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How you could see Hazel s suspicion towards her new friend "Sogoji I thought that made the book a lot ealistic She was very concerned with his ace but one of my "I thought that made the book a lot ealistic She was very concerned with his ace but one of my part of the book was getting to #See This Little Girl Look Past Racism #this little girl look past acism find a true friendship despite him being the enemy There were so many cute things about this book I loved all of the little things that Hazel and Sogoji did together and how they spent their time Despite being precious this book was definitely a tear jerker I think that s what made the book so great was the contrast between funny cute bittersweet and straight up heartbreaking One thing that I didn t Jane Doe and the Cradle of All Worlds really love about the book was how much they involved Hazel s teacher He was one of the biggest characters and frankly it frustrated me It was good to see Hazel s home life how she felt like because of the war her childhood didn t matter Iteally added to the character of this little girl who would never like to be called little girl I loved how genuine and Is That Even a Country, Sir! real Sogoji was It was so cute how he listened to Hazel took her advice and always tried to be the best person he could be Anywhere you are can be a home because people are what make a home It doesn t matter where you live but when you are with your friends and family that is where you belong An important part of Sogoji s identity is the very fact that he is japanese but this does not define him He is not a dirty enemy the way Hazel and many others wereaised to see believe but うそつきリリィ 3 [Usotsuki Lily 3] rather an intelligent hardworking loving person I firmly believe that every single person has good and they are doing their best and there is no accurate way to categorize a group of people based oneligion or The Prince race Sogoji was japanese but his home was wherever Hazel happened to be I have some conflicting feelings about this book Most of the Japanese population was in the west Most of the country did not even know Americans of Japanese descent were being interned If they hadeleased the photographs by Dorothea Lange I wonder if public sentiment would have been different This is my third book about the internment Was public sentiment so outspoken and loud against them What op Ed s were written Is this book accurate in that way I did not know about the balloon bombs Thinking about the family one hit makes me contemplate how I will go This book did have a couple uotes I found to be pretty great Not all of them are like that I thought stubbornly But it took a little effort to think it Paraphrased bitterness can make people lose their common sense Their common kindness too This is my favorite so far of Janie Cheaney s middle grade novels I loved the characterization and a main character Who Was A Girl But was a girl but whom boys could A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators relate as well the dialogue so hard to do well the glimpse into a little known part of WWII history aftermath of Pearl Harbor on the NW Coast Japanese Americanelations the open ending hopeful but not too tidywrapped up artificially the plot wow didn t see it coming etcThat being said I think it s a touch long for the target audience 4th5th graders and up who enjoy Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival reading will enjoy this one buteluctant Lifting readers will probably need action I enjoyed the story It would be a great way for anyone especially for students in the middle grades to get a view of life during WWII for those in the USA It also addresses the situation of Americans of Japanese descent during these year. Lp Hazel with the war effort Is this lonely boyeally the enemyIn this thought provoking story of patriotism loyalty and belonging Hazel must decide what it means to be a true American and a true friend From the Hardcover editio.

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My Friend the Enemy by JB Cheaney is a story about the conflict at Pearl Harbor and World War II from the point of view of an 11 year old girl named Hazel Anderson On Hazel s 9th birthday Pearl Harbor was bombed Every day in the 2 years that followed Hazel was on the look out for Japs She shared the view of most Americans thinking that the Japanese were only out #To Attack And Take Over The World When Her Older #attack and take over the world When her older and neighbor Jed volunteered for the Marines she was furious that the Japanese were taking away her look out partner Not long after he had left she found out that Jed s parents were secretly harboring a 15 year old Japanese boy named Sogoji Sogoji was helping around the house in the place of Jed in exchange for protection from being placed in a camp Hazel may struggle with the concepts of loyalty patriotism and kinship but she has little problem when she has to decide how to treat a friend in trouble that is dealing with the same emotions and issues as herselfThis historical fiction novel is a great way for children to ealize that there are two sides to every story It also shows that people that we may have conflict with have their own easons for not agreeing with us While A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned reading this book I was able to feel connected to characters and it seemedeal at some points Once I started eading I could not put it down I thoroughly enjoyed this book I think it would be a great book for 4th 6th graders to ead They would be able to The House That Had Enough relate to this book because they would be fairly close in age and train of thought as the main characters An interesting look at WWII from a child s perspective living in the state of Washington I truly enjoyed this book However it does fall into the trap of