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Is awesome The kids are cute Mason could use a little tweaking because he s coming off as Mr Perfect with the proper romance novel hero flaws he had so much depth to his personality throughout the first two books and he kind of fades into the background in this oneAnd I also miss Amy Rachel s first two books and he kind of fades into the background in this oneAnd I also miss Amy Rachel s who doesn t really make an appearance at all in this third bookBut mainly I just loved reading this A lot 2016 Reading Challenges Goodreads Reading Challenge BookLikes Reading Challenge COYER Summer Vacation 2016 Bingo Board Three Suare C1 Paranormal Can You Read a Series in a Month Challenge I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review First of all let me say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this seriesThe heroine Rachel is fantastic She s full of witty intelligent interesting thoughts that sometimes come out of her mouth and sometimes remain inside her head The balance between the two is incredibly fantasticHer view of the world is peculiar She regained her sight a few months ago and she s trying to adapt to life where visuals have great impact Still she s very much rooted in her non sighted world where her yes are not necessary and where other senses are much important and valuableI love how Ms Shayne took me on a voyage inside Rachel s headThe pacing of the story is also one of the reasons I njoy this series so much The crimes in which Rachel is involved are very interesting and very real life like We read about them daily in newspapers unfortunatelyThere s also an interesting twist about Rachel s paranormal bouts Rachel being true to herself doesn t believe they re paranormal and fronts them in her usual levelheaded way Then there s her relationship with Mason that keeps growing Here She Starts Regretting Her Decision To Keep Things Light she starts regretting her decision to keep things light them and Mason too regrets accepting it I loved how they dance around this pink lephant in the room LOLThere re also all the secondary characters I Obsession: An Erotic Tale enjoyed in the previous books Mason s and Rachel s nephews and Myrtle the blind dog They play a very important part in the building of Mason and Rachel s relationship and in Rachel s new lifeSo let me repeat I LOVE this series and would recommend it toveryone who like a wonderful interesting and well written Romantic Suspense There are several layers to this novel all of them are thoughtful and well writtenThe romance between Rachael and Mason is touch and go through most of the book until you are ready to slap them to see if they are awake It is obvious they care for Confederate Cities: The Urban South during the Civil War Era each other deeply but are a bit slow about coming to that conclusion on their own for various reasons logical and idioticThe murder mystery they are going to work on isxceptional and tinged with a good dose of paranormal which livens things up a bit add in a armature sleuth like Rachael and things tend to get chaotic uickly The mystery revolves around girls that are being kidnapped and held for sale to the highest bidder the depth of the organization in this criminal nterprise is what the big uestion is in addition to where the girls are before they get sold off and lost foreverThis is a first class mystery with top shelf writing and characters you feel like you know very njoyable reading and highly recommended Borrowing Rachel s words You re shitting me rating 45 of 5 I adore this Brown De Luca series by Maggie Shayne Absolutely phenomenal blend of Edicts of Asoka eerie suspense sardonic humor and almost reluctant romanceAfter spending the bulk of her life blind and managing to build a successful career as a motivational writer Rachel de Luca is gifted with vision through the organ donation of a serial killer Mason Brown is the detective who started hunting a killer andnded up facing off with his mentally disturbed brother responsible That is how Brown and De Luca were introducedSince Mason has taken. Ce Then a judge's daughter disappears and Mason has a terrible sense that it's connected to the most recent case they solved together the abduction of Rachel's assistant The discovery of a string of missing women all young all troubled seems like a promising lead But there's no clear connection between the miss. .
Actual Rating 45 StarsAbout halfway through the book I sent my BFF a recommendation for this Brown and de Luca series telling her that she really needed to start reading these books I think they would be right up her alley with a nice balance of crime thriller to romance and not too much Upgrade Soul explicit sex which would be much to her liking than any of the other racy romantic suspense books I ve recommended in the past There s the blind bulldog Myrtle and a lot of family interaction between Rachel Mason and the teenagersActually there are noxplicit sex scenes whatsoever in #these books which really dampens the heat level of the book in # books which really dampens the heat level of the book in personal opinion but it doesn t usually stop the chemistry between our main couple from being good I mean I don t need sex scenes in my romances to make them good romances but the relationship between Rachel and Mason so far has been based on some invisible bond the two share that I m not Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches' Sabbath entirely feeling It shows that they work well together and they banter like the best couple in the world We don t really get thexplicit sex scenes but the two talk about screwing like bunnies a lot throughout the book But there s still something about their romance that seems to be missing a little bit of sizzleAnd no I don s still something about their romance that seems to be missing a little bit of sizzleAnd no I don mean that the books need sex to spice up the sizzle of the main couple s romance I ve read plenty of other books where the couple convey a great deal of chemistry without sex sprinkled into the mix Heck I ve watched a lot of television series and movies where the couple are completely chaste and still seem to xhibit chemistry than Rachel and Mason have been projecting since the first bookI just feel like they re missing somethingBut that s beside the point because I really just LOVE this series for So Many Other Reasons Outside Of The Slightly Lukewarm Romance many other reasons outside of the slightly lukewarm romance I say slightly lukewarm if only because I can see where their romance is a great development Rachel and Mason make a great couple They re an xcellent partnership They ARE having sex all the time and they act so naturally around Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist each