously thought I d throw the book at the wall I didn t because the book wasn t mine When you have a mysterious figure right from the beginning and Duty Free Murder everyone andverything points at him it really isn t that interesting And the turn of Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag events at thend the Van Helsing show the unlikely discovery of the girl s heritage It s all so packed in the last 15 or so pages and up until then the pace of the story was snail fast The storytelling was sometimes confusing and some parts were unneccesarily inserted Even the main character Charles Maddox was confused most of the time There were some. The remote castle of the Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute enigmatic Baron Von Reisenberg a pioneering scientist with a terrible secret Meanwhile London is in the throes of a series of brutal murdersxecuted by a mysterious killer known only as The Vampire What is the connection between the Baron and the murders And what does the journal of a young theater assistant named Lucy have to do with it all Maddox. .
The Pierced Heart Charles Maddox #4