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STAY AWAY FROM THIS BOOK IT S A TRAPHonest to God I wish I could ive this book less than one star His advice ranged from dated to harmful His writing method Please I wouldn t call what he wrote method to save my life At times I wondered if he was deliberately Bulletproof Feathers giving writers bad advice No one can be that mis. The dream of writing fiction full time for a living is now within yourrasp In this brand new book Rob Parnell commonly referred to as the 'world's foremost writing Carson Pirie Scott: Louis Sullivan and the Chicago Department Store guru' has created the ultimateuide to creating commercial novels for publication Whether you choose the traditional route or wish to self publish on line From Zero to Hero How to Make a LIVING Writing Fiction contains all the advice and uidance you need to help you carve out a new career as a writer of fiction bestsellers Years of experience from Rob Parnell and THE HUNDREDS OF AUTHORS HE HAS WORKED WITH OVER hundreds of authors he has worked with over preceding decade

has been lovingly 
been lovingly into this essential uide for the aspiring novelist Everything from coming up with ideas and compelling characters to structuring your plots; tips on point of view show don't tell and creating suspense; all the way to publication and self promotion on line and off line are dealt with in detail within the pages of this uniue writing manual If success and making money and soon from your writing passion is your oal then you need look no further than From Zero to Hero How to Make a LIVING Writing Fiction It contains a wealth of information on writing full time organi. From Zero to Hero

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Made it I liked it This is a reat manual for Fiction With Detailed Description with detailed description plotting character development etc There was some exposition about meditating and other topics I tended to skip to Chicago Architecture (Architecture Urbanism) get to the nittyritty but overall I was pleased and will be looking at some of his other titles. Rs in nine data packed chapters Preparing to Write What #You Need To Do And Think About Before You Start # need to do and think about before you start right kind of mental preparation will change the way you work for the better It will help you write professionally faster and with improved focus Character Plotting The First Draft How to easily create what you set out to do in the shortest possible time How to make sure your work is Chicago Neighborhoods and Suburbs: A Historical Guide going to be commercial right from the start How to write with confidence discipline and perceived talent Getting a Diamond Out of the Rough Learn what every professional writer does to take a first draft to a publishable standard How to use very simple rules to create compelling fiction that always works How to Publish and Maintain a Writing Career The simple practicalities of what to do after the writing to make sure you can continue your craft andet paid for it time and again for life Along the way there's a detailed look at how to write Citrus: A History good dialog effective description how to create drama suspense andood action scenes perfecting pace and lots of other practical issues like time management career planning motivation discipline and how to become a better person through writing and creativit. Guided I tend to be open minded about the books I m reading I believe that even if I don t agree reading I believe that even if I don t agree open minded about the books I m reading I believe that even if I don t agree with majority of the information there I can always Building the South Side: Urban Space and Civic Culture in Chicago, 1890-1919 get something new out of it Not he InterestingI read a lot of Rob Parnell s books on writing This one was a little different and showed how he and his wife. Zing your new life for maximum productivity identifying your idealenre how to attract and keep your readers and how to maintain #a high paying fiction writing career over the long term Rob Parnell # high paying fiction writing career over the long term Rob Parnell It has always surprised me that of all my writing resources the original version of this course was the most popular with professionals who I Cite Right: A Quick Guide to Citation Styles--MLA, APA, Chicago, the Sciences, Professions, and More guess could clearly identify with the lifestyle portrayed within its text In this new Kindle version I have completely updated and expanded on the original It's four times the size It's now much than a writing resource to me I like to think of it as a heartfelt homage to the profession a book designed to inspire the nexteneration of authors who want to earn money writing commercial fiction This comprehensive Classic Rough News guide is aenuine road map for fiction writing success In the last fifteen years Rob Parnell and his wife and soul mate have had over one hundred and forty books published in various formats all over the world They've even had screenplays optioned by Hollywood Simply put when it comes to writing commercial fiction they know what works and Rob Parnell knows what he's talking about Here's an overview of what this personal masterclass cove.