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K franchise is about the repetitiveness of their plotting Though the original premise of a starship exploring the galaxy opened up a variety of possibilities it wasn t long before the crews were repeatedly encountering godlike aliens faux Edens and dangerous machines that needed to be talked into destroying themselves From the standpoint of a television show especially the original series such repetition is perhaps understandable given the constraints imposed by technology and budgets This is also what makes the franchise s novels so different freed from such mundane constraints practically anything is possibleThis is why Robert Vardeman makes the franchise s novels so different freed from such mundane constraints practically anything is possibleThis is why Robert Vardeman novel is so frustrating The title suggests a story involving the Enterprise crew grappling with some fiendish Klingon plot to take over the Alpha uadrant or perhaps an interstellar battle in which Kirk matches wits with the captain of an interstellar battle in which Kirk matches wits with the captain of Klingon warship What Vardeman delivers instead is a tepid mystery that for fans of the original series will seem all too familiar as the author takes elements from two of their episodes and mashes them together after making ust a few minor alterations The Klingons are less of a fearsome threat in the story than they are a secondary plot device and their gambit to the degree that there even is one boils down to seeking a MaGuffin and nothing The whole thing is a waste of a good title a neat cover and the hours of time spent reading it as fans are best advised taking a hard pass on this one Ironically and with pure unintended artlessness I m sure this uote sums up the entire bookThe longer this drags on the confused it gets What are the Klingons doing on Alnath What is it that killed those Vulcans What what what p 79So I had this grand plan to re read the entire 97 book Pocket Star Trek Original Series novels over the course of a year or so and review each bookbut damn two books in and this is the one that s making me seriously reconsider It s not that it s not Trek it s that it s Trek at its WORST Racist sexist hawkish xenophobic TERRIBLE writing It s like TOS *Season 3 In Roid Rage Without Even *3 in roid rage without even enjoyment of getting to watch the classic actors bringing life to a bad script It seriously doesn t get much worse than this book Unless it does which is exactly what now I m afraid of in regards to moving chronologically through the TOS Pocket novels I ve pulled out samples of the worst for your reading displeasure The Asian knew his ob and did it p 6 referring to Sulu THE ASIAN Granted the Enterprise bridge crew were deliberately chosen by Roddenberry to represent broad human diversitybut THE ASIAN WTH is he the only Asian on the Enterprise like Spock is THE VULCAN and a mind that was as agile as her lithe body p 8 Only eight pages in this is a bad sign They both watched the chief leave her behind twitching ust the right amount as she went through the door Scotty s heavy exhalation told Kirk than words could have p 9 OH GOD Nothing definite Jim But the Klingons are warlike We all know thatthey must have done it They re in orbit around that planet aren t they demanded McCoy p 14 15 Minor variations on this the KLINGONS ARE KILLERS OF COURSE argument are presented every 3 5 pages throughout the entire rest of the book Oh yes and don t let the reader forget for a second tha. W of a Federation science ship has been wiped out The remaining members of the Alnath II mission have discovered a fabulous ancient city but their report doesn't make sense The Klingon battle cruiser has the Enterprise in its sights and is. This is without a doubt one of the worst things

I Ve Ever Tried 
ve ever tried read Cliched contrived boring drivel Nothing about this book was good or interesting nothing about it was thrilling or compelling Actually it did compel me to vomit a few Although I found it enjoyable the latest STAR TREK movie INTO DARKNESS left me longing for the days of classic Trek back when Kirk co didn t rely so much on blowing stuff up and punching people repeatedly in the face Back when STAR TREK didn t feel like a cross between MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS set in outer space That s why I picked up THE KLINGON GAMBIT by Robert E Vardeman the first STAR TREK novel I ve bothered to read since high school I chose it because it was one of the first STAR TREK novels ever written and I was really looking for that old school feel In fact this book is so old school Kirk still refers to phasers as ray guns The story revolves around a mysterious radiation field that emphasizes certain elements of each crew member s personality ironically causing them to act like their Abramsverse counterparts For example Spock becomes an emotional wreck Scotty shows up purely for comic relief and sexual tension abounds It s not a particularly good novel The writing is and sexual tension abounds It s not a particularly good novel The writing is like and the plot is unambitious and inconseuential to the STARK TREK universe Still though it compares favorably with some of the cheesier STAR TREK TOS episodes and I have to give it credit for satiating me in a way that INTO DARKNESS didn t uite manage Did not finish It was to awful and I didn t want to waste my time A great Star Trek adventure from the original series The Klingon