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G largely negative even among former adherents In the post war years no Himmler legend was waiting to be bornIn May 1945 Himmler had simply been absorbed into the flood of millions of refugees and soldiers His end appears as puzzling as his career in the service of National Socialism How could such a banal personality attain such a historically uniue position of power How could the son of a prosperous Bavarian Catholic public servant become the organizer of a system of mass murder spanning the whole of Europe Peter Longerich Heinrich HimmlerI sort of wished I had taken a picture of my wife s face when I lifted using my legs not my back because this thing s heavy Peter Longerich s Heinrich Himmler from the box in which it was elivered It is roughly the size of a toaster and the cover is adorned with a crisp black and white picture of a weak chinned Nazi with rimless specs and a No Billionaire Left Behind death s head emblazoned on his cap I suspect she would ve been happier to see me haul out back issues of Jugs rather than this monstrous tomeevoted to a monstrous twit My wife s furrowed brow asked the silent uestion that you may ask yourself when confronted with this book at your local bookseller Do I really need to read a huge 750 pages of text 200 pages of endnotes biography about a hateful little henchman who presided over the Alchemy of the Mortar Pestle (The Culinary Library deaths of millions of innocent people The answer of courseepends on how invested you are in the history of the Second World War But even the most ravenous student might hesitate slightly at Longerich s full La crise des abeilles dress treatment of theiminutive toad lurking in Hitler s shadow Heinrich Himmler was the head of the Schutzstaffel a paramilitary organization best known as the SS The SS began as a guard unit Under Himmler its Labyrinth Aliens duties expanded to include military formationseath suads and concentration camp guards His name today is synonymous with evil In many ways he out Hitlered Hitler When you read his life story however you also realize how amazingly unremarkable he was For a man who revered the Teutonic bermensch Himmler had a below average physiue and extremely below average looks In terms of intellect he was middling Longerich s biography is studded with long passages from his The Vintage Book of African American Poetry diary and the themes heevelops are strikingly average It s uite possible that Himmler never had a truly profound thought in his whole life What Himmler lacked in appearance intelligence wit skill or strength he made up for with ambition The man had You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse drive He also had wild ridiculous unrealizable ideas At any other time in historywell he would ve been lost to history Just one crackpot scribbling harebrained nonsense into a journal that nobody would ever read Unfortunately for humanity Himmler came of ageuring the tumultuous years of the Weimar Republic following World War I These confused times proved fertile ground for men of inflated self esteem and grandiose Passed on: African American Mourning Stories: A Memorial (A John Hope Franklin Center Book) delusions In 1923 he joined his fate to that of the nascent Nazi Party He was part of Ernst Rohm s SA before joining the much smaller SS Over time as the SA came intoisfavor Himmler maneuvered the SS to take its place Eventually it became one of the most powerful organizations in the Third Reich Longerich s immensely IELTS Academic Writing detailed cradle to arrival at hell biography begins with Himmler s upbringing in a conservative Catholic family Perhaps the most fascinating parts of the book are Himmler s earlyiary entries as he struggles with religion girls and sex It s fairly clear that Himmler was an awkward youth unable to bridge the chasm between female friendships and actual physical intimacy In response Himmler resorted to a prudishness and hyper morality that he would later attempt to install in the SS These early sections are the most intimate and human focused of the book They are also apt to be controversial since they are minutely focused on Himmler s inner workings That is on his psychology Historians have a fraught relationship to psychology They typically focus on what happened and when they attempt to explain why they prefer to IELTS Writing Section - How To Achieve A Target 8 Score do so mechanically by showing how one concrete event led to another They prefer to avoid the human heart and the human mind as world historical forces because it s hard to uantify objectively To Longerich s credit he avoids getting anywhere near an argument that Himmler s early childhood adolescent formation or upbringing caused him to become the murderous sadistic Reichsf hrer SS Instead Longerich shows us Himmler as the creepy weirdo he was Certainly though his psychological hang ups wellelineated by his own writings informed the creepy weirdo he was Certainly though his psychological hang ups well elineated by his own writings informed irection of the SS The examples of this are numerous and include the stringent racial criteria to get in Himmler s molding of the SS into a family complete with SS swag sent to members every Christmas and the intrusive reuirement that every SS man had to get Himmler s permission to marryAt a certain point Longerich eschews a chronological approach in favor of a thematic structure where each chapter focuses on a specific topic ignoring other events that might be