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The Bookshop on the Shore eI got an ARC courtesy of NetGalley inxchange for an honest reviewWhen it comes to knowing whether you liked a book or not some are really hard to place This novel is one of thoseI really liked its atmosphere London in 1665 the way its streets and buildings were depicted how travelling from one place to another was so much different from what we know today the many people we get to see all both divided and united

a common fear The plague raging and Dance Real Slow everyone wants out or tries to do with what they have including remedies and protective measures that we would definitely find stupid today but that must have made sense at some point The illness is sometimes depicted in really gruesome ways and it helpsnforcing the constant fear the terror as soon as someone realises his spouse or her friend is developing plague tokens The description of the plague doctor was also very vivd instilling dread as soon As He AppearedThe Interactions Between Charlie And Anna Maria Were he appearedThe interactions between Charlie and Anna Maria were funny at times he the boy left in an orphanage and proficient in the ways of the street she a young woman with the manners and xpectations of someone born in a good though impoverished family At first "I had my fears thatshe would be a dead weight but fortunately she proved she had resources of her own when "had my fears thatshe would be a dead weight but fortunately she proved she had resources of her own when came to improvising and remaining strong throughout their journey to find who killed her sisterHowever I thought the plot on too many convenient occurrences that happened by chance and not because Charlie or Maria already had the relationships or resources needed For instance a character who discovered one of the victims corpses later appears to work for another character that Charlie happens to know and is also a relation of yet another character that Charlie also happens to know All right a lot of people had ither fled or died from the plague but surely the world can t be such a small place all the time I would have accepted those coincidences The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life easily if they had been of Charlie s making but here they were too much on the deusx machina sideI also found the last chapters to be a muddle of sorts Some things happened yet when I thought about them I realised that I didn t see them actually happen in a chapter and that there logically wouldn t have had time for them to happen the narrative should have shown them to the reader at least Revelations about the real identity of the murderer left me wondering if I had completely missed something or if it was just confusing Same with how veryone was related within the plot I felt as if verything was dumped on me all at once too abruptly and in a waythat didn t always make senseFinally I wished a few lements had been xplained What of Charlie s brother What secrets did the papers hold Was there actually some intriguing at the Court considering how many hints were dropped that the King knew something or that some of the people close to him were involved in some conspiracy Unless this book is the beginning of a series in which case such information may be revealed in the next installment but I m not so sure about thatConclusion I really liked the depiction of plague ravaged London in the 17th century but the plot didn t cut it so much for me in the nd 25 stars 9 SEP 2014 Suee I won I CANNOT wait for this book to arrive Thank youThank youThank youBook has arrived Will start reading tomorrow Saturday 20 SEP 2014 I leafed through and found where the author thanks Philipa The year is 1665 Black Death ravages London A killer stalks the streets in a plague doctor's hood and maskWhen a girl is gruesomely murdered thief taker Charlie Tuesday reluctantly agrees to take on the case But the horrific remains tell him. The Thief Taker

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Regory an author I do not care for I presented this uestion to my Dear Friend Bettie Bettie will you please tell "me something This young lady thanks Philipa Gregory Please tell me this book is nothing "something This young lady thanks Philipa Gregory Please tell me this book is nothing Gregory s books is it As much as I want to read The Thief Taker I will be sad very sad if it is like Gregory s drivelI hope to the blue sky and beyond that this does not turn out to be a copycat Gregory book in style fiddling with historical facts or in any other manner Because I am so very looking forward to reading and liking this book I will be royally angry And having reached the nd I can say The Thief Taker is absolutely nothing like Gregory s books and I hope the author never again feels view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler Well that s a few hours of my life I shall never get back An unbelievable farrago so badly researched that I found myself actually looking up things I knew were wrong just in case I was mistaken after all The story itself is trivial one potentially interesting idea the debasement of the currency is very lightly touched on at the Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography end and all the witchery seems to be abandoned without usver knowing any about it This may well be because there are books to come The secret scene doesn t help much and its Pinterest link doesn t workThe characters are inconsistently drawn with no particular The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, effort to pull together motives and habits from their past into a coherent whole and no development in our knowledge of them or theirs of themselves Charlie just about stands up I suppose though his occasionally selflessly tender heart isn t crediblymbedded into his Artful Dodger background But Maria is a cipher and the relationship between them is mbarrassing As for the other characters Thomas and Teresa give absolutely no insight into why they behave as they do it s really not nough to hint at post traumatic stress disorder and the glimpses of others royal or common are cartoonishBut it s the history that really makes me cringe "Where shall I start Tower Bridge or Regent StreetHer idea of "shall I start Tower Bridge or Regent StreetHer idea of London is bananas not to put too fine a point on it Actually her idea of London at any period is bonkers and I am stunned to find that she is apparently English and a journalist which would suggest that she should know London She has clearly no idea at all what the City of London actually is or was It is a discrete authority with very precise boundaries and is presided over by the Lord Mayor of London not Mayor Lawrence he was no Boris but always Lord Mayor or Sir John Westminster is another discrete city a Royal one no Mayor here The wards and parishes between the two and out towards the suburbs were all under varying jurisdictions The autor continually confuses all of theseThe two major journeys that Charlie and Maria take are nonsensical from Covent Garden where the tavern is supposed to be to Holborn where I think Maria is supposed to live though there is some confusion could not have included Cockspur Street which is the other side of St Martin in the Fields They might have gone via Cock Lane but how could an author do that and simply witter on about Charterhouse when the reeking mess of Smithfield and the ancient priory of St Bartholomew are right in your way And what Londoner nay what intelligent human being with access to Google Maps could put Wapping several hours ride from Stratford Or FOUR HOURS downstream from the Tower And C uinn has worked at The TimesHere are a fe. This is no isolated death The killer's mad appetites are part of a master plan that could destroy London and reveal the dark secrets of Charlie's own pastNow the thief taker must find this murderous mastermind before the plague obliterates. .
