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Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples pOf his father s funeral because the family didn t want their husband and father s love child with an actress around Desperate to claw his ways into the upper echelons of society he has amassed a fortune by running a successful newspaper Ready to finally take hislace in society by marrying a titled woman he is not repared for a new and seductive Annabelle whom he suddenly can t get out of his mind Facing an inuiry for rinting libel his only way to save his beloved The Lost Masters: Grace and Disgrace in '68 paper seems to marry the disgraced sister of arominent aristocrat But suddenly it just doesn t seem worth it 35 stars rounded up to four for the brilliant endingThis was a nice fun uncomplicated read After a disappointing book by one of my all time favorite authors I asked my dear Goodreads friends for something light fluffy with no drama and this certainly delivers You have to suspend your belief uite a bit to enjoy this one but honestly this was just what I needed right now It was fun to read about Annabelle s The National Debt: A Short History pathetic attempts to get The Nodcock s attention and the way he returned the favor in the end was absolutely hilarious Up until then I didn t really feel like I knew Knightly but the adorable mischievous side that Annabelle brought out in him was just lovely and in the end I really felt like I understood why she loved him soathetically from afar for so long I loved her transformation from Overlooked always trying to fade into the wallpaper Miss Swift to bold seductive Annabelle who fought for what she wanted There were times when I thought she was really Rites, Rights and Rhythms: A Genealogy of Musical Meaning in Colombia's Black Pacific pathetic for clinging to her ideal of Knightly for so long but in the end I thought it was sweet And can I just say that I LOVED the way he tried to make her realize he loved her It was endearing adorable and SOerfect 3In any other mood I would ve complained about the writing the constant sighing and gazing the way the heroine obsessed about the way the hero leaned the refusal on both sides to let things go which were holding them back her friends but honestly This was erfect if all you want is a light sweet fun read Buddy read with Andrea I enjoyed this book It was funny and easy to read The main characters were okay but I refered the hero better than the heroine she was really annoying sometimes and I got tired of her indealizing the hero and sighing everytime she sees him it was just too much Thankfully I was in a good mood and managed to finish it I enjoyed the second half of the book much better than the first I loved what the hero did to get her back and found it hilarious it is what saved the book for me I ve given this a B for narration and a B for content at AudioGals so I m leaving it at 4 starsSeducing Mr Knightly is the fourth and final book in Ms Rodale s Writing Girls series in which each of the four heroines are columnists for one of London s foremost newspapers The London WeeklyHeroines 1 3 are now happily settled so it s the turn of number four Miss Annabelle Swift who ens the weekly advice column for the aper She s uiet and unassuming wears ill fitting drab clothes and resides with her brother and sour mannered sister in law who treats her as an unpaid servantWhile all the other Writing Girls certainly faced difficulties on their aths to true love Annabelle s is seemingly unnavigable For the ast three years six months three weeks and two days she has been hopelessly in love with Derek Knightly the dashing wickedly handsome owner and editor of the Weekly a man who barely knows she "existsafter a bout of illness which laid her "a bout of illness which laid her low Annabelle Swift has loved Derek Knightly editor and owner of The London Weekly for three years six months three weeks and two days all without his notice She has decided that now is *the time to change this and asks the readers of her column Dear *time to change this and asks the readers of her column Dear for advice on gaining the attention of a man that Les Ténébreuses - Tome I - La Fin d'un monde pays you no mind The answersour in and Annabelle sets about trying out some of the suggestions After a variety of attempts lower bodices smoldering glances forgotten objectsit seems to be working as Knightly seems to be noticing her Yet he is courting a society lady the last Karneval, Vol. 4 piece he needs to right the wrongs of hisast Knightly is confused to his new found feelings for Annabelle and his duty not just to himself but also to his aper which is coming under heavy suspicion of fraud Annabelle and her fellow Writing paper which is coming under heavy suspicion of fraud Annabelle and her fellow Writing decide she needs to attempt one last final grand gesture but when happiness finally seems attainable the newspaper scandal blows up and it forces Annabelle to make a rash decision How can Knightly show Annabelle the truth of his heart while holding on to all that he has built with his newspaperI just adore Maya Rodale s writing and Seducing Mr