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Uple in this book I planned on giving #this an automatic 5 stars ust for being #an automatic 5 stars Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays just for being different Bethust never worked for me She is supposed to be this angel but it s never sold to me Beth only looks good compared to the sister By herself all her shadiness is evident and apparent Consolation prize looks good compared to the sister By herself all her shadiness is evident and apparent Consolation prize so right That was until almost the end and it pissed me off so much I m still torn between that last star or not In the end originality wins the day over sentiment Sarah Osborne is a friend and fellow writer in the Freak Circle PressJoe Taylor is not a man who loves easily but when he does he loves hard and true A Family Man is not a traditional love story with one woman Joe falls in love with from the start and stays with forever It takes him a while to see that that kind of love healthy and real is right before his eyes When he sees it though it s beautifulThis is the story of Joe s struggle to love and be true to both of his families his club and the women he loves He struggles with the balance as he struggles with his own demons and he often fails his women as he serves his clubBut most of all this is the story of his fatherly love for a young girl Amy the light in his life whose pure love for him is the foundation of his humanity He learns to love and be a family man because he loves her and she loves him no matter whatIt s a beautiful heartbreaking story about the hope and disappointment happiness and sorrow pain and rede Boring and depressing He s been in love with her sister his whole life No thanks I don t even know how to explain this Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All jammed packed with drama biker book I am serious this book is unlike anything I have ever read before and the feels that it gave me was nothing short of intenseLike intense is a severe understatement This book held me riveted to the pages yes there were a few times it dragged a bit but then it would suck me right back into the story again Why it wasn t a five star read for me was mainly the style of the writing Please don t get me wrong I think that Sarah Osborne as an author who is extremely talented It isust that this book was written in a way that I have never encountered it before I will try to explain although it is very hard to put into words Basically the events in the story are many but the storyline moves at such a rapid pace that each event doesn t have "a huge description of the characters feelings and a description of "huge description of the characters feelings and a description of surroundings etcWhen we read a story all of the details are described very clearly and it takes than a few pages to do it With this one we get a glimpse of what is going on and what the characters are experiencing and then it s over and done withand onto the next crisis hope that makes sense In saying all of that though I still enjoyed this book immensely It left me gutted in places it left me angry honestly it wasn t a feel good read It was honest to the point of brutal at times and it depicted the MC lifestyle very realistically Don t expect a romance book with a ton of hard core sex and a hero that you will fall in love with I can promise you that Joe Tiny Taylor enforcerhit man for the club is an asshole and he makes no excuses for itin fact he knows that he is a erk But that's where it gets complicated Between his crazy ex Maria her younger sister Beth and his mother there's to negotiate than in the deepest workings of the outlaw life But there's one shining light that alw.

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A Family Man The Freaks MC #1Nd has a dark cold heart The #one person who is able to bring a spark of light to Joe is his ex s #person who is able to bring a spark of light to Joe is his ex s AmyShe brings the humanity out in Joe and keeps him somewhat grounded into being a little bit civilized Even with Joe being such a hard man to love though his love and loyalty to his family is what made me forgive him for his transgressions I kid you not this man loves his familyand not all of his family is bloodhe s there for his brother s in the club too He is unlike any hero I have ever come across before and uite frankly I don t think I ever will again There are various POV s in this story so I got a taste of each person that was introduced but the main character s are Joe Amy Maria Beth and Joe s mama There is a huge storyline with a ton of stuff going on and I wouldn t want to leak any details If you are a reader that has a love for the MC books then I highly recommend this one Just please realize that this is not a flowery read It is raw and it is extremely uniue I can promise you this is unlike anything you have ever read before I am very greatful to my Buddy read partner StephI probably wouldn t have picked this book up on my own Seeing as I had her to cry on her shoulderI went ahead and read it I am so glad that I did It is a book I won t EVER forget Considering the amount that I read that is saying a lot There is book two and three that are out now and I am for sure moving on to book two immediately Apparently this one is about the President of the clubSamson I can t wait to see what else is going to go down for The Freak s Yes that is the club s nameThank you Steph for another brilliant Buddy ReadWe are