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True concern He nearly died in a bull riding accident he really Believes The Same Thing the same thing happen to Jane He tries to push her out at very opportunity but she is determined to make her dreams come true She is sick and tired of people telling her what she can and can t do and she is not going to take it Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival even from her childhood idol and the sexiest man she hasver metI liked Jane She had pluck She is resourceful And she is unwavering Travis was a little of a mixed bag He has good intentions and his history makes some of his behavior understandable Sometimes though it got old watching him project his fears onto Jane Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, even after she had proven her skill I liked his struggles with his own recovery and how Jane s affections helped him jump back into living bothmotionally and sexually Early on the sexual tension is good and the love scenes paid offBut I had some issues First there was a bit of repetition like in how many times Jane ruminated on how Travis was stealthy for a white man I think I read that at least four times I also took issue with Travis s reaction to learning the secret of a secondary character It was almost The Fix enough to make me stop liking himntirely Not cool Please don t disconnect me from the hero this way It also bothered me some that we never really learn how old he is He could have been anywhere from 25 50Overall though I liked it fairly well It wasn t deeply motional It was a story of words than feelings if that makes sense But I liked the vein of female strength and mpowerment I liked the dynamic between the hero and heroine And I thought the nding was satisfyingRating BB ARC provided by author for review Liked the storyline not the usual one Will read from this author I would usually never pick up a book that centered around a rodeo because it just isn t my thing But I received Rodeo Dreams and One Rodeo Season in an omnibus in my very first Ever After Box so I gave it go June is a strong female lead who is tired of veryone telling her she can t do things just because she s a girl or Indian or poor like bull riding Travis is a great scarred hero but could be a bit much He continually projected this fears on June and went from protective to aloof so fast I got whiplash Getting to their HEA was a fun ride with some interesting and amusing minor characters that added humor and dramaOverall Sarah M Anderson is a great storyteller and I really njoyed June and Travis s story Great book a rodeo cowboy finds the woman of his dream. His career he can't afford a distraction like June No matter how far he'll go to protect her from the danger No matter how deeply the stubborn and beautiful rider gets to him. The plot seemed perfectly suited to my taste and yet I didn t find the story very ngaging I liked the characters the rodeo setting and the slow build of the relationship but the presentation was plodding There was nothing wrong with the writing or dialogue but nothing really sparkledIn typical romantic fashion the story is told through the alternating viewpoint of the two main characters June and Travis They didn t have a whole lot of chemistry and the couple of sex scenes were lackluster The author choose to narrate both June s first failed seduction attempt and her later successful attempt through Travis Viewpoint Which Was A Really Odd Choice June Is viewpoint which was a really odd choice June is It Loved June Travis If you love Rodeo you will love this bookNew Author to me I searched and found a Female Bull RiderSarah M Anderson you knocked it out of the park In my opinion this book is awesome well written well told Walk right into this Rodeo get acuainted with June Travis Mitch Paulo Red Randy and Ian I njoyed this HEA story I hope you do toOff to find the next in this series 4 starsReally liked this one Haven t read anything like it before And I Loved How Determined I loved how determined was to make her dreams come true While riding bulls is one of the last things I d want to do June saw it as both her calling and her ticket out of lifelong poverty Hero Travis could be a wet blankie but after almost dying after coming off a bull and suffering through a lengthy rehab his heart was in the right place With few options outside of the rodeo he s clawing his way back up to the top because he knows that his career has a rapidly approaching xpiration date With June s help Travis sees an alternative to the bleak future he The Casa Mono Cookbook envisioned after his competition days were over Injoyed all of the rodeo details as well as how strong June was She s not going to let anyon Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a rodeo Ever wondered what would happen if a woman dared to ride bulls with the guys Here s your chance to get a look at the Rodeo Dreams of June Spotted Elk as she tries to prove she can ride with the best of themJune has always been able to ride whatever comes her way despite her father s criticism and the jeers of the guys And she always lands on her feet She just wants to do what she loves and make nough money to get her mother and herself out of poverty She doesn t count on falling hard for Travis Younkin a bull rider who s trying to make his way back to the top of the circuit after a devastating wre. Love is one unpredictable ride Ride straight to the top of the rodeo circuit that's June Spotted Elk's dream Yes bull riding is a man's world but she won't let anyone not ve. Ck He claims to only be looking out for June s safety but June just sees it as a vote of no confidence in her abilitiesTravis is reluctant to have June on the circuit for a number of reasons He really doesn t want to see her get hurt since he knows all too well WHAT A RANK BULL CAN DO TO THE HUMAN a rank bull can do to the human He also realizes that June is a good rider and she could knock him out of contention for the top spot He s leery of getting too close to her since his last girlfriend was the distraction that led to his wreck and dumped him as soon as he was injured But he can t ignore the fact that June is a talented rider who just happens to be one of the most beautiful women he s ver seen So he may have to put his heart on the line to help her protect her and help make both their rodeo dreams come true I njoyed Rodeo Dreams I liked June s grit and determination I really liked Paulo and Mitch This story focuses on the unlikely heroine of woman bull rider June Spotted Elk a lakota Siouxand Travis Younkin an xperienced bull rider who was almost killed on the bull that she is determined to ride in order to apply the winnings to help one of their friends who was injured by the same animalBut all that comes at the nd and only after the reader sees how these two hide their attraction in their unlikely friendship with a couple of gay cowboys afraid to come out to their buddies in the rough and ready world of rodeoingAlthough I anticipated that all would finally Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) end in a happilyver after getting there was a hard ride one that included any number of surprises and a climax that promised anything but June and Travis getting together I won t spoil it by telling you how things nd as I m sure you ll want to find out for yourself I m not normally a big reader of contemporary romance but I am always such a sucker for a scarred hero I couldn t turn this one down I found it to be a uick and asy read I nded up njoying it for the most part though I had a few small niggles that kept it from being a home runJane is a Native American college student who has never wanted to be anything but a bull rider Unfortunately it s

"A Man S World And "
man s world and one wants to let her in to the boy s club no matter how good she is Thankfully an owed favor gets her foot in the door and after that she only needs to prove herself over and over again Jane can ride with the very best men in the circuit but they don t want her thereSome of the other riders are jerks but Travis Younkin tries to warn her away out of. N a sexy scarred stranger get in her way Seasoned bull rider Travis Younkin knows what it's like to make it to the top and then hit the bottom Back in the arena to resurrect. ,



Rodeo Dreams