occurring simultaneously For instance a chapter on Himmler s leadership style ranges from 1925 the year he joined the SS to 1945 the year he bit Windows PowerShell in Action down on a cyanide capsule Other thematic chapters include surveys on Himmler s insane and Io mean insane beliefs in the occult his grand vision of the SS as avatars of racially pure excellence and his The Literature of Africa and African Continuum deadly plans for resettling the East Himmler s plans most never started are soeviously I've Got This Friend Who What You Can Do If You Think You or Your Friend Has A Serious Problem Advice for Teens on Alcohol Drugs Depression Eating Disorders and More detailed as to chill the blood Longerich s method means that readers without a relativelyetailed knowledge of World War II are apt to get lost He skips about in time often than Scott Bakula without ever stopping to provide much context Further the spotlight never wavers from Himmler s receding chin There is no effort to introduce or breathe life into the peripheral players in Himmler s twisted world This is one of those rare books where Adolf Hitler is confined to a role that barely ualifies as a walk across the stage Heinrich Himmler has been translated from German into English The translation is in a word toneless It is as though an extremely proficient and probably German engineered robot took Longerich s German text and spit back a grammatically perfect but otherwise lifeless English version The fault here however is probably not with the translators They cannot add music or rhythm to prose that is already Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes dead It s likely that Longerich s writing isry in every language That makes getting through this Aliens Genocide Aliens doorstop a challenge and a test of intellectual will The size of this biography is both aetriment and its allure It is too long too complicated and too tediously written to lend itself to casual readers Yet at the same time a huge volume on a pivotal Nazi will prove irresistible for World War II buffs Aside from Himmler s childhood there is nothing revelatory here or facts you can t get elsewhere the personal side of the adult Himmler is not nearly as well ocumented as the child The portrait that s ultimately revealed is of a wildly elusional man given a lot of free rein and power to implement that s ultimately revealed is of a wildly Person in the Memory delusional man given a lot of free rein and power to implement fantasies One of the interesting things Longerich showed was Himmler setachment from Hitler s inner circle Certainly Himmler used Hitler to exercise power but you Stealing the Gila: The Pima Agricultural Economy and Water Deprivation, 1848-1921 don t get the feeling that Himmler loved Hitler in the way that Goebbels and othersid Indeed towards the end of the war Himmler was chief among those willing to betray the Fuhrer Dryness aside Longerich succeeds in his aims You get a good sense of the type of person Himmler was based a lot on his own extensive scrawling You also get an inkling of what it might have been like to share the room with him to get entangled in his warped inner universe It is up to you to Literature and Dictatorship in Africa and Latin America 1958-1987 decide if you want to spend one page much less 750 imagining that experience. źniejsze życieW tle tej niebywale szczegółowej biografii pojawia się niezwykłe i jakże ważnela Europy i świata pierwsze półwiecze XX wieku Tyle że zamienione przez Heinricha Himmlera w buchalterię śmierci – wykazy plany wykresy I fantazje Od nowej antychrześcijańskiej religii przez ideał teutońskiej rasy przestrzeń życiową na Wschodzie po plany komór gazowych i krematoriów Rejestry wymordowanych narodów i ras Nieludzki cynizm i chłód Odkrywamy świat o wiele straszniejszy niż bitewne pola bo pokazujący jak w zaciszu gabinetów w pochyleniu nad książkami rodzi się nikczemna kreatura gorsza być może od Hitler. ,

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Heinrich Himmler: BiographieI give up I surrender I got to page 602 of this 1050 pae book and I simply could not proceed onward It s flat out BORING I expected to learn gripping intimate etails on Himmler the SS Himmler and Hitler and Instead I was WHOS WHO IN AFRICAN AMERICAN LITERATURE VOL.1 deluged with numbers and statistics with resettlement in towns and provinces too numerous to mention Oh God it was so boring Okay so Himmler started out as a uiet youth unable toeal with females which made him a prude until he was married in his mid 20s and which later made him legislate morality to his SS troops He had to approve each SS marriage personally I learned he got a Agricultural Science for CSEC Examinations degree in agriculture and spent some time working in the field before somehow rising to be the head of the SS I never figured out how that happened At some point he s working closely with Hitler we re never given a good let alone any picture of Hitler in this book yet there are absolutely noetails at all as to how they met when they met where they met what lead Hitler to promote this loser to such a vital role There s nothing there It boggles the mind We learn about Himmer s hundreds of associates underlings and enemies The name Alphas Abused Mate dropping is so intense it s a wonder one can remember any names from the book at all Now the bookoes etail Himmler s vaguely anti Semitic views in college his vision of a pure German nation his grand visions of resettling Europe and eventually ridding Europe and Russia of all Jews