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Ies I would definitely Recommend Them I Uite Enjoyed them I uite enjoyed series and would have liked to give it a higher rating but I m afraid that the heroes proved to be a little too overbearing for my tastes I would have preferred to see them at least trying to woo the heroinesThere were some continuity errors do Walker ad Lily have brown or blue eyes Is Chloe s horse called Thor or Maya There were others but I can t recall them now as well that I found really distracting which was a shame as the writing and stories were very good Chloe s assistants at her restaurant told Detective Colt about her stalker and the threat letters Colt insisted to find her stalker and the same time bedded her The culprit was her ex husband Ed Ed wanted her To Come Back Working At His Restaurant He Even Ransacked come back working at his restaurant He even ransacked bistro and held her at gun point Luckily the police and Colt arrived on time She finally agreed to marry him. Ndent on someone else – especially a man So when the big and frustratingly handsome Detective Mallory literally picks her up to prevent her from “handling” her ex with a wooden spoon she’s exasperated at his intrusion But she’s also flustered at how much she likes the feel of his muscular arm around herColt and Chloe’s meeting could signal the start of something interesting if the writer of those letters doesn’t get his way first. Intimate Whispers The Love and Danger Series #4Unusually I could not get into the series when normally I love this authors stories GreatI enjoyed this story This is about a young woman who owns a history and who is getting threats anonymously through the mail She is well loved by her employees who alert a couple of police detectives to her plight It s love at first sight for one of those detectives The story progresses from there I don t want to spoil it for you but it is enjoyable I loved this book You will fall in love with these characters Best book in the Love and Danger SeriesI love this book This is the best cop romance book that Elizabeth Lennox has written It has a good amount of humor and mystery and a great suspenseful ending I mean of course everything turns out well with the two main characters falling in love and getting married because that is that way Elizabeth Lennox writes But I still really loved it and had no complai. How about a tasty sandwich for lunch with a side of death threatsDetective Colt Mallory and his partner get much than they bargained for during their brief midday meal break when an excited waiter beckons them to help his boss Skeptical and expecting an exaggerated “menace” from a viewer of too many crime dramas Colt agrees to talk to the owner He doesn’t anticipate the feisty beautiful sandwich maker nor to talk to the owner He doesn’t anticipate the feisty and beautiful maker nor stack of increasingly th. Nts other than her normal typos and grammar mistakes INTIMATE WHISPERSBOOK 4 OF THE LOVE AND DANGER SERIES WhispersBook 4 of The Love and Danger series super fabulous read The epic ending of a super awesome series This is Colt story This awesome cop serves and protects a lovely lady who he falls for The lady has plenty of issues that makes this story hella good Funny dramatic and angst filled passion Ok so the story lines were a bit predictable Hot cop beautiful woman in distress man helps woman hot sex burns the pages they fall in love the crime is solved they get married and are the happiest people in the universe Why did I give it 5 stars then These stories are so well written that you really don t need an imagination to feel like you are actually a character in the book who is witnessing all of this firsthand AND i m a sucker for a hot man m a sucker for a hot man a uniformlet s just eep it real This review is how I felt about all 4 books in this ser. Reatening letters Clearly both will reuire additional investigationChloe is less than pleased with how the day is going for several reasons One of her waiters invites police detectives into her Hitched to the Alien General Warriors of the Lathar kitchen and her annoying ex shows up again to brag and try to get her to come back to work for him – all after another bothersome letter arrives that morning Chloe is determined to handle them all herself Never again will she be subservient to or depe.