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This turned out to be a better book than I thought it would be at the beginning Jericho is a sheriff in a small town He prefers to do things on his own rather than put other people at risk There is a gang of train robbers that has been stealing gold shipments that he hasn t caught yet and the bank has hired a Pinkerton agent to help him He is dismayed to find out that the detective is a woman Maddie is a widow who is determined to live life on her own terms Her Husband Had Kept Her Under had kept

her under control 
under control she wasn t able to do any 35 stars A little twist to the Western romance Madison is a Pinkerton detective who is determined to do the fulfilling job she loves Jericho is the toughened loner hero afraid to jeopardize the ones close to him therefore he preferred to work alone Part of the fun was watching them trying to work as a team yet both were so headstrong Once they realized they had feelings for ach other things got a little complicated for them Maddie wanted to pursue her dream and Jericho didn t want to let her go Theirs was a sweet and tender romance with Jericho yearning for what he was afraid to have Their gang chasing Obsession escapades kept the story moving right along RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEWWell written Fast paced withnough humor and character balance to keep you glued from start till Cabaret: A Roman Riddle end Very talented author Cockiness in one man the needs to be knocked down but can it happen Pick up your copy to find out The main characters were not very interesting or believable and their love story bored me a bitWhat is the interest of having a woman detective if you just make her feeble and useless The author did not convince me that there would be a happilyver after with Maddie and Jericho Silver I could see them staying together during the passionate phase of love then not so much Jericho is the kind of lawman any Western town would want he believes in taking care of the. A woman detective Not on his watch As if tracking down train robbers wasn't hard nough now Sheriff Jericho Silver's backup has arrived and she's a gun toting head turning beauty .
It is a huge pet peeve of mine when an author draws out the conflict all the way to the very very nd of a story For the love of God let the Hh have a little happy time together before you nd the story Maddie had to be stubborn and stupid all the way to the nd Ladies when a man pours his heart out to you you reciprocate immediately Drawing the story out just a few paragraphs is beyond frustrating heart out to you you reciprocate immediately Drawing the story out just a few paragraphs is beyond frustrating the reader Or at least it is for this readerBut in the All Roads Lead Home end Johnny is well worth the time to read this story I liked this story Both Maddie and Jericho were strong people They had such different backgrounds and upraising but they had at least one thing in common In their own ways they were loners and lonely because of it Both were passionate about upholding the lawven though their reasons varied I liked they no surrender relationship caused them to spar verbally a lot He didn t want her help and ran a roadblock many times That didn t stop her She Just Keep Moving Forward just keep moving forward was stubborn but she also had some surprising skills too She was a continual surprise to those around her specially Jericho Although most of the townspeople called him Johnny the town had kind of adopted him as a young man They loved and respected him There was good action in the story when it came to trying to trap the outlaws The only thing that I could mention is that there was some repetitiveness and some bogging down when it came to a couple of subjects in the book But there was also interesting townspeople in
the story too 
story too in all I njoyed it What a great historical western romance Full of good old wild west fun and adventure I thought Maddie was a very strong and independent character I love the fact that she was a Pinkerton agent And Jericho swoon was a character that I grew to love very much I think him and Maddie were a perfect match 4 starsCute read Full review soon at wwwmangamaniaccafecom. Rmined to fill her days with daring deeds and wild adventures Jericho is ually determined that she'll be on the next train home But this is one lady who won't take no for an answe. .

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The Lone SheriffFunny Enjoyable Adventurous Banning has written another winning western this time about a stubborn sheriff and an outspoken lady detective Readers will love the witty banter smart characters and continuous an outspoken lady detective Readers will love the witty banter smart characters and continuous RT Book Reviews 4 stars 35 Stars for The Lone SheriffLet me start off with what I loved about this story Johnny Melting just thinking about Johnny He s that tough guy xterior and all goodness on the inside The whole town loves him dearly and that was really cute I loved him Sigh The concept of the book was fun too How cool is it that there were female detectives back then And nothing says old west better than a few bad boy bandits who are robbing trains I m definitely hoping on the train for that rideThat being said it took me until almost the midway point of this book to really get into the story The beginning just felt awkward to me like their feelings weren t genuine The Sheriff clearly was annoyed with Maddie being in town and was plotting to make her leave with very unkind thoughts rattling through his brain so feeling a stab of fear in his chest at the idea of Maddie getting messed up with the gang felt off because he had just met her His reaction as described was of someone who cares deeply about the other person I was totally on board with a strong willed heroine detective That s badass But I can t stand a stupid heroine And some of the things that Maddie did were really stupid and turned me off to her character If you have little to no The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis experience riding a horse then you have no business riding off into the desert just because you think you should be part of the plan She was stubborn to a fault GrrrrrDespite that there were several really touching scene between the hero and heroine that made my heart ache for them By thend of the story I really wanted Johnny to be happy and he wanted Maddieso I wanted him to have Maddie However the nding really made me mad. He sure spells trouble Madison O'Donnell had the perfect life a beautiful home and all the ladies' luncheons she could stomach but it left her bored to tears Now a widow she's dete.