However it s hard to connect the ots How Climate Smart Agriculture (Natural Resource Management and Policy Book 52) does he go to lookingown his nose at Jews to wanting to exterminate all of them and how Academic Body does he get tens of thousands of men under his command to murder them I stillon t know Apparently the goal was to relocate the Jews first to Madagascar and then later to Poland and Russia How Saint Germain On Alchemy did that turn into mass murders Also Himmler was apparently as opposed to the Christian church as he was to the Jews particularly the Catholics of which he was raised But he felt like he couldn t act on that because Hitleridn t want to persecute the Christians That s never explained either The book throws tons of numbers at you how many Jews from this town from that ghetto from this province from that city are carted away monthly first for forced labor later for extermination The numbers are overwhelming and become so commonplace that the horror of the situation is actually lessened by the Chasing the Red Queen deadening weight of giving numbers to the reader Also I wanted to read about the attack on Russia but that was never really addressed Oneay there s an attack another Haylee day Himmler is touring the front lines Howid this happen I could go on and on but I m boring myself now and that pretty much sums up my experience with this book It could have been and should have been so much some life could have been written into it but instead it reads like an electrical engineering textbook which would put most people to sleep Sadly not recommended The book is essential reading in several respects First it illustrates the absolute incoherence of the concept of race Second it illustrates the The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945 (The Columbia Guides to Literature Since 1945) dangers of allowing power and authority toevelop outside the rule of law which was in a nutshell what the SS was Thirdly it illustrates the inhumanity and unfeasibility of social engineering projects eg large scale shifts in populations and borders Fourthly it conveys in minute Hijacking the Brain detail theecision making involved in the unfolding of the Holocaust with no vagueness or hyperbole Lastly it provides a compelling portrait of how evil both individual and collective can evolve from mediocrity and ambition I could see this book being included in a number of 僕のヒーローアカデミア 3-4 different history political science and sociology courses As a student of Nazi Germany this book is a veryetailed account of the rise of one of the leading Nazi Party members uring the 1920s and 1930s I enjoyed the chapters so far on Himmler s childhood and how he became involved in the Nazi Party And ultimately his rise to become Reichsfuher SS after overcoming political opposition from Frick and Goring when he took control of the police in both Germany and Prussia in which Goring originally had control but Himmler managed to gradually take over affairs in Prussia And Frick had his own ambitions of creating a state police force as well This book is not a book one can pick up and read in one sitting It is a book that will NEED TO BE READ A FEW TIMES FOR ALL to be read a few times for all etailed information to be fully absorbedSo far I have learnt that Himmler was a complex man with many hidden layers but also a very effective administrator who cleverly used his network of contacts to gain control of the reigns of security and police apparatus in Germany I am now starting to read all about Protective Custody Having successfully gained the approval and authority from Hitler who appointed Himmler as Reichsfuher SS in June 1936 I will be eager to learn how Himmler went about implementing his Protective Custody policies and how Himmler goes on to consolidate his grip on power With a few Karen vs Alien days off work I willefinitely be reading of this fascinating and very Gendered Citizenships detailed book A book that for me was aisappointment Probably on me for having the wrong expectations of what the author was trying to accomplish Some interesting biographical information on Himmler the youth but as the book progressed there was not a whole bunch on his interaction with Hitler even in the pre power ays I learned that Himmler was originally from the Gregor Strasser wing of the Party and that both Strasser and Rohm Himmler was originally from the Gregor Strasser wing of the Party and that both Strasser and Rohm considered mentors to Himmler That id not Singing the Law do either much good as the Himmler SS settled old scores for the Nazi party by executing both amongst otherson the Night of the Long Knives The authorelved uite Alchemic deeply into the structure of the SS that Himmler created and how he managed to incrementally assume a greater control over the police functions of the Nazi state but tended to gloss over the personal interactions that certainly played a large role in the Himmler grab for power Relationship with Goringealt with Yes but for me in a superficial way The SS originally being a part of the SA and his relationship with Rohm Hardly ealt with at all Lots of mention of Heydrich but again no real feel for how that relationship impacted the human isaster that both men had such a large role in creating Wannsee Conference Hardly touched Eichmann Hardly mentioned And of course the relationship of Himmler and Hitler should be central to any Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ discussion of Himmler The author posits that Himmler was indeed afraid of