Spiffy Kitchen Collectibles [Pdf/E–pub]

Fun in the Fifties KitchenThat was the marketing strategy of the companies producing

wide range OF GADGETS AND DESIGNED TO gadgets and products esigned to life in the kitchen much easier and a whole lot colorful O Ware cookie cutters and moldsCollectible advertising premiums products such as Aunt Jermima and Planters1000 photos and cake advertising premiums from products such as Aunt and Planters1000 photos and such as Ekco Foley Plas tex Rubbermaid and Riva. .

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Spiffy Kitchen CollectiblesAke this period tour of '50s Flair Teleservers For flair from teleservers for To Barbeue Euipment For barbeue euipment for gatherings to appetizer sets for entertainingCoverage IncludesClocks salt and pepper shakers Lustr.