typical historical fiction for children long drawn out paragraphs of introspective thought that is not typical of children 12 and under nor are children this age going toead this But this is a fabulous book nonetheless This is a young *Adult Book That Takes *book that takes in Oregon during World War II Hazel 11 is one of the main characters along with her older sister Estelle The other major character Sogoji is an orphan Nisei meaning he is an American citizen born of Japanese parentsThe problem is that this takes place after the Japanese Americans were sent to the internment camps Sogoji The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field remained behind which was an illegal act A white couple is taking care of himThe book centers around Hazel s initial hatred of Japanese and then her meeting with Sogoji Throughout theest of the book Hazel has to balance her own growing friendship with Sogoji against her anti Japanese feelings that she has been taught to have by those around herThere is also a sub plot about a new schoolteacher who claims to be an American soldier who had been wounded in the warAlso the book deals with one of the lesser known events of the war and that is the use of the balloon bombs by the Japanese which were balloons launched from Japan that made their way across the Pacific The purpose was to act as a terror weapon starting forest fires and perhaps destroying factories there was no way of knowing since there was no way of actually controlling where the balloon wentOne of the strongest points of the book is the various The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division references it makes to how people viewed the Japanese Americans on the West Coast Some of the ways in which the characters in the bookefer to them include Sneaky devils Claude says Japs. Hating the Japanese was simple before she met SogojiPearl Harbor was bombed on Hazel Anderson’s birthday and she’s been on the lookout for enemies ever since She scours the skies above Mount Hood with her binoculars hoping to. ,

My Friend the EnemyAre sneakier than the Germans Japs acted tough but were cowards at heart #everybody knew that not just from the comics but also from posters and #knew that not just from the comics but also from posters and cartoons They were small with buck teeth and thick eyeglasses You could tell them from other Orientals because of the space between their big toe and the other toes caused by the sandals they wore In newspaper and movie cartoons Japs had wide evil grins Because of you there s a lot fewer filthy Japs livin and breathin on God s green earth They smile and bow and act so polite then they turn around and stab you in the back The book also talks about how there was a lot of opposition on the West Coast to the ending of the internment of the Japanese Americans and their eturning to their former homesAnother thing it brings up is how many persons of Japanese ancestry had not learned to speak English the Issei and that they are dislike for that in other words they Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl refused to fit in to our society as they argument wentOn the positive side one of the characters mentions the Japanese Americans who are fighting in Germany on the side of the US the 442nd groupThe book is an excellent examination of howegular people viewed persons of Japanese ancestry on the West Coast and just how much prejudice there was against them The book also tells its story well with interesting characters One of the best I ve seen on the subject My Friend the Enemy is about a kid that meets a Japanese maid "And Becomes Really Good Friends "becomes Défendre Jacob really good friends them It happened during World War II and most people thought of the Japanese as enemies and traitors to the United States Throughout the book the main character Hazel and the Japanese boy Sogoji build an observation tower to watch for enemy planes together and become very close friends Ieally liked this book because it was very interesting It started off kind of boring but the book became interesting and the storyline was very clear and concise as the book went on This was my favorite book that I have Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide read this year because it was so interesting and the author used a lot of details to help me understand Also the author made a book that I would normally find confusing and boring very interesting Another not a bad story but noteally satisfying young adult novel I think what gets me about these books I ve been Black Gold in North Dakota readingecently eg Stepping on the Cracks is that there is no eal character development The people are just along for the ide as the authors try to describe what it was like in various civilian locations during WWII While the description is mildly interesting I think I learned from the Authors Note at the end of My Friend the Enemy than from from the story itself My Friend the Enemy by JB Cheaney is a beautiful story about a fifth grade girl named Hazel whose community holds a heart full of hate towards Japanese Along with Hazel herself until she meets one When her neighbor Jed goes of to war she takes it upon herself to take care of things Therefore she attempts to build a watch tower so she can scan for enemies One day she finds that Jed s parents have been keeping a japanese boy hidden from the police and the two become the best of friends This story continues to tell about Hazel s difficulty keeping this big secret and how the two try their best towards the war despite appearances This book was to say the least time well spent It was a nice short ead but every moment was wonderful I loved. Make some crucial observation or uncover the hideout of enemy spies But what she discovers instead is a 15 year old orphan hiding out trying to avoid being sent to an internment camp Sogoji was born in America He’s eager to he. ,