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Silvers Edge jOn to uestion her ability to do herob All she has ever wanted is the respect of fellow agents I love the slow build up of trust and friendship between Cody and Keria I also loved how good all the agents are at the obs they do The things they noticed would go unnoticed by most people It s the small details they see that keep them alive This is a really good book that I enjoyed The story line was the perfect pace I never got board or said to myself get on with it A solid plot filled with plenty of action and good pacing makes this story one entertaining read RT Book Reviews 4 stars Cody Walker meets Keira on an undercover assignment that leads to a oint assignment where Keira is intent "On Proving She Is Just As Good " proving she is ust as good the other agents male what she doesn t bank agents male What she doesn t bank is her attraction to Cody and his to herGetting close to the bad guys reveals Keira s skills and makes their chemistry even harder to ignore which comes in handy when Keira has to prove herself yet again A worthwhile read I think this year is my worst ever for Harleuin romances So far

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ve read which is really low for how many I had been reading and I ve DNFed four of them FOUR That s insane I m not sure if my tolerance is ust getting lower for shitty books or Harleuin is REA Four and a half starsReally enjoyed this Ms Autin has created ust the right balance of romance and action suspense in Cody Walker s Woman Cody Walker the special agent in uestion never expected to find love and certainly not on the ob Keira Jones is long used to doing her Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America job and in a man s world having served in the Marines beforeoining the agency to continue her work there When Cody and Keira find themselves becoming targets because of an investigation they are working they end up fighting their attraction to each other as well as trying to make sure they stay aliveNicely paced and plotted with smart characters who find the right time to confess feelings and indulge in their passionsWell done Ms Autin Very good book with excellent blend of romance and suspense It starts with Cody rescuing a young woman from certain rape and probable murder Even though he was undercover at the time he felt it was important to save her than stick to the mission A few days later he discovers she is a fellow agent and is assigned to his task force as they look for a terrorist group The group is a resurgence of. Ove she can handle herself professionally But their sizzling chemistry is making it hard to keep things uiet And as they hunt down the would be terrorists they are getting closer and personal than ev.

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45 stars Cody Walker is an agent with an unnamed Federal agency but with a similar agenda as the FBI and the DEA Cody is working undercover when he rescues a woman hostage taken by his target group He later learns that she is a fellow agent They are teamed together with other agents to find out if a militia group that was disbanded several years ago is becoming a threat again Good story Cody Walker s Woman is by Amelia Autin It is a romantic suspense It is a seuel to Reilly "S Return It Is " Return It is in Washington DC and in the mountain community of Black Rock Wyoming The characters are well developed and realistic The plot is clear but has several twists that keep the excitement going It is a really good book Cody Walker is working undercover but interrupts the case he is working on to save a beautiful young lady from rape and possibly murder He doesn t think twice about his actions he does what he thinks is right He breaks out of the house they are in and runs off with the girl he has led the others to believe he will rape When they get away he takes her to her car changes the tire she was working on and leaves to head back to the agency and write up his report on and leaves to head back to the agency and write up his report to why he broke his cover Luckily the case isn t completely compromised and his partner closes the case within a couple of days so all was not lost However Cody can t get the girl out of his mind All he knows is her first name Keira The next day he gets a call from Ryan Callahan the sheriff of Black Rock and a friend asking him
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call on secure line He does and finds out that the New World Militia which they thought they had eliminated six years ago was back in business He takes this information to his boss D Arcy who sends Cody and another partnership to Black Rock to find out The other team consists of Travis McKinnon who had worked on the case before and his partner Keira Jones They had been working on this case for several months but this was the first indication that the Militia had been recruiting again Suddenly Cody is face to face with Keira who he had saved Should they acknowledge that event Is it information the others need to have How can they work together When they arrive in Black Rock Callahan has taken his wife Mandy and their three children to Cody s remote cabin for safety That night he had learned his name was on a list of six names to be killed by the New Wor. Working undercover with the last man she should trustRescuing a civilian blew his latest undercover op but when Special Agent Cody Walker next met the damsel in distress he was astonished to discover. Ld Militia The neighbor who had seen the list and was having second thoughts about being in the New World Militia had died in Ryan s arms after trying to warn him Eventually they learn the names on the list They are Callahan and Walker one of whom killed his father and got away with murder DeSantini and Brockway federal prosecutors who tried him and D Arcy and McKinnon who investigated the murder and covered it up according to Vishenko The man who put out the list was Michael Vishenko the son of David Pennington leader of the New World Militia Where do they start looking Who will do the field work and who the desk work Can they keep Maddy and Callahan and their children safe What about themselves I would suggest reading Reilly s Return before starting this one It basically took up six years after RR finished and continued from thereNot a bad read at all but it s been some time since I read RR was first out in 1997 so I forgot certain parts that happened in it Am planning to go back and do a reread of it Am also hoping go back and do a reread of it Am also hoping that this one came out that means the author will be doing stories for the other guys in this story Would be very interested to see how
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handle meeting ladies I really enjoyed this book It was the perfect blend of suspense and romance with a touch of action the story starts out with Cody rescuing Keira from a group of men that would have rapped and killed her He is instantly attracted to her Cody was undercover at the time and he ust couldn rapped and killed her He is instantly attracted to her Cody was undercover at the time and he ust couldn leave Keira there he knew he was sacrificing the mission when he took her out of the house Keira is a agent herself and even tho Cody never said he was a agent she knew he was and knew his boss She went to Cody s boss that everyone called Baker s street because the man knew everything Keira told him how Cody saved her and sacrificed the mission to do so She did not want him to get in trouble for a failed mission A few days later Keria and her partner became part of a task force with Cody It was Cody and a few other good agents that helped dismantle a terrorist cell 6 years ago and now the group is back and it is up to the new task force to find the cell and stop them Keria as a female agent has worked hard to prove herself She is very smart always able to piece together facts like a puzzle She is falling hard for Cody but does not want to give the other agents any reas. She was a fellow agent Now they are assigned to the same task force to track down a terrorist cell that has a personal connection to Cody's pastWhile Keira is grateful to Cody she's determined to pr. Cody Walkers Woman ReillyWalker #2