Knightly is no exception If you have read the revious books in this series I m sure you have been eagerly anticipating this story and for the most art it delivers I loved watching Annabelle shed her uiet don t notice me shell I mean really her family is just lain horrible to her and bloom into a daring courageous woman Her attempts at seduction are both heart warming and amusing and she shares it all with her readers Knightly for his art comes out of his unobservant shell and starts to wonder if he could be the man Annabelle is uesting after which I was happy about It was not a uick about face but a slow realistic change and you can see them falling truly in love with each other ast the initial love at first sight They both want to belong and together they find a way to find that with each other With how smoking hot the cover is I was a bit surprised that the heat factor is a bit on the lower sidehowever as the story unfolds it works and in the end I really wasn t too disappointed The romance is slower and sweet with delicious sexual tension and the The Elephants Journey payoff is wonderful I really did not care for the ending and Annabelle s decision she made but oh Knightly s attempt to fix ittotally hilarious and swoon worthy I adored that A solid conclusion to a fun sexy series and I am a bit sad that we are saying good bye to these characters Maya Rodale is on my auto buy list with this series due to her fabulous storytelling filled with charm humor sass characters you can relate too and swoon worthy romance 4 stars eARCrovided by Avon Books via edelweiss. Y writer But suddenly she's exuisite and he can't get Annabelle out of his mind She must be ursuing someone but who For some inexplicable reason the thought of her with another man makes Knightly insanely jealous. Seducing Mr Knightly

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And desperately wants to attract his attention and solicits advice The article is a hit and soon letters are coming in from all over the city advising Annabelle on how she may best snare the attentions and affections of the Nodcock as the object of her affections is dubbed Derek is thrilled with the increase in sales and entirely oblivious to the fact that he is the Nodcock though the entire newspaper staff has known for yearsExcerptKnightley turned his attention to Annabelle the uiet one My column this week has received letters than any other she said softly She held his gaze for a uick second before looking down at the thick stack of correspondence on the table and a sack on the floor at her feet He wracked his brain but couldn t remember what she had submitted oh it had been late so he uickly reviewed it for errors of grammar and spelling before rushing it straight to the Changing Face of the Hero printers Her work never reuired much by way of editing Not like the epics Grenville submitted or the libel Lady Roxbury often handed in Remind me the topic again he said Clearly it had resonated wtih the readers so he ought to be aware of itShe blinked her big blue eyes a few times PerplexedThere was a beat of hard silence in the room Like he said something wrong So he gave the room A Look tinged with impatience to remind them that he was an extremely busy man and couldn tossibly be expected to remember the contents of each article submitted the The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry previous week for a sixteenage long newspaperBut he could feel the gazes of the crew drilling into him Owens shaking his head Julianna s eyebrows arched uite high Even Grenville frowned Annabelle fixed her gaze upon him and said How to attract a man s attention That was just the sort of thing Weekly readers would love and that could lead to a discussion of feelings so Knightly gave a nod and said Good and inuired about Damien Owens s StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story police reports and other domestic intelligence The conversation moved onThe other writing girls and even the young reporter on staff that handles murders and robberies and arson team up with Annabelle behind the scenes as she tries out different schemes suggested by readers including lowering her bodice a little orchestrating impromptu encounters with the Nodcock employing a male rival and so onBlissfully unaware thateople across London including two of his best friends are eagerly helping Annabelle capture his attention Derek begins to notice the shy writer at long last First it s because she has indeed lowered her bodice But then he begins to notice a new Annabelle someone bold and flirtatious but still shy and sweet and charmingly awkward emerging from her shell London s advice has worked and Annabelle is finally turning over a new leaf and starting to live her life instead of merely making it through the day This transformation could not have come at a worst time for Derek who is in the It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life process of reluctantly courting the sister of a maruess the author refers to the character consistently as a maruis this isn t France and he s not a French nobleman so he s a maruess Wedding Lady Lydia will give him thelace in society he