still on a roll I don t think this book would have been the same without you I was glad to have you so that I could share my anger and tears withxoxoxox First I want to mention that the blurb does not do this book usticeI wasn t sure what to expect but I am so glad I finally picked it up and read it Once I started I couldn t stop everything Else In My Life Was Placed On in my life was placed on yesterdayHave you ever gone to an art show or to the museum and so a piece that was so different from everything else that it had all these feelings ready to 5 In the arms of his family StarsMy road trip around the MC s created by the author of the Freak Circle Press is going extremely well Each book proves to be different breaking barriers of cliche s in romance books The Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis: Advice from Twentysomethings Who Have Been There and Survived journey s written by these amazing authors a Enjoyed this emotional story immensely Do not go into this book if you are after lots of meaningless biker sex and all kinds of MC clich s If you are however in the mood for an emotionalourney that spans over almost 15 years lots of feels flawed individuals trying to do good by those they love and second chances you "ll love this bookCheersPS I would suggest you read book 2 Sanctuary " love this bookCheersPS I would suggest you read book 2 Sanctuary following this in order to get the full picturestory of this coupleTo get your copy US UK CA 4 StarsAvailable on KU ATMA Family Man is a surprising and refreshing story Slightly different from our usual biker book where promiscuity takes place inside Clubhouses giving us lots I barely started and I already think the dude is a It wasn t worth it. Ays holds true for him his North Star the one that keeps the darkness at bay Amy Maria's young daughter It's a delicate balancing act and it's down to Joe to keep it all together but someone threw away the manu. 5 Family Comes First Stars Trust me when I tell you that "From The Moment You " the moment you this book you ll be sucked into The Freaks MC s world and by the time you finish you will be ready to be patched in as their property for lifeIt s that goodJoe Tiny Taylor is a total badass he s the nomad enforcer for The Freaks MC he lives for the open road his brothers and his family He s been in love with the same woman since he was Mexican Hooker just a teenager but his relationship with Maria has always been toxic and they are usually off than on In one of those off times she went and got pregnant by another man but from the moment Joe held that little girl in his arms baby Amy owned his heart and he claimed her as his own Joe struggles trying to take care of his elderly mother and Amy his loyalty to the club is a big part of who he is but hisob takes him away often Maria loves Joe but she loves to party she keeps messing up things with Joe because in the end she knows she can always reel him back into her bed Maria is bad mother who is constantly leaving Amy to go party and always relying on her sister Beth to clean up her messed up lifeBetween Joe and Beth they make sure that Amy has the best of what life can offer and the love they both share for this child is what will bring them together Beth has been in love with Joe her whole life and she suffers when she sees how badly her sister Maria treats him and she can t understand why Joe keeps going back to herJoe will find himself at crossroads between Maria and Beth he is struggling with the strong feelings he is developing for Beth because she s become the calm inside the storm of his life she represents the safe haven but Joe wouldn t be Joe if storm of his life she represents the safe haven but Joe wouldn t be Joe if t like some chaosThis story is told from multiple POV s which I loved because we get to be inside all the characters thoughts and this made me connect with the story at a deeper level Sarah Osborne s writing is addicting she owned every single one of my feelings with this story I couldn t think about #anything else eat sleep all I did for two days was obsessed about #else eat sleep all I did for two days was obsessed about Taylor his women and his ClubThis first book on this explosive series was absolute perfection Updated 8916 currently freehttpswwwdpB00NB9862 I had to wait a while before writing this review to process the The League for the Suppression of Celery journey this book took me through I hated loving this book It might be the worst biker romance novel ever This is biker literature a new subgenre of its very own Throw away your expectations for how a biker romance should progress Well maybe not all because there is sex and some relationship drama It sust not the main focus of the storyline really This book is about family The twisted dysfunctional bonds created from our own special brand of crazy In Joe s case he is torn between The Freaks MC and his purposely separated home life As the enforcer for the club Joe is scariest biker in their world At home he s the hero of a little girl knight to her mother s damsel the crush of her little sister and the dutiful son of his mother It speaks to the writer s craft that all this pulls into such believable characters Everyone is convincingly flawed Despite me never really believing in the viability of the co. Joe 'Tiny' Taylor is a big man with a big heart; he's also the hit man and enforcer for The Freaks MC He's all about family whether it's his brothers in the club or the women at home Joe takes care of them all.