other that its wonderful Again I m just not really feeling the sizzleBut aside from that and some of the cheesy dialogue at thend of the book as well as a few little uibbles here and there this book was damn near perfect Okay maybe it wasn t damn near perfect I still don t like the switching POV narrations But I loved the book and I love how the series is developing from Rachel s connection to other organ donor recipients to something much bigger and badderHer self named NFP powers the acronyms for Not Fucking Psychic powers snort are taking an interesting direction and somehow managing to convince me of the connection from other stuff introduced since the first book And I m buying itI love that the scope of these books are xpanding into other potential directions and possibilities I love that we get to continue seeing Rachel s character developing with ach book She has so far gone from a cynic ven about her own self help books to a maybe I m starting to believe the bullshit I dish out type of attitude And it s great because ven with that she still maintains her crass personality the consistent cussing and an underlying innocence that probably could only be okay on a thirty something because of her reborn Imaginary Runner eyesightInjoyed the premise of the main conflict in this particular book as well and much so than the first book although the second book has a much intriguing criminal mysteryAs per usual all the characters are great From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 even with the introduction of new characters and book time by recurring charactersAnd then there s the snark and the awesome that is Rachel de Luca I mean sure she goes a little overboard in her mind meanderings throughout the narration sometimes but I ve come toxpect it and I love her all the same Myrtle. To save innocent lives they'll have to risk their own Self help superstar Rachel de Luca and Detective Mason Brown have finally given in to their overwhelming attraction to Fresh Water each other but neither of them is ready to let physical passion turn into full blown romance so they carefully maintain anmotional distan. .
Responsibility for his dead brother s two son s and he and Rachel have tentatively started an as yet undefined physical relationship Mason s work and Rachel s unexplainable insights and Rachel have tentatively started an as yet undefined physical relationship Mason s work and Rachel s unexplainable insights to throw them back together and pull Rachel into Mason s active investigations despite her misgivings The pragmatic Rachel is not uite sure what to make of her xtreme sensitivity to nonverbal signals and disturbingly accurate intimate knowledge of make of her xtreme sensitivity to nonverbal signals and disturbingly accurate intimate knowledge of victims Mason isn t much clearer on what is going on but has full confidence in Rachel They make uite a formidable teamAlthough both continue to be a little gunshy calling a spade a spade when it comes to their relationship and while not much is necessarily verbalized Mason and Rachel make significant strides toward a clearer joint futureA fascinating and highly addictive series by Maggie Shayne that I will follow till the last word is written Very highly recommended but read the From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read entire series despite the fact thatach book is a story in itself it makes for a better reading From the Enemy's Point of View: Humanity and Divinity in an Amazonian Society experience Grins spins thrills and chills with Brown De Luca Copy provided in return for an honest return I can t seem to getnough of this series Rachel is a total kick butt heroine and Mason is apparently a George Clooney look alike cop In this novel we see the two battling through their Doris Salcedo emotions while they both come to the conclusion that they loveach other Mason has taken over bringing up his nephews as we know from the last book Wake to Darkness A Brown and De Luca Novel and Rachel is still getting used to being sighted and trying to still tell herself that she is NOT a psychicThis book will prove Rachel wrong on so many levels that it is almost funnyThis book was "Another That I Devoured "that I devoured a day and was at the Twelve Days of Pleasure edge of my recliner while doing so I am always so disappointed when the bo I keep thinking this series will begin losing some of its appeal and that s just not happening Rachel de Luca and Mason Brown keep things fresh and interesting In this latest story a young woman recently blinded as a result of a car accident turns a street corner and just vanishes It appears she was abducted and being a local judge s daughter the investigation starts down that track until it begins to tie in with the disappearances of other young women And it also seems to connect with thearlier abduction of Rachel s assistant Amy some weeks ago see the novella Dream of DangerThe mystery is thorny the suspense chilling and Rachel s offbeat humor just as wonderful as Gods Choice ever I couldn t put this one downither and I m also hopelessly in love with Myrtle her blind bulldog Rachel and Mason s relationship is Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye evolving naturally and romantically consistent with the personalities of both but neverclipsing the main story This series has the best of Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France everything 45 4 stars A This series continues as a strong romantic suspense humour series I love the combo Rachel and Mason are growing in trust withach other as they continue to be sucked into murder cases that set up Rachel s NFP not fcking psychic alarm bells I don t know how realistic the aspect of the book is about dealing with a devastating loss such as loss of sight but that doesn t stop me from appreciating the author s insights into this trauma throughout the series Also I absolutely love the blind Bulldog Myrtle 45 starsRachel and Mason along with his nephews are living their lives as best and normal as they can When Mason gets pulled into a meeting with a judge whose daughter has gone missing he gets an u I received a free ARC of Innocent Prey from Harleuin MIRA via Netgalley in xchange of an honest reviewAnother awesome and xciting installment in the Brown and DeLuca series And of course a nice side order of romance too This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog unConventional Bookview. Ing girls and the high profile young woman Mason is trying to find He realizes that once again he'll have to rely on his own well honed instincts and Rachel's uncanny capacity to see through people's lies in order to catch a predator and rescue his captives But can they do it before Rachel becomes his next victi.

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