wants but he cannot stop thinking of Annabelle And he knows that if he dallies with her he Cannot Marry Lady Lydia marry Lady Lydia he would be giving away his dreams of social acceptanceBut Annabelle keeps coming at him strong with her many schemes in addition to her own unchanging ersonal charm She s shy and sweet but also witty and teasing and Derek can t restrain himself indefinitely especially when Annabelle follows a reader s advice and launches herself into one final dramatic gesture But when the newspaper is in trouble *and Derek is arrested on libel it seems that the only *Derek is arrested on libel it seems that the only to save himself and his newspaper not to mention all the eople he employs is for him to ublicly align himself with Lady Lydia and her Maruess brother even if it means losing Annabelle now that he s just found herThere were numerous roblems with this book which explains the 3 out of 5 rating However had this not been such a charming story it would have gotten I know it s so unexpected that I disliked yet another genre romanceIf we read romance in hopes to self insert well Seducing Mr Knightly should have been my shining fantasy moment A shy lady writer who dresses badly has a rich romantic life entirely in her own head and thinks she will end up alone Idly dreaming about the older The Lady and the Lionheart powerful guy at work freuently while at work Pretty much every single iteration of my life as a working woman has been this story I had my journal at the readyrepared to jot down tips on Flirting for Socially Awkward Folks from Dear AnnabelleBut what this book is as dawned on me WAY too early like around the approximately 15 20% mark on Kindle is occasionally cute but mostly SO generic full of every cliche you expect to find in romance Mentions of rakishness Yes Heaving alabaster bosoms A great deal Also both female AND male bosoms are exposed for seduction which is maybe the one detail of this book that I really liked the reversal of a silly articularly gendered seduction cliche Clever Maya RodaleAmorphous repetitive aragraphs describing how enamoured each lead is with the other in boring basic language and hrasing Oh yes Do the love interests misunderstand each other s words and behaviors for the sake of keeping up the unreuited love lot to the extent that you d like to Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church punt them in the temples for addingages to this book being so stupid Absolutely The search for good romance still continues with reasonably lowered expectations I m even discouraged by this than I am by my first encounter with Courtney Milan who I will robably be returning to as a salve Buddy read with LaceyHow far does one go for loveMiss Annabelle Swift has been in love with Derek Knightly newspaper owner and her employer for three years seven months and two days but to her dismay he has never noticed her At her wits end she asks the readers of her advice column for advice on how to get The Nodcock to notice Lowered bodies lingering touches smoldering looks fainting into his waiting arms she will do whatever it takes to finally get the attention of the man she lovesThrow the bastard out he doesn t belong hereDerek Knightly has never forgotten the humiliating moment when he was thrown out. Rom her loyal readers who offer Annabelle myriad suggestions from lower cut bodices success and sultry gazes disaster to a surprise midnight rendezvous wicked Derek never really took note of his shy wallflower lad.

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What a disappointing end to a guilty leasure series If you ve read the others you already know about or don t care about Rodale s handling of the era and the fantastical setup of the newspaper You also know about Annabelle and Knightly because that s been going on from the start I wasn t ex Miss Rodale s writing is just not for me Annabelle was overshadowed in all the revious Writing Girl books by the other Girls who are all daring and outgoing But her story is a lovely charming one about a shy girl coming out of her shell and finally going after the man she wants And yeah he s sexy A erfect light romantic read for a summer day 35 375 ish stars So I had all these thoughts to share about this Maya Rodale book only to realize that I already shared most of these exact same thoughts while reviewing two other Maya Rodale books While my opinion of some authors work varies rather wildly from one book to the next depending on lot theme tone etc it seems I have a surprisingly consistent opinion on what I love about Maya Rodale and what I don t Maya Rodale s writing style is for lack of a better adjective Tessa Dare ish witty vibrant eminently engaging and at times about as authentically historical as an episode of Sex in the City Anachronisms tend not to bother me as much as they do many of my fellow HR addicts but if you re someone who s irked by modern speech and behavior in your alleged historicals consider yourself warned In addition to her infectiously sparkly writing style I absolutely love Rodale s heroines All three of the Rodale heroines I ve spent time with so far while ossessing very different