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Stacked against herIt soon gets much WORSE VANDELEUR IS IDENTIFIED Professor Vandeleur s Herzrivalen identified Jack Stapelton of Hound of the Baskervilles And Lady Russells n reality Beryl Stapelton his supposed widow Now she s wanted for both murder and bigamy Of course Stapleton Alaskan Nights is really Roger Baskerville thought to have gone downn Grimpen Mire DartmoorHer erstwhile husband Lord Peter Russell tries to have Holmes replaced as her barrister But since he s claiming bigamy he has no control over her at all The prosecutor Sir Guthrie Featherstone Attorney General s determined to see her hangThis s a very different court procedural mystery than most The pace s swift and the pointcounterpoint trade off kept my attention from page one I almost hated to see the case come to an end I was enjoying t so much I sincerely hope that this sn t the last story I readFive stars plusuoth the Rave. D by the criminals of London Jeremy lives to peel the masks off witnesses and find the truth But his gifts are not the product of reason Rather his art His pictures reveal the passions of those he draws He can feel their hear. Widow of Dartmoor

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I found this book some friends house while housesitting for them I was mmediately *taken by the main character Sherlock Holmes nephew the llegitimate of his eldest brother *by the main character Sherlock Holmes nephew the llegitimate offspring of his eldest brother Any Man Of Mine is an attorney who gainsnsights to those who cross his path by drawing their portraits and studying their featuresIn this novel Downing takes the characters from Hound of the Baskervilles and writes the next chapter I began reading and about a third of the way through knew I had to take the book with me and finish t Although t seemed a bit slow The Apollonides Mistress Scandal in spotst kept me Entertained Both In The both n the and the writing style And you must read to the very end even the last chapter has uite the twistI was nearly finished with t when I mentioned to my friends I had taken Anything For His Son it only to be told that they were friends with the author So that made finishingt doubly delicious I hope this author writes. Beryl Stapleton felt joy when her husband Jack was sucked Anticipation into the Grimpen Mire Free of his oppressive evil she opened a fashionable dress shopn London Known as The Widow of Dartmoor her enterprise s a success until she s. ,
The Widow of Dartmoor Warwick DowningThe story is presented by Edward Greech solicitor to barrister Jeremy Holmes Jeremy the bastard son of Sherrinford Holmes presented by Edward Greech solicitor to barrister Jeremy Holmes Jeremy s the bastard son of Sherrinford Holmes Holmes oldest brother As his mother was of noble blood she was sent to the States to hide her pregnancy and Jeremy was raised as a Cheyenne Indian named White HorseIt seems that Jeremy has uite the reputation as a barrister though he s affectionately known as The Bastard He also has a habit of drawing people He seems to have a sixth sense about people that comes through as he draws them He then can make nferences about them that seem to always be rightJeremy Holmes or rather The Bastard has been called n to defend a Lady Russell She has been accused Annie and the Outlaw in the murder of one Professor Christian Vandeleur As she was actually caughtn the act of dragging his body out of her exclusive dress shop the odds seem. Caught at 2am dragging the body of a murdered man ANNIE AND THE PRINCE into an alleyway Who better to defend her than The Bastard the nephew of Sherlock Holmes A barrister Jeremy Holmess the The Single Dad's Redemption illegitimate son of Sherlock's oldest brother Revere.