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Great summer read especially if you re from the burgh This is a story of one woman trying to figure out what her plan B is and who doesn t need a plan B It s a story of love and life balance and pursuing what s important and what you love I can totally see where Mira is coming from She literally walks in on her husband umm I can totally see where Mira is coming from She literally walks in on her husband umm in extracurricular activities with one of the employees that works in Mira and her husband s restaurant I *d be angry too there are some characters *be angry too There are some characters various books that I wish I could shake some sense into them and TELL THEM TO JUST GET OVER them to ust get over But Mira was different You really feel for her She worked so hard to set up her restaurant only to have her livelihood destroyed by her husband s roving eye Mira is real When the book opens she s in the midst of an anger management class which she fails at I love reading about characters who have very human flaws Eventually she finds what she s looking for though as so many of us doThe other star of this book is the food oh the food Mira owns an Italian restaurant She learned how to cook in Italy The descriptions of the things that Mira and the other characters both cook and eat are written in such lovely vivid detail that you feel like you can taste it This book made me hungry The author added a nice touch at the end by including some of the recipes that Mira and the other characters made in the book Like Mira s food in the book they are simple recipes filled with all sorts of gorgeous ingredients You better believe that I will be trying some of these recipesBottom line This book has a lot of good food and a lot of heart you ll eat this one right up When the choices were published for potential Librarythingcom Early Reviewer copies of recently published or to be published books the only book I reuested for the month was Aftertaste A Novel In Five Courses by Meredith Mileti I had never heard of the author since this is her first novel But the description was a natural pull for mea novel about a chef her restaurant food relationship and love So I was delighted when I was notified that I would be receiving the book Let me say from the onsetthis book captivated me and held me to the last pages I was not disappointed Mileti divided the book up into 5 courses and ust as an Italian meals tempts you to want to eat with its antipasti begins to comfort you with its primi then satisfies you with its secondi adds a little extra with its contorni and provides a delicious ending with its dolce so does this story begin develop and endleaving you satisfied I found the characters well developed not stereotypes but realistic personalities The connecting force in all the dynamics is Mirabella Rinaldi a young chef and new mother who is trying to deal with the various blows that befell her while life was in sessionher unfaithful husband the loss of her beloved restaurant her return to her childhood home the changing roles of mainstay persons in her life It is understandable if she is thrown off course as she tries to managing her emotions She lived her life the way she cooked She is passionatediving in and immersing herself in her family friends cooking and her anger It is hard for her to restrain her emotions this is her blessing and her curseThere are many reasons that a reader connects with a character and I connected with Mira It could be her interests that seem to echo mineher love of food cooking pulling together tastes giving and nurturing those who matter to you by feeding them It could be her personality and values It could even be her surnameRinaldiwhich is my own maiden name But I found myself understanding her and rooting for her as the story progressedThe pace of the story also held mesmooth and conversational Unless a story has the right pace I tend to become impatientskimming the lines to move it along Not so in this case I read every wordI remember getting recipes from my Italian grandmothers In place of exact measurements of ingredients would be the letters b Saltb waterb flourb b stands for the words uanto basta when it is enough something that is sensedyou ust know it Mira cooked her life this wayshe knew when it was en. Mira Rinaldi lives life at a rolling boil Co owner of Grappa a chic New York City trattoria she has an enviable apartment a brand new baby and a frenzied schedule befitting her success Everything changes the night she catches her husband Jake wielding his whisk with Grappa's new Maitress d' Mira's fiery response earns her a court ordered stint in anger management and the beginning of legal and personal predicaments as she battles to save her restaurant and pick up the pieces of her life Mira falls back on family and friends in Pittsburgh as she struggles to find a recipe for happiness But the heat is really on when some ,

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AftertasteStill moving forward Once she gets over herself her vision Clears A Little At A a little at a allowing for movement in different directions Written in five parts appropriately named after the allowing for movement in different directions Written in five parts appropriately named after the courses of an Italian feast Mira tells her story with honesty and humor Love and family all intertwined with food There are even recipes from the fictional Grappa that play a role in the story This is a debut novel from this author She has whetted my appetite for I haven t read a foodie novel in a while and this one delivered delicious dishes Sorry about the alliteration So I really enjoyed the story although I really would have liked to see comeuppance for Nicola and Jake Jake got uite the punishment in the end but nothing serious seems to happen to Nicola She deserves all the worst days Absolutely loved Ruth and Fiona and baby Chloe and I m sensing a theme heremost of the women in this book Even Enid was pretty awesome The men were a mix but I seriously wanted to do dreadful stuff to Jakewhat a complete erk Anyway THE FOOD DROOL I want Mira to come cook for me I am craving some awesome creative restaurant food now When will restaurants even open back up here Who knows when I ll have that experience again I came for the food and got pulled in by the characters and got hungrier and hungrier with all the fooooood someone for the food and got pulled in by the characters and got hungrier and hungrier with all the fooooood someone me I was all ready to give this book 5 stars until the last third of the novel when it got repetitive giving a whole lot of information on issues related to side characters while skimming over what was at the crux of the story which is what happens to Grappa after Jake and Nicola take over The whole syndicate plot line was really building up to intrigue corruption and massive downfall for the arrogant cheating Jake but instead there were 5 chapters about Richard s the main character s gay friend regression to alcohol a relationship gone bad for him and his recovery from drunk driving accident Wait a second Who s the story about anyway Richard was an interesting character until he became the focus of the novel and then he ust got tiresome I started skimming the DulceDessert section and finally skipped chapters altogether to get to the end of the book I felt like the editor took a