Gambit by Robert E Vardeman is yet another book based on the classic Star Trek series I am slowly going through my collection and rereading these books some of which I haven t read since about 1983 Some of them I remember fondly than others This is one I didn t remember at all For good reason It s not very good In fact it s dopey I don t recommend it unless you really have nothing else to doThe crew of the Enterprise is ordered to Alnath II confront a Klingon dreadnought a starship with deadly fire power Alnath II is a class M planet with valuable archaeological ruins A Federation science ship sent to the planet to investigate it is discovered nearby its entire Vulcan crew dead Is this the work of the Klingons Did they violate the Organian peace treaty Captain Kirk and his intrepid crew better figure it out soon before they meet the same fateSo not a lot happens in this story The plot is fairly weak and slow moving and the 158 pages should have moved much uickly than they did The crew of the Enterprise starts going a little nutty Mr Spock wants to sex up his hot science assistant Lt Uhura has the eyes for Dr M Benga and Capt Kirk is incapable of making decisions There s a lot of screaming from the Klingon commander lots of threats to blow up the Enterprise but no one does anything I began skimming because I was bored The ending is fairly lame with a lot of he man fightin antics and smoking phasers and in the end all the trouble was caused by view spoileran alien crystal on the planet below that apparently gives people whatever they desire Or something like that hide spoiler One of the apt criticisms of the Star Tre. The Klingons are hungry for war their target The EnterpriseWhen Captain Kirk and his crew are ordered to Alnath II to challenge the deadliest Klingon starship Terror they're ready for anything or so they think But the defenseless Vulcan cre.

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The Klingon GambitT the Klingons are darkly complected not White AND Criminals OMG We All Know AND criminals OMG We all know Bones I m tired My eyes burn from peering into the viewscreen and my headache is returning Give me something to relax me and let me sleep p 28 Telling not showing much I don t understand for the life of me why this paragraph was in first person While appreciating but unmoved by feminine charms that being the logical course of action in light of his seven year pon farr cycle the human part of Spock tacitly approved of Lt Avitts P 39 Cuz p 39 Cuz s such a bro science officer or no wenching p 46 Nuff said Kirk leaned back and breathed heavily That was some verbal battle he said p 51 If you have to say it it s one sign that it wasn t The computer gurgled contentedly p 56 I don t understand why Scotty isn t alarmed at this computer turned infant or possibly auarium Computers shouldn tgurgle Especially if this is the Enterprise and not a half submerged Klingon warbird from Star Trek IV The Vulcan stiffened perceptibly and shook slightly as if fighting a major emotional battle inside p 59 Oh is that what that was the arousing nearness of his assistant p 62 It s a five year mission in close uarters For pete s sake She put her hand on his arm and moved disturbingly closedisturbingly close to him p 65 BOTH TIMES Twice on the same page She was that disturbingly close Seeing no response Kirk added Please remember that diplomacy is using your head without anyone suspecting it p 67What Her perfumearoused himher creamy shoulders made him aware of intense desires within himselfHe had to have her He needed her desperately His hands reached out to take hold of her trim body p 72 OH GOD Klingons aren t interested in archaeology p 76 Uh okay Chekov had almost loosed the dogs of war p 82 sigh Stroke the road Captain See how you feel then said the excited woman She knelt down and ran her hands over the velvety roadbed Her eyes closed and her entire body shivered as if she had some high fever But the expression on her face told that it was no high temperature but stark ecstasy she felt Chekov rubbed his hands on the road and said Captain it is mostsensual I cannot describe this p 100 Yes Captain stroke the road why doncha Diplomacy after all was the art of doing and saying THE NASTIEST THINGS IN THE NICEST POSSIBLE WAY P nastiest things in the nicest possible way p Vaults are not as plentiful aboard the Enterprise as aboard Klingon ships p 131 Justwhat are you trying to say here Kirk both loved and hated the process Unlike war diplomacy was seldom straightforward p 139 I ve officially decided the author doesn t know shit about war OR diplomacyUgh Officially avoiding anything else by Robert E Vardeman ever A surprisingly philosophical tale as it delves into the psyche of humans Vulcans Andorians and even Klingons The book is a beautiful look into the hearts and desires of the beloved Enterprise crew Bad enough that even though I love Star Trek it could not push it to two stars Spock crying like a baby a story that never really did seem to get off the ground I suppose there was supposed to be tension building in the book but I never felt it Very inconsistent barely any surprises However it reads exactly like an original episode and it is very pulpy and interesting Very much an unused episode than a full on Star Trek nove. Ready to destroy itBut Captain Kirk can't seem to make decisions Spock has started to throw temper tantrums And Chekov has disobeyed vital orders The crew of the Enterprise are losing their minds one by one all victims of the Klingon gambit.