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He point with the perfect amount of information for a uick overview and is interesting too It s a great little readHe also includes convenient bibliographies at the end of each chapter So if you want to get a introduction to a topic you can read up on it in his book and then flip to the end of the chapter to see if there s other sources mentioned on the topic and then do further reading on it Very helpfulThis would make a great reference book to eep on hand too Zophy did a good job book to eep on hand too Zophy did a good job this book I wish he wrote on the textbooks for all my classes This is a solid introduction to Renaissance history and I value it because it includes a general exploration of the Reformation where most history books tend to treat the two as separate eras The book is meant for the classroom and Zophy admits that it is rather lightweight needing supplementation with primary sources and other books There is after all so much you can fit into a book that covers the Reformation inside the Renaissance period As an Ancient and Medieval history major this book is invaluable to me It gives a concise survey of Medieval and Reformation Europe without getting stuffy and lofty A Must Have For must have for Medieval scholar This book was extremely readable and very concise without seeming so The writing style is crystal clear and flows nicely through the centuries by stopping on personalities who were pivotal in the historical events related in this text Most important it set the reformation stage wonderfully and fairly without seeming to attack either side This read coupled with lecture but not necessary significantly enhanced my working nowledge of reformation history Great short history of the Renaissance and Reformation it is easy to read and you gather all the essential information you need to learn about the Renaissance and Reformation. Linary scholarship Written in a lively student friendly style Handsomely illustrated with masterpieces of art and useful maps Each chapter concludes with a chronology and up to date reading lists NEW—Revised bibliographies NEW—Additional material on Savonarola and Philip Melanchthon. Short History of Renaissance and Reformation Europe A 4th EditionA very good introductory text to the European Renaissance and Reformation This book is terrible Full of typos Giogio Vasari Corpus Christy etc factual errors and unforgivable leaps of logic and lapses in analysis It s because of textbooks like this that students come away from courses on the Ren Ref without any real understanding of the historical causality Or how to spell This was billed as an undergraduate textbook which we re using in a graduate class for background info While the basics of who what where when are in the book there was way what where when are in the book there was way much moralizing and sweeping statements for which the author did not provide any substantiationFor instance in chapter one he wrote Almost every adult had poor teeth and fetid breath What was the foundation of this ridiculous assertion The author provides no proof and frankly I think this is one of those things that you could never prove one way or the other IT S A BLATANTLY RIDICULOUS STATEMENT THAT HE EXPECTS s a blatantly ridiculous statement that he expects reader to take at face valueOn the same page there is an illustration of a ploughman The caption tells us that it is an image of a man who was obliged to work in order to live I m not sure where the authoreditor was going with that statement but the implication seems to be that we should feel sorry for this guy from the past because he actually had to break a sweat and earn a living Perhaps it s news to someone in academia but for most of humanity past and present working to earn a living is not anything newBy the time I reached chapter ten on Martin Luther s Revolt I finally had enough of the silliness and sweeping statements and just shelved the book Here s what set me off Did you now Luther s father worked a copper mine that contributed to problems of deforestation and pollution I really thought this had no place in the material both because it. This concise survey is designed to make the exciting history of Europe in the age of the Renaissance and Reformation come alive to readers It is the first textbook on Europe between 1300 and 1700 to focus on gender as a significant issue for historical analysis Author Jonathan W Zophy. ,

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S AGAIN making a sweeping generalization based on assumptions and because of the implicit politics and moralizing contained within the text Unless we now the copper mine destroyed the environment and that s what set Luther off then this has no place in the text At allRegardless of what Mr Zophy s personal politics are I grow weary of writers who use the pages of their books to offer up their own politics unless of course the book IS about politics or an autobiography For textbooks please stick to the subject and don t introduce material unless it is actually relevant or unless you have sound reasons for including it Otherwise write an opinion Piece For Publication Somewhere Else for publication somewhere else still want proof of that fetid breath Zophy s prose and organization seems scatter shot Not a good book for beginners but I like that he does not ignore the role of personality in history or fail to pepper his work with anecdotes Definitely this is a short history The time frame covered by this text is a pivotal one in European history yet Zophy breezes over the material Granted that made it easier to memorize the text on the night before exams but for actually learning the "history of this period it wasn t a good book This was the textbook used in a "of this period it wasn t a good book This was the textbook used in a class on the Renaissance and Reformation I just took however it isn t a very big book so I have a hard time calling it a textbook Zophy wrote a good book the chapters are logically divided so it s easy to read the history of the time period all the way through or just find one area to read up on if that s what you need He provides detail on many different people locations events etc of the time period in a way that makes me think of encyclopedia entries so it s really easy to find info and then digest it His writing style is great too it s easy to read and comprehend to Introduces major events and personalities of the period as well as its cultural economic religious political and social developments Taking a biographical approach the book discusses ideas and artistic creations in their human and societal contexts Reflects the latest in cross discip. .