Hitler and makes realistic assumptions about instructions that Himmler received from Hitler on the vast crimes that Himmler committed against humanity Even the Holocaust created by Himmler and his henchmen for me just was notealt with in a way that shed any light or new facts on Himmler s roleHimmler s attempt to escape the responsibilities for his action by reaching out to the western powers and to Jewish leaders is given in my opinion short shrift If you want to study the hierarchical structure of the SS and the Nazi police state this book will be Helpful For Those Looking For those looking a political book about the Himmler life look elsewhere I have been interested in the Third Reich for many years and whilst we all know who Heinrich Himmler was I have long thought that he Literature of Africa deserved much serious study than he still seems to receive In this book Peter Longerich confidently rises to the challenge We see Himmler as the young man the outsider Himmler as the man haunted by the fact that he missed out on being able to fight in the Great War and eager to make an impact of his own in whatever way on the future We see Himmler as what could and often isescribed as the effecient bureaucrat restructuring government offices We see Himmler as Reichsf hrer SS in charge of the Reich s police and later as Reich Min. Biografia jednej z najbardziej przerażających a jednocześnie najbardziej tajemniczych postaci hitlerowskiego imperiumJak to możliwe że wywodzący się z katolickiej rodziny niepozorny i zakompleksiony człowiek zmienił się w monstrum odpowiedzialne za zagładę niezliczonych ludzkich istnień Jak to możliwe że ktoś o tak banalnej osobowości jak Himmler rozszerzał zakres swojej władzy począwszy od SS przez Gestapo i policję aż Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change do stanowiska ministra spraw wewnętrznych iowódcy armii z morderczą precyzją planując kolejne zbrodnie na niewyobrażalną skalęW pierwszej tak obszernej i szczegółowej biografii Heinricha Himmle. Ister of the Interior with which by the end of the war he literally had a finger in every piePerhaps most importantly we see Himmler as a prime example of how an individual can act once he or she is put in a position of Power Himmler experienced early adulthood in that curious time frame located between the end of WWI and the Great Depression of the 1930s when strong opinions about political economic and social reordoring abounded and not just in Germany A member of the Nazi Party from the very beginning Himmler progressively found himself in a position to make his own thoughts of how Europe should look a reality and he was willing to use any means at his Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature disposal to complete his mission Hence in his position as Reichsf hrer SS and later also as Reich Minister of the Interior Himmler was able to implement many of his actions Always conscious that he needed to obtain permission from his F hrer he seems to have been able in some ways to manipulate Hitler the very man who was capable ofemoting him by outlining his plans and obtaining approval only to then act in a Rebuilding different orirect way He had the power to Intro to Alien Invasion do so and so he was going to use that power Itid not matter to him how many people would fall victim to his crucial reordering of society He had been put in charge of it and in his view it simply had to be Therapy of Love doneThis is an inepth comprehensive biography of a man with a very complex character Far from stupid and certainly not unintelligent he seems to have been a very opinionated individual with a multi layered personality An extremely organised person he was able to adapt and even change his actions according to what he felt was needed or Democratic Phoenix: Reinventing Political Activism demanded by Hitler without ever losing view of his New Europe ideal and final objective This is in many ways aouble biography that of Heinrich Himmler on the one hand and that of the SS on the other For the Himmler reorganised his elite police force and the state which it patrolled the he needed to be in constant touch with it as an entity Himmler himself was the SS the very embodiment of Terror itself The SS in its turn was Himmler the physical representation of his Museum Activism darkest most ambitious thoughtsWithin the ever changing boudaries of Himmler s ever changing thoughts we are also introduced to theiverse aspects and origins of the Final Solution where it came from how it took form and how it evolved An excellent read for anyone interested in the inner workings of Hitler s Germany and the individuals who made the wheels go round and of course anyone who is interested in Holocaust topics or the SS as the terror machine that it was There are plenty of opportunities for further reading from this book and it includes an extensive bibliography and notes section The biography and History presented in this book is however as complex as Himmler himself and therefore I would not advise this to newcomers of Third Reich history Unfortunately we re still waiting for the Narcissistic Mothers definitive biography of Himmler one of the most mysterious figures of the Third Reich While Longerich fairly ably covers the events of Himmler s life and career there are vast empty spaces For example he nevereals with Himmler s relationship to and with Hitler which simply boggles Himmler s Falling For A Kingpin development into an important figure in the Nazi party or less simply occurs at one moment Himmler is uietly