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Is story does not acknowledge wealth but it does address The Rush Of The USA To Put A Man On rush of the USA to put a man on moon It also introduces the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA How are characters lives and perspectives interrelated and interdependent How are these interconnections shown in text and imageDue to the fact that I had some background knowledge on the first moon landing I was filling in the blanks of this picture book I did read about Neil Armstrong in the story though How and by whom are perceptions of difference transformed and with what implications for future relationsThis book is about the scientific discovery that changed the USA s production in the scientific and technological communities How are disparities in the funding and support of community infrastructures acknowledged Are ineuities seen to have a material effect on children s opportunities to explore and become their fullest selvesIn the book the author failed to discuss the rest of the world s productivity during the era of the Man on the Moon This book does a satisfactory ob at engaging readers through visuals and giving some information about Neil Armstrong This excellent picture book tells young readers in simple language about astronauts Neil Armstrong Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins and NASA s Apollo 11 mission to the moon The AD560L Lexile level for this book designates it as one for adults to read to a young child However with its captivating narrative and superb color illustrations both adult readers and children are likely to enjoy this wonderful introduction to exploration space and the space program Highly recommended This book was about when Neil Armstrong went to the moon The author did not use much craft in this book It told a story but it was ust #Black And White Nothing Colorful # and white Nothing colorful exciting in between The AUTHOR COULD HAVE USED VOICE IN could have used voice in book The book was based on a true story but that doesn t mean that the book was to be told in a boring way There could have been voice used in this book to make the true story sound like it is worth being told again I wouldn t pull any strategies from this book I would use this as an example that I may need to use voice to bring life to a book especially if it is a true story That way it won t sound like a boring book report 1st 3rd GradeAnastasia Suen tells a very basic story of the Apollo 11 moon landing The book is goo. Picture book format is the amazing true story of the first moon landing when a man set foot on an unexplored world and showed us that the boundaries of our world were ,

D for young readers not many words and the illustrations are cartoon recreations of the event The colors used are mostly muted but the pictures of space were are cartoon recreations of the event The colors used are mostly muted but the pictures of space were with the way Benrei Huang used the blues and blacks to create the vastness of space Students that are interested in space will definitely enjoy this book others may notScience Social Studies After reading this book have the student study other Apollo missions and make a timeline on how the United States got to the moon first Plano author Anastasia Suen has written a remarkable nonfiction children s book about man s first steps on the moon Reading this book to your child serves as a perfect opportunity to share this historical event with young minds The language is very appropriate for the targeted 3 8 age range Moon do you remember your first visitors The first sentence of this book effectively ignites a child s curiosity Astronauts Mike Collins Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were the first humans to land on the moon when some claimed it could not be done Using a powerful mixture of text and illustrations Man on the Moon follows the Apollo 11 s ourney into space the astronauts first steps items they collected and the patriotic symbol left behind Illustrated by Benrei Huang The pages illustrating the Apollo 11 liftoff are full of energy and anticipation In addition the predominately blue hues are a perfect backdrop to demonstrate the vastness of outer space The pictures are appealing to elementary aged children as they look realistic but have a cartoon like feel The author s note at the end gives a personal insight to the author and her association with NASA as a child She grew up in Florida and her father worked at Cape Canaveral Her account of watching launches growing up serves a perfect personal tie in for the closing of the book Anastasia Suen is from Plano and has written 160 books for children and adults She is a Booklist columnist literacy blogger and children s literature consultant Her website is full of useful information for teachers students writers and readers wwwasuencom Simple picture book retelling of the first manned mission to the moon This would be great for a classroom setting of even a space themed storytime for an older crowd Very nice picture book about the first moon landing The illustrations are very nice and the text is easy to read and read aloud Kids love it. ImitlessA perfect introduction to space the space program and exploration Thrilling Kirkus ReviewsThe milestone event is a great idea for a picture book Publishers Week. ,
The author Anastasia Suen did a nice ob of describing the historical event in a way that makes sense to young readers She talks about the first space landing and walk in 1969 where three astronauts made history This uick and informative read has lovely illustrations and an author s note at the end describing where she was during this time in history Great read This is the story of the three astronauts Mike Collins Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong who were the first people to land on the moon in 1969 This had never been done and most people Thought It To Be it to be The famous line was uoted in this book That s one small step for man one giant leap for mankind This line was said when their ship the Eagle landed on the moon The astronauts took any pictures as well as samples They put an American flag on the moon stating America had been there They returned home safely and they were heros On top of this amazing story students will love the illustrations This book talks about the first three visitors of the moon It was 1969 and no one had ever touched the moon The book starts with three men preparing themselves for their first departure to the moon They then took off for the first time in the a spaceship called Apollo 11 In my opinion there are so many books that are similar to this one This is good information to know that a lot of kids might not have any idea about but to me if you go into it not knowing anything it might be confusing for young readers I would say the reading vocabulary in this book is probably at a second grade reading level This could also be used in a science lessonyou could talk about gravity This could also give the important message to young kids that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up if they set their mind to it How accurate are representations of language culture setting and relationshipsThe language of this book is English The culture setting and relationshipsThe language of this book is English The USA and the moon are all Accurate Are Characters Fully Realized And Shown To Have AgencyThe Are characters fully realized and shown to have agencyThe descriptions were brief and the book consisted mainly of illustrations How is difference constructed and what does it mean for a character s belonging in an uneual worldI am not sure that the book addresses this topic How is material wealth acknowledged or taken for granted in a story especially at a time of extreme poverty for fully a third of the children living in the USTh. It was 1969 and no one had ever set foot on the moon Some said it couldn't be done But astronauts Mike Collins Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were going to try Here in.