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Life to get him on the righteous path Allegorically all the stuff he puts him through makes this a Job like story that explains why misfortune might befall even someone full of spiritual merit hide spoiler During a recent trip I was lucky enough to find this book tucked away hidden in the generic eastern philosophy religion section of a bookstore The book is a didactic work masuerading as an adventure fantasy story The author wishes to entertain you and at the same time make you renounce wordly attachments so that you may cultivate yourself and follow the Way and of course eventually achieve immortality The translator did a great job introducing the text his annotations are fantastic *so many obscure daoist alchemical references and the *many obscure daoist alchemical references and the seems to satisfy both scholars and casual readers In the book s preface the author claims that except from the writings of the great historians Sima ian and Ban Gu there is nothing that can ite measure p to this work Apparently being humble is not a necessity when trying to achieve enlightenment This was the perfect book that came to me at exactly the right time

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the story of crane boy Han Xiangzi as he achieves immortality and then attempts to help his family do the same not much happens plot wise but what does happen is good Witty storytelling really carries this novel which does not become overly preachy or npleasant It is heavily interspersed with poetry and images making for light reading A good introduction to Daoism. N Xiangzi's irreverent attitude toward the Confucian establishment prevented its being taken seriously by literary critics in imperial China it has remained popular among Chinese readers for four centuries Philip Clart's Introduction outlines the Han Xiangzi story cycle presents Yang Erzeng in his social context assesses the literary merits and religious significance of the text and explores the theory and practice of inner alchemy This nabridged translation will appeal to students of Chinese literature readers who enjoy international fiction and readers with an interest in Daois. Mself and pursue immortality in the wilderness where they live On his journey his masters put him through several trials during one of which there s another nice mystical moment p 106 When Xiangzi looked carefully around the room he saw that it was now completely empty Thus he realized that everyone has this most precious treasure and it is not necessary to withdraw to the stillness and solitude of the deep mountains to gain it Those who regard it as far away have no grasp of it Those who want to employ it recklessly reveal their attachment to the world of forms Thereupon he closed his mouth lowered his eyelids and sat down cross legged Anyway Han Xiangzi becomes an immortal and ascends to heaven where he is appointed Immortal of Universal Deliverance Who Opens the Primordium and Performs Magical Techniues Greatly Initiating Transformation by His Teachings p 116 And that s exactly what he does for the bulk of the novel The Jade Emperor sends Han Xiangzi back to help his kin reattain lost immortality as well view spoilerIn particular Han Xiangzi spends a great deal of time trying to convince his ncle to detach himself from ordinary life and aspire to immortality but his Nyx uncle doesn t believe a word of it *even when Han Xiangzi performs magic likesing his own vomit as food for a *when Han Xiangzi performs magic like sing his own vomit as food for a to turn the dog into an immortal crane or like conjuring a painting and stepping into it with his ncle turn the dog into an immortal crane or like conjuring a painting and stepping into it with his Jake Millers Wheel uncle Han Xiangzi goes to thenderworld to rewrite his The Ippos King (Wraith Kings, uncle s destiny and seriously messes with his. And vintage to the popular Buddhist novel Journey to the West also known in English as Monkey The Story of Han Xiangzises colorful characters twists of plot witty dialogue and action suitable for a superhero comic book to convey its religious message that worldly life is ephemeral and that true contentment can be found only through Daoist cultivation This is the first translation into any Western language of Han Xiangzi anzhuan literally The Complete Story of Han Xiangzi On one level the novel is a delightful adventure; on another it is serious theology Although The Story of Ha. This didactic novel teaches some principles of *Taoism Within A Mythological Frame The Story *within a mythological frame the story Han Xiangzi one of the Eight Immortals of Chinese legend Having disturbed the divine Immortality Peach Assembly in a previous existence Han Xiangzi is sent to be reborn into a mortal family ntil he can re learn the path to immortality As a young man he acuires two Taoist masters as teachers and one discussion they have with his As a young man he acuires two Taoist masters as teachers and one discussion they have with his Tuizhi is interesting p 54 Can humans have a constant mind that holds fast to the Dao Tuizhi asked Gold dust may be precious but still it is harmful when caught in the eyes Master L returned How can I have a constant mind by being mindless Tuizhi asked One who once suffered from snow and frost will be startled by willow blossoms falling to the ground was Master Zhong s reply Tuizhi said How can I be mindless by having a constant mind Don t bother hanging p the old mirror When the sky brightens the rooster will crow by itself Master Zhong said Is the conscious mind completely false Tuizhi then asked Master L said Without the spring wind the blossoms do not open but once opened they are blown down by the same wind Is being without a conscious mind alone to be sought after was Tuizhi s next estion When the light of the sun has not yet risen above the horizon everyone awaits it with expectation but once broad daylight is here it is taken for granted Master Zhong answeredMost of the book isn t like that but Han Xiangzi is inspired by his masters to cultivate hi. In this seventeenth century Chinese novel Han Xiangzi best known as one of the Eight Immortals seeks and achieves immortality and then devotes himself to converting his materialistic politically ambitious Confucian Discovering Your Heart with the Flag Page uncle Han Yu a real historical figure to Daoism Written in lively vernacular prose interspersed with poems and songs the novel takes its readers over vast distances across China to the heavens and into thenderworld Readers listen to debates among Confucians Daoists and Buddhists and witness trials of faith and the performance of magical feats Similar in style content.

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