National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 personalities are among the most relatable and genuinely likable I ve come across And suffice it to say I m not a reader who immediately loves or even likes all of the heroines with whom I come into contactfar from it in fact Alas I can t heap the sameraise on Rodale s heroes I did end up mostly adoring ditzy yet sneakily endearing Jack who we met in the loved it so much than I expected to anthology At the Duke s Wedding remained indifferent to the hero in Three Schemes and a Scandal and have to sadly report that I outright disliked the titular Mr Knightly of this novel Look I know that my fondness for kind adorkable heroes is unpopular to the oint where writers rarely create one but even by today s usual domineering alpha standards Knightly is just too much of a jerk for too much of the novel As others have astutely ointed out he seems utterly indifferent to our sweet funny touchingly eager heroine for so long that I found myself desperately hoping for a twist in which Annabelle decided this guy simply wasn t worth seducing and instead decided to find a good man who adored her as much as she deserved Knightly s inevitable oh wait yeah I guess I ve actually loved her all along despite Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism pretty much never ever showing it turnaround felt a bit forced to me and ualified as too little too late My other complaint This was a 384age novel that felt a full 100 ages longer than necessary Granted I often feel that way so maybe I m just an uncommonly impatient reader whose opinions on a novel s length should be taken with a few zillion grains of salt But for me *the lot dragged the themes became tiresomely repetitive and the witty *plot dragged the themes became tiresomely repetitive and the witty and cheery Charming the Firefighter pace of the first third gave way to slower this AGAIN meandering later on Overall this is an enjoyable book that I m not sorry I read but due to my really She wants HIM view of the hero I found it a fairly unromantic romance Recommended for its wit and lovable heroine but if you re hoping to fall in love with the hero I d advise looking elsewhere Annabelle Swift is Writing Girl 4 a cute little gimmick thought up by newspaper tycoon Derek Knightley who happens to be the illegitimate older son of a late Earl whose ton family understandably despises him Derek is nothing if not a savvy newspaperman and one of his cardinals rules is that scandal euals sales Girls writing is scandalous girls chasing down stories writing the stories down in their own words with their own uniue voice and beingaid for their endeavors is not something of the norm in early nineteenth century London And Derek is on the right track because London eats up these girls columns especially Dear Annabelle an advice column enned by our heroineDear Annabelle Annabelle Swift has been in love with Derek Knightley for a little than three years We re not recisely told in any convincing manner why she loves him just that it was love at first sight I m not a big fan of love at first sight I will buy it only if it later develops into something real based on conversations between the hero and heroine or conversations that are overheard by either the hero or heroine depending on who is unreuitedly in love Annabelle loves Derek Annabelle loves Derek Annabelle LOVES Derek It is drummed into our heads over and over Annabelle loves Derek Annabelle LOVES Derek It is drummed into our heads over and over loves him because he s handsome She loves him because he leans against walls and doors Seriously it was constantly mentioned that he was leaning on things I worried that maybe he bruised his hip bones with all that leaning He s intense especially when it comes to the newspaper he loves so dearly But Derek has never once noticed herThis is because Derek has a lot on his late The illegitimate son of an earl who was kicked out of his father s funeral when he stormed in uninvited Derek has a serious inferiority complex in that regard He s young and handsome and wealthy and his word carries weight but none of this is enough Derek longs for a lace in society among the ton He knows his only option is to marry into the aristocracy this is the only way for him to join White s for him to be invited to balls for him to constantly run into his legitimate half brother and have the younger man be forced to acknowledge him "in ublic His life is the newspaper the London Weekly and he has "public His life is the newspaper the London Weekly and he has time for anything else not even women and certainly not sweet shy spinster ish Annabelle who sighs whenever he enters the room and blushes fiercely whenever he looks at her or speaks to herAfter almost four years of ining away for this oblivious man Annabelle decides to use her advice column for her own needs She ens a column confessing to London that she is in love with a clueless man a total nodcock. 9 hrs and 14 mins For ages it seems advice columnist Annabelle Swift has loved Derek Knightly editor owner of the London Weekly from a distance Determined to finally attract her boss's attention she seeks advice