vacation Okay this is good enough let s publish Still overall I enjoyed it and I ll definitely read by Mileti trusting that next time she and her editor work through to the end of the story Honestly My soul wasn t into Aftertaste I chose this during a thirty day trial period from Kindle unlimited picks I take full responsibility for my lackadaisical aloofness It took me forever to read this longer than the 30 day trial It was my GO TO SAUNA BREAK read where I lay on my back relax and read something I ve downloaded on my OLD kindle If I didn t take a sauna for a few days to give the author credit I never forgot where I was in the story I was well aware of the challenges Mira was dealing with and the drama shenanigan s Mira and her husband own a restaurant together Her husbands fKs another employee Mira moves out taking their baby Chloe to live with her Somehow they still keep managing the restaurant together for most of the book Mira s ex continues to fK the Stilettoes wearing Beauty They are living together and she stays on working at the restaurant Its one big happy suppressed communicating family The delicious cooking goes on Grappa Their New York Restaurant continues to thrive There are other caring characters who often come to Mira s rescue We watch Mira grow and get stronger in who she is The time spent with her therapist proves to be helpfulAt the very start of this novel Mira is sent to anger management class sent for violent actions This part of the story does not work well with the rest of the storytelling The development never gets off the ground Readers are left thinking Its no big deal to attack your husbands girlfriend The author would have done better to have left all legal reference out of her book because truth is being court assigned to anger management class is no More scary stories for sleep-overs joke I m sure there are many woman who will enjoy this book Its a lifetime movie type book Will I recommend it Honestly I won. Women Don't Sleep AloneMeredith Mileti lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and their three mostly grown children She is a graduate of Hamilton College and the University of Pittsburgh where she earned a PhD in Developmental Psychology and subseuently served on the faculty Since taking her first home economics course inunior high Meredith has loved to cook An adventurous and eclectic diner she appreciates any well cooked meal whether from a lobster shack in Bar Harbor Maine a friggitorie in Naples a Michelin starred restaurant in Paris or a Deluxe Double Egg Cheese at Primanti's in Pittsburgh Aftertaste is her first nov. Ough When it was enough with her ex husband when it was enough in her reaction to her father s new lady friend when it was enough of New York Not a bad way to cook a lifeIn all I highly recommend this novel In the final pages are some recipes I am eager to try The book left me with an aftertastefor by Meredith Mileti After the first few pages I realized that Meredith had left me hopelessly behind with her food knowledge but by then I was already giving not so silent advice to Mira about what not to do I loved Mira and enjoyed watching her character grow as she worked to conuer her impulsive nature Happily not all of her impulses are self destructive and I don t think she ever tames them into submission Her wonderfully supportive friends were drawn with a sensitive pen Some began almost as cardboard cutouts and were filled in stroke by stroke as the book progressedThank you Meredith Mileti for letting us share Mira s life as she rebuilds her self esteem and re establishes her priorities I look forward to reading from you First off let me give five stars to the cover alone I could stare at this beauty all day I m a big fan of foodie books and I ust knew this book was going to speak to me Aftertaste the debut novel from Meredith Mileti follows Mira Rinaldi as she tries to pick up the pieces of her life after finding her husband cheating on her Mira and husband Jake Are Co Owners are co owners the wildly successful Manhattan Italian restaurant Grappa the same location where Mira finds Jake with Grappa s newest waitress Mira is shocked at Jake s infidelity especially since they welcomed their first baby ust two months prior Mira packs up baby Chloe and flees to Pittsburgh to be near her family She struggles to fight for Grappa stay sane for Chloe s sake and work through her divorce Along the way Mira must find what fulfills her life what makes her happy and content Aftertaste makes it on my Favorites List as this was such a satisfying novel I found Mira so easy to relate to Unlike a lot of novels where the woman finds her man cheating and slinks away to rebuild her life Mira fought back She attacked the mistress got arrested and was ordered to anger management classes Those scenes made the story really come to life for me Is it the best thing to turn to physical violence Of course not But it really put a human aspect to Mira s character and I was with her from the first page Aftertaste has a ton of drama I shed tears I was furious with Jake and I was rooting on Mira in every scene and I didn t want the story to end Mira s ourney also gave me a sense of empowerment and I love books that show a strong Heroine Never Giving Up A never giving up A read in my opinionI received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Had a chance to read an advanced copy of this book Place it on your wish list now folks This is a fabulous read from writer who obviously knows the restaurant business food AND how to write a great story Be prepared to cry hold your breath smile and of course to be hungry Bravo When your current perfect life implodeshow do you pick up the pieces and start all over Denialangerbargainingdepression and acceptance Much like grieving the death of a loved one these are the stages that Mira goes through as she struggles to move on after catching her husband in flagranti with one of their restaurant employees A successful chef and restaurateur specializing in Italian cuisine as well as being a new mom Mira is blindsided and filled with rage That rage is directed at the woman caught with her husband landing her in ail and court ordered anger management classes Finally recognizing her marriage is over she engages in a game of wits to save her ownership of her beloved restaurant Grappa When she finds herself without husband or her restaurant but with an unexpected pile of money she reluctantly pulls up stakes and head home to Pittsburgh to live with her father Once therethe story follows her as she reconnects with family and past acuaintances and forges new relationshipsIt is a bumpy rut filled road and she falls down time and againAnd she gets up time and again each time bruised and scraped but. Urprising developments in New York present her with a high stakes opportunity to win back what she thought she had lost forever For Mira cooking isn't ust about delicious flavors and textures but about the pleasure found in filling others' needs And the time has come to decide where her own fulfillment lieseven if the answers are unexpected Keenly observed and deeply satisfying Aftertaste is a novel about rebuilding and rediscovery about food passionately prepared and unapologetically savored and about the singular contentment that comes with livingand lovingwith gusto A delicious debut Jamie Cat Callan author of French.
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