raising chickens andabbling in right wing politics at the next he s the head of the SSHuge gaps of this sort make this book far less important than it might have been the way is still open for someone in the future to reveal this bizarre and horrible figure in all his complexityThe conversion to Kindle is very good the translation to English is a bit toneless Excepting the Violence and Trauma in Selected African Literature description of his youth this is not a normal biography of its subject noroes it give an outline of the war in Europe and Africa readers are expected to know that Instead the focus of this lengthy text is on how Himmler rose through party ranks and accreted power Much attention is given to the various shufflings and reshufflings of the organizations and institutions under his authorityA subsidiary theme is the holocaust or properly of how Nazi race theory was implemented with increasing severity against undesirable populations Here Himmler played a if not the major role Author Longerich treats this controversial Heinrich Himmler The name itself brings a shudder to one This man worked to exterminate groups TO ENFORCE A FOOLISH RACIAL THEORY AND MAINTAIN THE enforce a foolish racial theory and maintain the society thro0ugh terror The book has one animating uestion Page 3 How could such a banal personality attain such a historically uniue position of power The aim of the biography itself is Page 3 to penetrate as far as possible the mystery of this man S Personality And The Motives personality and the motives his monstrous The Social Rebellion deedsThe book begins with an examination of his family background and his youth Certainly there is not much there to explain how he became one of Hitler s stalwarts later on The early chapters explore his effort to make a career in the agricultural realm it also traces his rise in the Nazi Party becoming an important figure in the SS Many of the major conflicts of the time swirled around Himmler At one point he was friendly toward Rohm head of the SA later he was involved inestroying the SAIssues Best African American Essays 2010 discussed in the book How Himmler became closer to Hitler and used Hitler s power as a way of increasing his own How Himmlereveloped strange and unscientific studies of race and then tried to impose his views on people of many backgrounds Especially enlightening is his effort to Navigating The Seven Seas define people in other countries as German if so they were to be treated as if they were a part of the master race Others To use a phrase showing up in another book the worthless eaters were not to be given sustenance or as the warragged on and atrocities mounted exterminated The SS The Big Book and a Study Guide of the 12 Steps of AA devised a network of agents to ensure security in Nazi Germany and in the occupied areas Over the course of the war Himmler s forces not just the SS but many other organizations and security agencies as well became repressive and willing to inflict punishmentOf course central to the story of Himmler is his increasing push toward elimination of Jews as he worked with Hitler and others toevelop a final solution to the Jewish problem Policy moved from William Wells Brown: An African American Life discrimination and violence against Jews to setting up ghettoes to forced labor to concentration camps and finally mass killings Theetails of the story leisurely The Alien Surrogate developed over a series of chapters is truly chillingThe book also speaks to the battles Himmler waged with others for the ear of Hitler and for power He feuded with the Wehrmacht andeveloped the Waffen SS as the military arm of the SS Indeed he even assumed military command to little good effect near the end of the war His last The Changing Face of African Literature / Les nouveaux visages de la litterature africaine. (Cross/Cultures) days andeath are recordedThere is a final brief chapter that tries to pull various threads together to analyze his role in the history of Nazi Germany To my eye it is a bit brief but it oes a fine job of trying to make sense of Heinrich Himmler All In All An Important Work All in all an important work book well organized and thorough I just looked for a few specific things relevant to my novel found them Heinrich Himmler s behavior uring his final ays is full of contradictions Unlike other prominent Nazis he had not taken his own lifebut rather gone into hiding although in such an amateurish manner that he and those with him were bound to be caught at some point When he fell into Allied hands he made sure they knew who he was and yet then evaded responsibility through suicide The fact that he acted in this way and not in accordance with the virtues of an SS officer he perpetually preachedwas to isillusion his men Sams Teach Yourself Data Structures and Algorithms in 24 Hours deeply and result in the posthumous reputation of the Reichsf hrer SS remainin. Ra wybitny niemiecki historyk Peter Longerich mierzy się z tymi pytaniami odtwarzajączięki przenikliwej analizie wierny portret psychologiczny jednego z największych zbrodniarzy wszech czasów Autor wykracza poza utarty schemat biografii politycznej i uwzględnia całe życie Himmlera i różne sfery jego aktywności w tym również te pozapolityczne Tak wszechstronne podejście pozwala zrekonstruować rozwój osobowości Himmlera poznać zasadnicze cechy jego charakteru i typowe wzorce zachowań w latach kształtowania się jego osobowości postaw życiowych czyli na początku kariery politycznej a to z kolei rzuca światło na jego pó.