W really terrible howlers of the dozens I ve bookmarked Life is too short to mention them allFoundling Hospital p 19There was no Foundling Hospital in pre Fire London There were two City Orphanages and they weren t run by
do you not at the straightaway The crown stamped on them shows your crime p 26Ships biscuit was not marked for the Navy until Victorian times Nor was there a regular supply to the Navy until Pepys started to reorganise it Nor in fact were there naval uniforms as such at the time All that navy blue and gold braid came laterA set of new guards had been posted on Shaftesbury Circus Plague security was certainly stepping up thought Charlie p 27Shaftesbury Circus did not and does not xist Shaftesbury of Shaftesbury Avenue lived in the 19thC The place I think she means would have been deep in the slum of St Giles in the Fields oddly The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl enough where the first Plague cases were identified in 1665 Somewhere to avoidrm like the plagueThe King s mistress Louise Keroulle was walking across the roomp 61The author doesn t Exile and Pilgrim even spell her name correctly Louise de Keroualle was not the King s Mistress until after 1670 She had no brother George and was made Duchess of Portsmouth in 1673Ordinarily the smuggler brought in tobacco wine lace and silk to avoid paying duty at Tower Bridge p 67This is ridiculous Tower Bridge was built in the late 19thCThe whole Mother Mitchell storyline is bizarre she lives apparently in Mayfair which was uite literally an open field in 1665 with a small market called Shepherds Market The development of townhouses in Mayfair came in the 1680 s Later she is supposed to live in Regent Street which is not Mayfair is of course named after the Prince Regent and was laid out in 1825Marc Anthony appears to be able to transport a sedan chair single handed did she think it was a kind of rickshaw and takes Charlie to a bear baiting Bear baiting was actually suppressed during the Plague but in any case the bear gardens were on the South Bank Later on they talk of Regents Park which again was named for the Prince Regent and was much laterp 74Marc Anthony also has a cottage in the little hamlet of Greenwich He commuted once a week into the City by rowboat through the marshlands at Deptford Creekp 68This is also bizarre Greenwich harboured a Royal Palace and is uite a grand little place Deptford was and is marshy but was also the home ofnormous Royal Dockyards It s perhaps an hour s rowing upriver to the Tower past Wapping by the way "Why would a boatman commute once a week such a short distance The actress Lynette She is your wife "would a boatman commute once a week such a short distance The actress Lynette She is your wife my wife But she is known all over the city p 191This is also just silly The names of the very few actresses performing in the 1660 s are very well known and there is neither any Lynette nor would anyone have spoken of her like that She would have been Mistress Tuesday or whatever her own name wasthe chill of Cripplegate p 386The whole FenchurchAldersgateCripplegate mess only tells me again that the author never looked at a mapOh yes Buboils Buboils Since when Buboes is and was the name for the swellings Interestingly there s not a single hit on Google for this idiotic word buboilsWhat was the ditor thinking of when he or she passed this book fit for publication I checked all these points in half an hour on Wikipedia hardly a PhD research project I can t think that C S uinn has ver done any research at all let alone historica. The Hannah Montana: The Movie evidence street by street This terrifying pursuit will take Charlie deep into the black underbelly of old London where alchemy witchcraft and blood spells collideIn a city drowned in darkness death could be the most powerful magic of all.