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An excellent thriller as for the other books in the series a motley crew with a lot of tongue in cheek humor a great heroine as well with lots of courage and action which is difficult for her since she suffers from a kind of autism will soon read of courage and action which is difficult for her since she suffers from a kind of autism will soon read 5 since this thriller ends with what looks like a cliffhanger Love this seriesLove this series Another good story Great characters good plot kept my interest until the end On to the next Excellent as alwaysRiveting details of art espionage and crime bring the story together and continue the drama I did enjoy this one too but I think after 4 books it becomes a bit formulaic and stagnant Sure there is some character development still but it becomes increasingly frustrating to read pages upon pages of Manny vs ColinVinnie Francine flirting with Manny and him getting grumpy and blushing Even adding a few new characters in the mix didn t do much to alleviate this And I know very well by now that Genevieve interprets things literally so I have no need to read many times that she is frustrated about that when people say give me a second or I ll be there in a minute it actually takes longer I got the memo ThanksAgain there s a point where the last connections that need to be made to see the case as a whole become suddenly clear to Genevieve and again I made to see the case as a whole become suddenly clear to Genevieve and again I can help but well duh I guess it s hard with the world s foremost expert in reading non verbal communication but I d really like to see a story where the villain has Genevieve fooled At the moment she seems pretty much infallible apart from the fact that I think she should have come to the conclusion sooner in some casesI do still enjoy the characters though and am happy to see them again Though I was disappointed that the writer seemed to dumb down Vinnie by saying something along the lines of him not being very smart but that he had street smarts whereas in previous instalments he s surprised them with his intelligence and seeing things that the others haven t thus in yet another way defeating his thug stereotypeI d probably read another one and I don t regret reading any of the books so far but I think I need a palate cleanser or two before that Girlfriend writes a bada novel I love all the books in this series The are mind bending sexy riveting mysterious but most of all FUN The characters are people you care about and the interaction between them is real and honest and full on crazy I think Daniel is my new favorite characteror maybe Pinkor Tom IDK they are so well written I would love to be friends with them allCan t say enough nice things about this book and the 3 others in this seriesAnd now book hangover begins You know where you ha. A murdered politician An unsolved art heist An international conspiracy A cryptic online message leads nonverbal communications expert Doctor Genevieve Lenard to the body of a brutally murdered politician Despite being ordered not to investigate Genevieve and her team look into this. Ve trouble finding something new to read bacause you are still living in the last book s world Yeah I get that a lot when I read Estelle Ryan s booksRead it You won t regret getting pulled into the world of Genevieve Colin Francine Vinnie Philip Nikki and Manny Another great Genevieve Lenard bookHighly entertaining a lighthearted read With each of the books you get to know the various characters a little better The fourth in the series and Ryan does not disappoint I love that the relationship of the team continues to evolve Ryan does an amazing ob capturing Genevieve s struggle with autism and her ability to cope with human interaction Well written and detailed A good mystery but to be honest the actual case always seems to take a back seat to the team s interaction My one take a back seat to the team s interaction My one was that the whole issue of the Isabella Gardner heist was left hanging This series ranks right up there with Louise Penny s Armand Gamache or Archer Mayor s Joe Gunther series So glad I still have six left to read Colin awakens Jenny at 200am and asks her to contact Manny for him He is at the residence of Claude Saveux Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs Looking At Affairs looking at body Colin needs Manny to get a warrant and people with him he can trust to get into the house When Jenny asks Colin why he is there he says Ask Nikki Nikki an 18 year old student who was introduced in The Braue Connection is now living with Jenny Colin and Vinnie She had received a second direct message on Twitter from an anonymous source that told her to tell Jenny about the message a reference to a piece of art and an address Jenny and her team have still been working to locate Ducwicz the assassin for hire that abducted drugged and invaded her home and Nikki didn t want to further stress her out so she showed Colin Now a dead body has been found and the team is involved in two concurrent high value investigationsThe story keeps developing the skills of the team and their relationships to one another The clues the subterfuge the team engages in the twists and turns in the investigation continue to hold my interest and keep the pages turning I highly recommend this series for the background into art as well as an exciting mystery Another exciting novel by Estelle Ryan The story did not disappoint and I m now officially hooked on this series 007 Villains Can t Sink My Favorite Autistic HeroBeing autistic Dr Genevieve Lenard didn t naturally learn to pick up on other people s cues Emotions and body language were mysteries to her so she used her prodigious intelligence to study them earning a doctorate and becoming known as one of the world s top experts in body language Now she s Vicious crime More online messages follow leading them down a path lined with corruption a sadistic assassin an oil scandal and one of the biggest heists in history the still unsolved 1990 Boston museum art theft worth 500m The deeper they delve the evidence they unearth of a consp.

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The Flinck Connection Genevieve Lenard #4

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Mployed by Rousseau Rousseau an art insurance company and she spends her days in a specially designed viewing room looking at computer monitors investigating insurance fraud Though in the past 18 months days in a specially designed viewing room looking at computer monitors investigating insurance fraud Though in the past 18 months crossing paths with notorious art thief Colin Frey and his gang of friends she s been helping to solve other crimes as wellThe ensemble rounded out by police inspector Manny Millard are often at odds with each other but they make a great team Now they ve been sucked into investigating the suspicious murder of a politician which looks and like it might be connected to some sort of conspiracyWhat I love most about these books told from Genevieve s Jenny s first person perspective is that they give me a window into what it might be like to be neuro atypical Jenny finds it almost physically painful for example to be in a cluttered space or to be touched by anyone not her lover And space or to be touched by anyone not her lover And plays or writes scores of Mozart in her head in order to calm herself down often losing touch with the outer world for minutes or hours at a time She also doesn t understand metaphors and idioms and will take them literally until you explain their meaning to her These kinds of details make her character come alive and make her relatable and lovable in her humanness She has very specific challenges that neurotypical folks don t but she never lets that stop her live the life she wants to live which may be uite different from the life you or I might want to live but Jenny is nothing if not clear about what she wantsI would love to see even of Jenny s uirks coming through I feel like her edges have been a bit rounded down since previous books though to be fair she has also grown as a character from her exposure to the other characters in the ensemble who have softened her a bit so that would explain her rounder edgesI also enjoy the ensemble cast Like a Classic Hollywood heist movie each of the characters in this series has a particular strength she or he brings to the table along with personality uirks that make the dialogue funThe mystery is well twisted too and not easy to figure out so points for thatWhat I didn t like so much well it s a bit crazy over the top Villains so bad they re ust plain evil incarnate and btw they can scale buildings bypass all security and move practically at the speed of sound I know this is not meant to be realism but still Regardless I plan to keep reading Jenny and the gang are too fun even if the villains feel like they dropped in from a 007 film Oh and check out the bonus web page the author creates for each book with videos of all the musical pieces and images of the art mentioned It adds an extra dimension to the story Bravo. Iracy implicating someone close to them someone they hold in high regard With a deadline looming Genevieve has to cope with past and present dangers an attack on one of her team members and her own limitations if she is to expose the real threat and protect those in her inner circle. .